The application needs to be restored in Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab researchers found a new hacking tool designed to inject malicious software into banking apps that’s able to steal data and passwords. The attack is undetectable by traditional methods, but the Kaspersky lab was able to reverse engineer it with help from CitizenLab in Canada.

The “base filtering engine is missing on the computer kaspersky” is an error that can be seen when trying to install a Kaspersky application. The solution for this error is to restore the system back to its original state.

The application needs to be restored in Kaspersky


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13th of December, 2021

Publish date: March 2020

  • When launching Kaspersky, some users have reported getting the “Application needs to be restored” issue.
  • If this happens to you, it’s likely that your antivirus isn’t operating correctly, and you should fix it as soon as possible.
  • There are various options for resolving this problem. You may either utilize the Control Panel’s Windows Repair tool or reset the program.
  • Reinstalling the app to fix any broken or damaged files is another option.


It is necessary to reinstall the program. Run the Setup Wizard to Restore is a popup that appears on your computer’s screen as it boots up and stays there while the system is operating.

In this case, the Kaspersky program fails while running, and you know that the protection is either not working at all or is working wrongly.

Don’t hesitate to use the most effective remedies listed below to get everything back on track and make your antivirus accomplish its function.

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What can I do to make it better? Kaspersky error? The program has to be restored.

1. From the Control Panel, choose Repair.


  1. Type Control Panel into the taskbar’s search box.
  2. Choose it from the list of options.
  3. Programs should be chosen.
  4. Select Programs and Features from the drop-down menu.
  5. Repair the Kaspersky application by right-clicking it and selecting Repair.
  6. Then just follow the on-screen instructions.

If you see this Kaspersky error warning, attempt to fix the antivirus program first. If the Repair option isn’t available, select Change or Modify for similar results, depending on the version. Finally, double-check that the problem has been resolved.

2. Restart the program.

  1. Run the setup.exe file included in the program installation package first.
  2. This brings up the install package’s welcome window.
  3. To access the Setup Wizard’s welcome page, click the Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Servers link.
  4. Next should be selected.
  5. It’s time to click the Restore button in the Modify, Repair, or Remove the program window.
  6. This displays details about the procedure in the Restore application window.
  7. The Setup Wizard provides a notice when the restoration is complete. Now you may press the Finish button.

You may also use the Setup Wizard to restore the program. The Restore button is a lifesaver a lot of the time.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the Kaspersky software.


  1. By hitting the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut at the same time, you may access the Run command box.
  2. Click OK after typing Appwiz.cpl. The Programs and Features window will appear.
  3. From the program list, choose the Kaspersky antivirus software file.
  4. Then, at the top of the screen, click the Uninstall/Change button.
  5. Don’t forget to fill out the License Information section.
  6. To begin the Kaspersky antivirus uninstallation process, click the OK button.
  7. Kaspersky’s installation package may be downloaded from the company’s official website.
  8. Run the installation program.
  9. Wait until the program has finished looking for a newer version, or click Skip.
  10. Read the End User License Agreement carefully before clicking Continue if you accept the conditions.
  11. Install should be selected.
  12. Allow for the installation to finish. Make sure the suggested settings are turned on, then click Apply.
  13. Now you may click Finish.

Alternatively, we suggest utilizing a third-party uninstaller that completes the process for you, eliminating all of the app’s unneeded files.

If you have problems with the preceding step, keep in mind that restoring the Kaspersky software is impossible if the configuration files are corrupted. Removing and reinstalling the program is suggested in this instance.

We understand your concerns about this approach, however if the Kaspersky software you presently have installed on your computer is legally active, you won’t need the activation code to reinstall it. Simply follow the instructions above in the hopes of getting an error-free solution right away.

We hope you found this information helpful. Please feel free to provide important recommendations and thoughts in the space below.

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The “setup process error 1603 kaspersky” is a problem that has been present for a while. Kaspersky has released an article describing the issue, and how to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore Kaspersky application after reinstalling the operating system?

A: Kaspersky Antivirus can be restored in the same way as any other application is installed on Windows. If you reinstall your operating system and it does not have a copy of the program, you can download it from their website to install again or get help installing from your IT support team.

How do I restore Kaspersky?

A: To restore your Kaspersky, please follow these steps.
1- Click the Start button 2- Search for Programs and click on it 3- Find Kaspersky in there 4- Right click to open up a Context menu 5- Select Restore previous versions of selected program 6 – then select where you want to restore from 7 – Then wait until the restoring is done

How do I allow an app through Kaspersky?

A: To allow an app through Kaspersky, open up the Avast Configuration Center application. At the bottom left of this window you will see a list of apps that are currently installed on your computer. Find and select Allow App Inbound.

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