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This is a bit of an odd situation… I’ve been experiencing this issue myself, but only on the Steam client for Mac (and apparently only on OS X 10.11.4). I can get the game to launch by following these steps. If it doesn’t work, try the next step. ~ First, open Steam. ~ On the left side of the Steam window, click on Library. ~ Open the game that’s currently not working. ~ Right click on the game and select “Properties”. ~ In the “General” tab, click on “Local Files”. ~ In the window that pops up, select “Verify integrity of game cache to ensure it’s up to date”, then click “

I am having trouble setting up my Steam account, and I wanted to provide more information and hopefully help anyone else having this issue. I created the account, set up my Steam profile, and tried to add games. However, I ran into some issues with the games being recognized as existing, and they were not listed on the games page. I contacted Steam support, and they suggested updating the game I had installed. I tried, and it did not solve my issue. I bought a few games via Steam, and they do not show up in my library. I have also tried using the “Add a Game…” option under “My Library”, however, it only lists games that I owned in the past, and it does not show the games

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When you install a game using the Steam Client, Steam will typically generate a desktop shortcut for the game on your Windows desktop. Any game from the Steam Library may also be manually created as a desktop shortcut.

However, in certain instances, the game’s desktop shortcut generated by Steam does not display an icon at all, or displays an inaccurate or generic globe symbol in Windows. When you attempt to run the issue Steam game’s desktop shortcut, you may see an error message that says “Problem with Shortcut” and the game will not start.

Steam game Problem with Shortcut

When you open an invalid Steam game’s desktop shortcut that isn’t functioning, you’ll see the following error message: Problem with Shortcut – This Internet Shortcut’s target is invalid. Make sure the target is accurate on the Internet Shortcut property sheet. Nothing will happen if you click OK.

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How to repair the “Problem with Shortcut” issue when your Steam game icon isn’t showing up or isn’t functioning.

The problem stems from Steam not having adequate rights when creating a desktop shortcut for a game on Windows 11 / 10 during the installation process. If this occurs when Steam wants to generate a desktop shortcut for a game you’re installing, it will instead create an empty URL desktop shortcut with no icon.

It’s also possible that your game files or Steam Library were recently transferred (to another disk), causing the current desktop shortcuts to link to the incorrect game files’ URL.

To rapidly resolve the problem, start Steam as administrator and manually create a desktop shortcut for the game from your Steam Library. Here’s how to go about it.

What is the best way to operate Steam as an administrator?

  1. Close Steam first if it is presently open. Steam may be closed by right-clicking it on the taskbar’s notification box and selecting Exit.
  2. Instead of double-clicking the Steam icon on your desktop to start it, right-click it.
  3. Select From the context menu, choose “Run as administrator.”Run Steam as administrator Windows 11 10
  4. When UAC asks for confirmation, choose Yes to continue operating Steam as administrator.Steam Can't Run as administrator

If Steam isn’t already installed on your computer, look for it in the Start menu or Search on Windows 11 / 10. From the search results, right-click Steam and choose Run as administrator.

Make sure Steam is fully closed before reopening it with administrative rights; otherwise, if it isn’t closed correctly before reopening it, it won’t operate as an administrator.

How to make a Steam game shortcut on your desktop

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to reinstall a game on Steam simply to make a desktop shortcut for it. You may build a desktop shortcut for any game you desire by going to the Steam Library.

Follow the instructions below to create a desktop shortcut for a Steam game. Ensure that Steam is running as an administrator first.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, remove the issue Steam game’s desktop shortcut, which has no icon and isn’t functioning.Steam game shortcut no icon globe icon
  2. Click Library on Steam to access your Steam library, which contains a list of all the titles you own.
  3. Right-click the game you wish to make a desktop shortcut for in the left pane.
  4. Select Manage from the context menu, then Add desktop shortcut.Steam game desktop icon not showing or missing

If you run Steam as administrator, a genuine and functional desktop shortcut for the game will be generated on your Windows desktop, complete with the right icon.

Steam game desktop shortcut not working

Make careful you remove the current desktop shortcut before establishing a new one; otherwise, Steam will refuse to create a new desktop shortcut if one already exists for the same game.

Description for sharing: Why isn’t the Steam game desktop shortcut icon (globe symbol) visible or working? This article will show you how to resolve the Steam “Problem with Shortcut” issue.

I was playing some games on Steam and suddenly the my game got no icon on the desktop. I try to play the steam game and it says that the game is not working. I try to open the game and it just doesn’t work.. Read more about steam game icon blurry and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix a blank Steam icon on my desktop?

This is a known issue that has been happening to some users. Its not clear what the cause of this is, but it appears to be related to an update that was released for Steam recently.

Why wont my Steam games show up?

This is due to Steams DRM.

Why did my game icon disappear?

This is likely due to the game crashing. If you want to get your game icon back, press the PS button on your controller and go into settings. From there, select Restore Default Settings.

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