Why Facebook Lite Can Not Open? Here Is The Solution 2021

Everyone knows that Facebook doesn’t work on any Android device that isn’t 5 years old or older. Why not? Well, it’s because Facebook is a huge company that tries to cater to all the different devices that their users use. This is why you will find different versions of Facebook with the same app icon, but different app content. This is also why you will find Facebook Lite, which is Facebook’s version of an app for low-end devices.

In this article we will explain what problem is faced by users when they try to open Facebook Lite. We will also mention a practical fix and how to fix it.

By the end of this year, Facebook is going to disable the Facebook Lite app from their Android app store. If you are one of those who uses Facebook Lite, then you may want to know the reason why Facebook Lite is not getting any more updates in the future. Yes, after a few months of the release of Facebook Lite, we have seen that it is not getting any new updates for the users.

Why Isn’t Facebook Lite Working? Here Is The 2021 Solution — Are you trying to figure out how to fix Facebook lite that won’t open? You check your internet connection for the first time, or you are not connected to the internet at all.

Why-Facebook-Lite-Can-Not-Open-Here-Is-The-SolutionWhy Isn’t Facebook Lite Working? Here Is The Answer

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Why Isn’t Facebook Lite Working? Here Is The Answer

There are a few reasons why Facebook Lite won’t open. So, how do you repair a Facebook lite that won’t open? Let’s talk about it and figure out a solution down here.

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How to Fix Facebook Lite Won’t Open or Facebook Lite Won’t Work

1. Do you have access to the internet?

1629432457_283_Why-Facebook-Lite-Can-Not-Open-Here-Is-The-SolutionDo you have access to the internet?

  • There are a few factors that may be causing your issue, assuming you have the correct login email and password (and you are connected to the internet):
  • Is there a notice that says “Error”? If this is the case, go to the Facebook support page for explanations and solutions to the issues at hand.
  • Make sure you don’t have any extensions or antivirus applications installed that prevent you from accessing Facebook.

2. Have you tried deleting the cache from the app?

1629432458_97_Why-Facebook-Lite-Can-Not-Open-Here-Is-The-SolutionHave you attempted to remove the app’s cache?

Go to Settings> Applications> Facebook> Clear Cache. If this does not work, you can try clearing the data and uninstall facebook lite on Android and then reinstall the same application.

3. Did you include your phone number when you signed up?

1629432459_909_Why-Facebook-Lite-Can-Not-Open-Here-Is-The-SolutionDid you include your phone number when you signed up?

  • When logging in, be sure to put in the country code as well.
  • If the program prompts you to change your email address, it’s because your email server has flagged your Facebook email as spam.
  • If you’ve just joined Facebook, you may need to verify your account by entering the email address you used when you signed up. If you recently changed your password, try logging in with the new password rather than the old one.
  • If you use a browser to log in, ensure sure cookies are enabled and that facebook.com is included to the list of safe sites.
  • Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Facebook Android app.

Method 2:

1. Make sure the Facebook Lite app is up to date.

1629432460_957_Why-Facebook-Lite-Can-Not-Open-Here-Is-The-SolutionFacebook Lite should be updated.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the application

Why-Facebook-Lite-Can-Not-Open-Here-Is-The-SolutionDelete the program and then reinstall it.

If you’ve updated the app but still can’t access it, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Facebook lite app from the PlayStore.

Because something like that can happen when doing a system update, the system is not successfully overwritten or overwritten, so that the system can be updated more optimally, if you delete the application and reinstall it in the play store, hopefully with such things can help you who are experiencing disasters like this.

3. Disconnect and unplug any connected devices

1629432463_349_Why-Facebook-Lite-Can-Not-Open-Here-Is-The-SolutionRemove all connected devices from the system.

This technique, which is to unload or delete all gadgets linked to your smartphone, is a little odd, but it would be great if you simply tried it first.

How do you switch off the phone, remove all the batteries, sim cards, and external memory, and then wait 10 minutes? If it’s been more than 10 minutes, try pairing it again and turning on the mobile power to see if it helps.

If your smartphone’s battery is dead, all you have to do is switch it off, remove the sim card and external memory, and leave it for 10 minutes.


1. Confirm your Facebook account.

The first reason Facebook Lite refuses to open is because we must first authenticate our Facebook account. For example, because we post statuses, pictures, or videos that are in violation of Facebook’s terms, our account is temporarily banned, and we must authenticate using a friend’s photo identity or by mentioning our date of birth and security questions.

What causes this to happen? Because Facebook Lite lacks a function that allows us to check whether our account has been deleted. To get around this, we need to use a browser on both our phones and computers to access Facebook. To log in to Facebook lite, verify first and then try again.

2. Clearing the Cache

Facebook lite apk may also be unable to launch due to an excessive and accumulating cache. The cache file stores information such as pictures that have been seen, friend statuses that have been read, and videos that have been watched. The cache must be cleared on a regular basis by:

  • Enter Settings
  • Apps That Have Been Installed
  • Search for the Facebook Lite app.
  • Click the Clear Cache button.
  • Done

Now launch the Facebook lite program once again. Are you already a success? If not, go on to the third option.

3. Force Data Erasure and Stop

If you still can’t get Facebook light to open after clearing your cache, try forcefully halting and deleting data. Keep in mind that cleaning cache and removing data are two separate processes. All data saved in FB lite, including accounts that have been logged in, will be erased if you remove data. The following are instructions on how to erase data and cause a stop:

  • Enter  Settings
  • Apps That Have Been Installed
  • Search for the Facebook Lite app. 
  • Close the window by using the Force button.
  • Select Delete Data.
  • Done

Open Facebook Lite once again. Is it possible? If it works, you’ll need to log out and back in again. If that doesn’t work, go on to the fourth step.

4. Keeping the Application Up to Date

If the problem persists, we may try updating the Facebook lite app from the Google Play Store. This stage is extremely simple; all we have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store.
  • In the search box, type Facebook Lite.
  • Click Update

Wait for the download to finish. If this is the case, try reopening the application and good luck. However, if it still fails, there are alternative options.

5. Disassemble Device Connected to the HP and uninstall

This may seem odd, however it’s possible that the gadget linked to our phone is preventing the FB lite apk from being launched. Other apps are likewise unable to be launched. This is a little perplexing, but you can test it right now.

Remove any data cords, microphones, headphones, USB OTG, and other devices that are attached to the smartphone. Good luck, and if everything else fails, see the final option.

6. Reboot the Android System.

This is the last option for fixing Fb lite that won’t open, which is to do a flash reset or factory reset for Android phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Huawei, Advan, and so on.

Other phones will get updates on a regular basis. This technique is certain to work since it erases all data on the Android phone, not just the data saved on Facebook Lite.


So, friends, why can’t Facebook light open for these reasons? or not functioning, how to solve frequent Facebook lite problems, I hope you find this post helpful. Also, please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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Facebook has become the world’s largest social network with the largest userbase, which is why they need to develop and improve their products, so that everyone can stay in touch and be connected. Because of this, there are different Facebook Lite versions that have been released. One of these is the Facebook Lite, which is a lighter version of the original Facebook that has been developed by Facebook in order to be easily accessible to all the users.. Read more about we had a problem with the page you tried to reach facebook lite and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do when Facebook Lite is not working?

If Facebook Lite is not working, you can try to clear the cache by going to Settings > Apps > Facebook Lite > Storage and Clear Cache.

Why will my Facebook app not open?

Facebook has recently changed their privacy settings and now requires users to be 18 years of age or older in order to use the app.

How do I get back to Facebook Lite?

To get back to Facebook Lite, simply open your browser and go to the link below. https://www.facebook.com/lite/

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