The best cars in Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 was released in 2015 and is a third-person shooter game. The plot follows the protagonist, Rico Rodriguez who works for an agency called Medici. Rico must deal with various problems caused by a global conflict between nations which have been vying to control the fictional island of Argosy since its discovery years before. The focus of Just Cause 3 is action-packed fun mixed with effortless destruction that allows players to explore their creativity through mission after mission filled with explosions and stunts never seen before in video games.

The “Just Cause 3 fastest car location” is a list of cars that are the best in Just Cause 3. The list includes cars from both the civilian and military side.

In Just Cause 3, find out where to discover the quickest and coolest automobiles.

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3 Verdeleon

The automobile, or rather three cars, are parked in the large garage.

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Vistosa Mugello

Because the automobile isn’t always there at this location, you’ll have to return to the park multiple times.


Mugello F1

The automobile is near a point of fast movement on a slope.




Box Car for Soap

The automobile is centered on the gate.




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The “fastest car in just cause 4” is the best cars in Just Cause 3. The fastest car in Just Cause 3 is the fastest because it has a high top speed, but it’s also the heaviest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the fastest car in Just Cause 3?

A: There are many different cars that will be the fastest, but one of the options is a Scion FR-S.

What is the second fastest car in Just Cause 3?

A: The fastest car in Just Cause 3 is the Blackbird, and the second fastest car is the Bullet.

Where are the rare cars in Just Cause 3?

A: The rare cars in Just Cause 3 are hidden throughout the map.

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