YouTube TV Subscribers Can Access These Network Apps & Sites

YouTube TV is a new service that offers an entertaining alternative to traditional cable TV. With YouTube’s vast library of content, watching live sports and news online at the same time you watch on your phone or laptop has never been easier. But what about if you want access to other apps? That’s where this list comes in handy! Here are some great options for shows, movies, podcasts, websites etc., all available with YouTube TV subscriptions!.

YouTube TV subscribers can access these apps and sites. Synacor is a company that provides services for streaming movies, shows, and other content to different devices. Users will be able to stream content from YouTube TV on their computer or mobile device.

Subscribers to YouTube TV may use their live TV subscription credentials to check in to a range of network applications and websites. Subscribers may access live channels and on-demand material via these TV Everywhere applications and websites. However, not all network applications can be used with a live TV subscription, so knowing which TV Everywhere apps and websites are accessible to YouTube TV users is vital.


For YouTube TV users, access to TV Everywhere applications and sites is free, making it a feature worth taking advantage of. Subscribers may access many of the same channels and on-demand programming directly via the different channels’ own apps and websites, similar to how they can log in to the YouTube TV website and watch any of the live TV channels accessible with a subscription.

While many streaming providers allow TV Everywhere, the amount of third-party network applications and sites available to users differs dramatically amongst live TV services. The good news for YouTube TV customers is that this is one of the best TV Everywhere-supported alternatives, with a large number of free applications and websites.


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Apps and websites for the YouTube TV network

Although YouTube TV members have access to more than 85 live TV channels, TV Everywhere functionality is currently limited to just 61 channels.

List of YouTube TV shows on TV Everywhere:

ABC Fox Business Network NFL Network is a television network that broadcasts football
AMC Fox News RedZone is a division of the National Football League.
Animal Planet is a television network dedicated to animals. Freeform Channel Olympic
BBC America (British Broadcasting Corporation Live from FOX Sports Oxygen
Network of the Big Ten FX OWN
Bravo FXM Pop TV
CBS FXX SEC (Security Exchange Commission) Network
CBS Sports Network is a cable television network that broadcasts sports Golf Channel is a television channel that broadcasts golf Showtime
CNBC HBO Max Smithsonian Channel (Smithsonian Channel)
Discovery HGTV STARZ
Disney Channel is a television network owned by Disney. ID SundanceTV
Disney Junior is a children’s television show produced IFC SYFY
Disney XD MLB Network is a television network that broadcasts baseball TLC
E! Trends in Automobiles (web only) Telemundo
EPIX MSNBC The Travel Channel is a television network that broadcasts
ESPN Nat Geo Universal Children’s
ESPN2 Wild Nat Geo Universo
ESPNEWS NBA League Pass is a subscription service that allows you to watch Network of the United States of America
The Food Network is a television network that broadcasts NBC Sports Network  
FOX March Madness in the NCAA  

How to use YouTube TV to access network apps and websites

The procedure is quite similar to how cable logins and third-party network applications function, with the exception that a live TV streaming subscription is used instead of a traditional cable bundle. While the particular procedure varies based on the program, the general guidelines remain the same. Here’s an example of how to use YouTube TV to connect into the ESPN website and app.

With a YouTube TV subscription, go to the ESPN website:

  • Go to the ESPN Watch website to learn more.
  • Hover your mouse over the profile symbol in the top-right corner to learn more.
  • Select “TV Provider” from the drop-down menu.
  • To locate YouTube TV, scroll down the page or use the search box.
  • Choose a YouTube TV channel.

With a YouTube TV subscription, open the ESPN app:


  • Open the ESPN app on your mobile device.
  • In the top-right corner, tap the settings symbol.
  • Select “Manage TV Provider” from the drop-down menu.
  • To locate YouTube TV, scroll down the page or use the search box.
  • Select YouTube TV from the menu.

After choosing YouTube TV, the user will be led to a Google sign-in screen, regardless of whether they are connecting via the network website or app. They’ll have to check in using the Google account linked with their YouTube TV subscription at that time. After that, Google will provide a notice that a third-party service — in this example, ESPN – is requesting information regarding the YouTube TV subscription. If you accept, Google will verify your YouTube TV credentials and send you back to ESPN.

Typically, this is a one-time procedure. Once authorized, as long as the app is installed on the device, the subscriber will be able to access the content without having to go through the same procedure each time they open the app.

Benefits and drawbacks of TV Everywhere

A YouTube TV customer may desire to utilize a TV Everywhere app for a variety of reasons. However, devoted access to their favorite networks and channels is one of the finest reasons. If a subscriber prefers to watch AMC over Discovery or Disney Channel over Food Network, they may bypass the YouTube TV interface entirely and view straight via the network’s official app or website. Other frequent justifications for using TV Everywhere are:

  • More programming than what is accessible on YouTube TV
  • Bypass YouTube TV’s restriction on simultaneous feeds
  • Access using a device that YouTube TV does not now support

The list above is a comprehensive list of every network app or website that a YouTube TV subscription allows you to access. As a result, it may contain channels that are not presently part of a subscriber’s bundle. HBO Max and Showtime, for example. Unless the user’s YouTube TV subscription covers these premium networks, they won’t be able to access the network app or website using their YouTube TV credentials, thereby limiting the amount of TV Everywhere applications they may access.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some features of the TV Everywhere functionality may be limited due to extra limitations. Take, for example, HBO’s Max. While a single YouTube TV account may be shared with up to five additional family members, the HBO Max app and website can only be accessed with the account holder’s sign in credentials. In this regard, distributing TV Everywhere support is less straightforward than sharing a YouTube TV subscription in general.

Summary of YouTube TV TV Everywhere

Subscribers to YouTube TV may use their live TV credentials to access a variety of network applications and websites. This may be used to improve the quantity of material accessible with a subscription, among other things. It’s a feature worth taking use of since utilizing network applications and sites is absolutely free for YouTube TV subscribers.

However, just because a channel is part of a YouTube TV bundle doesn’t imply the network and YouTube TV have agreed to offer TV Everywhere. The good news is that these supported lists tend to increase with time, so a station that doesn’t now support TV Everywhere may do so in the future.

More information may be found at YouTube TV Entertainment Plus Benefits and Limitations.

May 2021 is the most recent update.

YouTube TV subscribers can access these network apps and sites. The “youtube tv tbs app” is a new app that allows users to watch live and on-demand programming from their favorite networks like CBS, FOX, NBC, ABC, ESPN, AMC, TNT and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What networks can I add to YouTube TV?

A: YouTube TV can be added to a number of networks, including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. It also includes over 60 channels from popular providers like HBO or ESPN that are not typically offered as part of the subscription package.

Can you add apps to YouTube TV?

A: Currently, YouTube TV does not allow users to add in custom apps on their version of YouTube TV. This is due to copyright restrictions that Google fears would be leveled against them should they allow something like this.

How do I get around YouTube TV restrictions?

A: YouTube TV restricts what users can do to their videos. You must be signed into your account in order for you upload to YouTube. If the video is blocked, its possible that youre doing something wrong and need some instructions on how to make a new one or contact support if this still doesnt work

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