What does it mean to burn an NFT?

NFTs, or Non-fungible Tokens are a type of digital asset that can only be owned by one user and cannot be resold. They allow for the creation of collectibles in games like Cryptokitties which have become an internet sensation. How will this technology change gaming?

Burning an NFT is a process that consumes the crypto-tokens into an unspendable form. This means, the tokens can no longer be used for anything and can only be traded or sold.

What does it mean to burn an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a hot topic these days. They may be purchased online, are one-of-a-kind, and are recorded on the blockchain, which also includes the creators’ and future owners’ names. Individuals seem to profit from them; why, therefore, have you heard of people destroying or rather burning them?

We’ve addressed the following issues about burning an NFT in this post.

The act of burning NFTs is the same as destroying them. There is no way to entirely erase — wipe out the existence of any NFT that is produced since its record will remain on the blockchain. This is where the use of NFTs comes in.

When a person burns an NFT, they are effectively removing it from circulation by sending it to an unreachable address.

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NFTs, which sound a lot like atoms, can’t be destroyed or recreated. If someone really wants to get rid of an NFT, they may burn it, which entails sending it to an unconfirmed or ghost address – a location where no one will ever be able to use it again.


Because NFTs are valuable tokens for those who hold them, they are often burned for the following reasons:

  • Adding a new token range to the available list.
  • A scarcity of a certain kind of token is intentionally created in order to boost the value of the remaining tokens.
  • To raise the profile of a variety of NFTs.
  • The value of various NFT tokens is being increased.
  • To give the range of NFTs about to be burnt exclusivity.

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Because you can’t readily erase an NFT, the only choice is to burn it.


When you’re going to burn an NFT, keep the following procedures in mind:

  • Burning will use some gas charge since you are sending the NFT to an empty address. Only if you have enough gas costs for the transaction will your NFT token be burned.
  • There’s no way to get the NFT back after it’s gone. It will be made worthless despite the fact that it will never be destroyed since it was coined on a blockchain. So consider twice or maybe three times before taking this move.
  • The quantity of gas costs you’ll have to pay will be determined by the number of NFTs you want to burn. The bigger the quantity, the more energy is used to burn them, and hence the higher the gas price.
  • Gas prices are also affected by your timing; if there are a large number of transactions, the exchange rate will continue to rise.
  • You must ensure that the destination wallet NFT is not in the possession of anybody.
  • Check to see whether the platform or exchange where you intend to burn your NFT allows it. If not, a black-hole address may be used. These are also often utilized for cryptocurrency.

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Because burning is analogous to a transaction, gas costs are unavoidable. This charge changes depending on the time of day and the amount of NFTs you want to burn. A higher rate of NFT transactions might lead to higher gas costs.

Although the cost of gas for burning an NFT may be prohibitive at first, you may effectively dispose of an NFT. The quantity of NFTs you intend to burn may cause gas costs to climb, since processing consumes more energy.

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The “opensea burn address” is a process that allows users to burn an NFT. The burning of an NFT will result in the destruction of the asset.

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