Steam Deck Crashing/Freezing? Try These 4 FIXES! [2022]

A recent issue with the Steam client has caused over a dozen games to freeze or crash. Here are some fixes that may help!

The “steam deck forums” is a place for users to discuss the Steam Deck crashing and freezing. There are 4 fixes that have been released to fix this issue.

Steam Deck Crashing/Freezing? Try These 4 FIXES! [2022]

After 10 to 15 minutes of gaming, does your Steam Deck crash or freeze?

Many customers have claimed that their Steam Deck froze after 20 minutes of playtime when playing Desk Job and Elden Ring, despite the fact that the Deck was properly updated.

Many users, like this Reddit user, have complained about the Steam Deck stalling or crashing.Steam-Deck-CrashingFreezing-Try-These-4-FIXES-2022

So, if you’re desperate to get Steam Deck to stop crashing, we’ve put up a list of remedies for you in the instructions below.1648101284_270_Steam-Deck-CrashingFreezing-Try-These-4-FIXES-2022

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Why is my Steam Deck always crashing?

The following are the reasons why your Steam Deck keeps crashing:

  1. Micro SD card is faulty or bogus.
  2. A data file has been corrupted.
  3. Unusual software flaw.
  4. Error in the game code.

Solution 1: Force a Steam Deck Reboot

To avoid Steam Deck crashing or freezing, the first thing you should do is force a reset of your console.

Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect your Steam Deck to the AC adapter and wait 15 to 20 minutes for the battery to charge.
  2. For at least 12 seconds, press and hold the Power button.Install-Epic-Games-Launcher-On-Steam-Deck
  3. To switch the console back on, press the power button once and verify whether the Steam Deck is no longer frozen.

Now we’ll go on to the next step in resolving the Steam Deck’s crash.

Solution 2: Remove and replace the Micro SD Card

If your Steam Deck is crashing because of a certain game and the game is on your SD card, try disconnecting the micro SD card from your Deck and running another game.

If you don’t have any problems with Steam Deck freezing or crashing when playing games from internal storage, the problem is most likely with your SD card.

As a result, it’s preferable if you get a new micro SD card.

If you’re still having problems with Steam Deck crashing, go on to the next remedy.

Re-image Steam Deck as a third option.

Because re-imaging wipes any user information, installed games, software, or operating systems, and replaces them with standard SteamOS, this technique has worked for many users in addressing Steam Deck crashing.

Important Reminder:

This system image is not yet officially released for the SteamOS 3 edition, so there’s a risk it won’t function, but Steam says it will be released shortly.

Before beginning the solution, make sure you have a USB with at least 8GB of space and that you have downloaded the recovery image from the Steam store on the USB.

  1. If you’re using a Windows PC, you’ll need to use the Rufus tool to find the recovery file and save it to your USB drive.
  2. Select Close and eject the drive when it’s finished.
  3. To write the recovery file to your USB device on Linux, use Balena Etcher.
  4. Alternatively, you may use a simple command line.
    • cd /home/USERNAME/Downloads can help you find the file in the downloads folder.
    • Now type sudo lsblk to get the name of your USB drive, which you can identify by its size.
    • To create the recovery file, copy and paste the following code: dd if=/dev/stdin of=/dev/sdX oflag=sync status=progress bs=128M bzcat steamdeck-recovery-1.img.bz2
    • Set /dev/sdX to the name you discovered on the USB device you plugged.
  5. To connect the boot disk, use a USB-C converter or hub.
  6. Hold the Volume Down and Power Button together until the chime sounds, and you’ll be sent to the Boot Manager.
  7. And then start the computer from the EFI USB Device.Steam-Deck-CrashingFreezing-Try-These-4-FIXES-2022
  8. During the starting process, your screen will go dark, but you must wait.
  9. Once you’ve started up, you’ll be in a desktop environment where you can use the trackpad and trigger to browse.
  10. You’ll also be able to stop Steam Deck from freezing or crashing.

If the Steam Deck continues to crash, try the final remedy.

Contact Steam Deck Support as a fourth option.

If you can’t get the Steam Deck to stop crashing or freezing after re-imaging or force rebooting, you should contact Steam Deck support and have the console repaired.


We hope you are able to resolve the Steam Deck’s freezing and crashing issues. Also, we recommend that you begin troubleshooting by rebooting or repairing the micro SD card, and that you let us know if you run into any issues while attempting the solutions in the comments section below.

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