The Smart Home Security Products Announced at CES 2022

At CES 2022, the most prominent Smart Home Security product was announced. The device is called iCam and allows for a review of your home using facial recognition technology to help you find out who’s in which room at any point in time. With this innovation comes many questions about privacy and security concerns, will people believe one can trust the system? Additionally, how does it work with face coverings or masks?

The “ces 2021 smart home” is a smart home security product that was announced at CES 2022. The product aims to help users with all their home security needs, from monitoring and controlling the temperature of your house to locking doors, as well as being able to alert you when someone enters or leaves your property.

The Smart Home Security Products Announced at CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show this year featured a slew of smart gadgets and futuristic equipment designed to make our society smarter. Every year at CES, the Smart Home Security segment draws a lot of attention.

The CES 2022 will also include unique Smart Home Security Products worth checking out. Let’s have a look at the list of world-class businesses’ Smart Home Security Products Announced at CES 2022!

To develop their new smart devices, manufacturers have included new technology. Manufacturers have begun to produce smart security devices with revolutionary technology as the demand for smart security devices grows fast throughout the world. The newly released smart security gadgets provide the most advanced security features to make your house more safe!

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CES 2022: 7 Smart Home Security Products

1. Abode Video Doorbell (Wireless)

The company above takes a move into the new industry of smart home security by offering Abode Wireless Video Doorbell, their first smart security product.

There are many such goods on the market, and you have many possibilities to choose from. This doorbell, however, being the company’s first Smart Security Product, offers something fresh worth checking out!

The smart doorbell has all of the regular video doorbell’s functions. It does, however, have a dependable user interface that makes it easier to operate. The built-in video camera has a resolution of 2K and supports two-way communication.

A rechargeable battery powers the smart doorbell, which also has night vision. The battery may last up to 6 months on a single charge.

You may manually replace the doorbell’s battery to keep it functional. You do not need to connect the doorbell to a wired connection since it is totally wireless.

The doorbell connects to Abode’s smart light, allowing specific actions to be triggered. The 800 lumen LED colored lamp works in tandem with the doorbell to alert you to potential dangers. Because the bulb has a built-in motion sensor, you can figure out what’s going on simply by glancing at it.

Availability and Pricing:

The Wireless Video Doorbell from Abode costs $89. Abode’s first smart security device will be released in April of 2022. You will be able to pre-order it since the firm is expected to allow pre-orders for this item.

Arlo Security System (n.d.)

Arlo is a well-known brand that offers a variety of smart security systems for a wide range of customers. For individuals who want an all-in-one security solution for their home, the firm has unveiled its new smart security product. Yes, Arlo’s new Arlo Security System, which was introduced at CES 2022, is a unique product.

Smart Home Security Products CES 2022 - Arlo security system Arlo security system CES 2022 – Smart Home Security Products

The system includes a smart hub with eight different sensors that can be placed anywhere in your house. The smart sensors function in real-time and provide you with updates on various duties such as door opening, smoke detection, temperature readings, and so on.

Arlo’s Security System also has a simple integration option that allows it to work with other Arlo Smart Security Devices and Smart Cams. The hub has a motion detection and a built-in siren to alert you if anything moves. Using your smartphone, you can fully operate this security system.

Availability and Pricing:

Arlo’s new security system is expected to be released in the first half of 2022. The corporation has not provided any price information for its new security system.

3. Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual (Eufy Security Video Doorbell)

Another well-known brand in the Security System area is Eufy. The business has unveiled an innovative device to address the problems that homeowners are having with their video doorbells. A new Security Video Doorbell Twin with dual cameras has been unveiled by the firm.

Smart Home Security Products CES 2022 - Eufy security video doorbell dual Eufy security video doorbell dual – CES 2022 – Smart Home Security Products

The main camera, which has a resolution of 2K, is used to record the visitor’s face and body. A backup camera with a resolution of 1080 pixels is provided to monitor package delivery.

Unlike other video doorbells, you will be able to monitor the specifics of your guests as well as package delivery. The basic video doorbells show you a complete view of the visitor in a tall image that lacks detail. The business has attempted to address this problem by including two cameras in their 2022 Video Doorbell.

You’ll see two displays on the mobile app, one for the main camera and the other for the secondary camera.

You may change the camera’s settings and functionality to suit your needs. The camera is equipped with all of the smart sensors necessary to detect motion and other actions, which you may program using the camera’s mobile app.

Availability and Pricing:

The pricing of the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual is $260. The camera comes with all of the necessary extras, including built-in storage and more. From March 2022, the Smart Doorbell will be offered to the general public.

4. Wemo Smart Video Doorbell by Belkin

At CES 2022, Belkin Wemo unveiled its new 2022 Smart Video Doorbell. Belkin Wemo’s first smart security product, the Smart Video Doorbell, is intended to connect with Apple’s HomeKit.

Smart Home Security Products CES 2022 - Belkin wemo smart video doorbell CES 2022: Smart Home Security Products | Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell

All of the typical features of an ideal video doorbell are included, including two-way audio, activity zones, video calls, video recording, and more.

The firm provides high-end security features such as built-in encryption and a wide-angle vision with a 178-degree field of view as the first smart security solution.

Furthermore, the video doorbell is equipped with smart sensors that detect a variety of activities, such as motion, animal and pet alarms, vehicle alerts, and so on. A smartphone app may be used to operate this video doorbell. It’s more secure than the current Video Doorbell lineup on the market.

Availability and Pricing:

The Smart Video Doorbell from Belkin Wemo costs $250. The corporation has made the decision to put this product on the market as soon as feasible. Now is the time to reserve your new Smart Video Doorbell. From February or March, the business plans to begin distributing its new Smart Video Doorbell.

Schlage Encode Plus Smart Deadbolt (number 5)

The Schlage Encode Plus Smart Deadbolt is the company’s first smart lock. This smart lock has been developed to operate with Apple’s Home Key System. The deadbolt may be used without a specific setup or a separate hub.

Smart Home Security Products CES 2022 - schlage encode plus smart deadbolt Schlage encode plus smart deadbolt CES 2022 smart home security products

It’s designed to function with Wi-Fi. Yes, the Smart Deadbolt is Wi-Fi enabled and does not need any extra setup or connected connection. The Deadbolt is compatible with the Home Key app and may be customized to meet your specific needs.

The Home Key system is the most advanced security system available, allowing you to secure your home from the street. Simply swiping your phone around will open the door.

The new Smart Deadbolt operates in a similar manner. You may make a Home Key and use it to open the door as a security key. The Smart Lock may be customized using the company’s official mobile app.

Availability and Pricing:

$299.99 gets you the Schlage Encode Plus Smart Deadbolt. This spring, the Smart Lock will be available. There will be two distinct versions of it, each with various color options.

6. Cync Smart Outdoor Camera

This year at CES 2022, Cync unveiled a variety of smart home gadgets and security solutions. The company’s new Outdoor Smart Camera has attracted the attention of techies.

Smart Home Security Products CES 2022 - Cync outdoor smart camera Smart Security Products for Your Home CES 2022 – Cync smart outdoor camera

This next generation Outdoor Smart Camera is available in two distinct models from Cync. You have the option of using a regular cable connection or a battery/solar-powered connection.

The solar-powered version of this camera is unique in that it is powered entirely by the sun and does not need any form of cable connection.

During the day, the Smart Camera has a resolution of 2K, while at night, it has a resolution of 1280 pixels. The camera’s design is rather unusual, since it has a swivel head that allows you to change the viewing angle to your liking.

You have two alternatives for saving your videos: one is to use an SD card that must be put into the device itself, and the other is to use an external hard drive. You may also store the captured films to the cloud using the cloud storage option.

Availability and Pricing:

From February, the Cync Outdoor Smart Camera will be accessible from prominent e-Commerce companies. The Smart Camera’s wired version will set you back $100, while the battery-powered version will set you back $130. If you wish to purchase solar accessories, you will have to pay an additional $45.

Extra batteries for the battery-powered variant may be purchased for $30.

7. Glass Break Sensor (Ring)

With a variety of gadgets, the ring is one of the most prominent Smart Security Product makers. At CES 2022, the business introduced a new Ring Glass Break Sensor to its current line-up.

Smart Home Security Products CES 2022 - Ring glass break sensor CES 2022 Smart Home Security Products – Glass Break Sensor Ring

This sensor is intended to detect the sound of glass shattering and distinguish it from other noises that sound like glass breaking. This stops the system from generating false alerts via the home’s security system.

The Glass Break Sensor can detect the sound of glass shattering from a distance of up to 25 feet. It has a versatile installation procedure. It may be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, according on your preference. Through its smartphone app, you may operate it with your voice commands.

Availability and Pricing:

The Glass Break Sensor for the Ring is available for pre-order for $39.99. The supply of this sensor is planned to commence on February 16.

In conclusion:

As more individuals become aware of such gadgets and systems, smart security products are rising in popularity. One can remotely safeguard a property with these smart security gadgets.

The Smart Security Products featured above are from well-known companies. Learn about their characteristics and wait for them to become available on the market if you want to purchase one!

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CES 2022 was a big year for the tech industry. The Smart Home Security Products Announced at CES 2022 are just some of the many exciting products that were released this year. Reference: ces 2021 best smart home gadgets.

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