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It’s no secret that cord cutting is on the rise, with more than 5 million Americans switching to an internet-based TV service in 2016. However, when Dish released Sling TV as a standalone streaming option without needing a cable subscription, it was met with skepticism and confusion among consumers who were unsure of what they would get for their money.

The “sling dvr fast forward” is a feature that allows you to fast-forward through commercials. If you are having trouble with Sling TV, try this fix.

Because of licensing difficulties, Sling TV will not fast-forward or skip advertising while you are viewing certain shows. If you’ve ever watched a FOX network broadcast on tape, you’ve probably noticed these limits.

If you’re viewing a show that doesn’t have these limits but you can’t fast forward, rewind, or stop it, there might be a few reasons for this.

Before you consider this a problem and begin implementing any of the remedies listed below, ensure sure the Sling TV progress bar is full.

If the progress bar is full, you may fast advance, stop, or rewind the video. When you attempt to fast-forward restricted channels, you may encounter the notice “This action is not possible on stated channel.”

With that in mind, below are a few viable solutions to this issue.

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Fixes for Sling TV’s “fast-forward not functioning” problem

  1. Check that the remote’s buttons are in good working order.
  2. Log out and then log back in again.
  3. Upgrade to the most recent version
  4. The program should be uninstalled and then reinstalled.

Method #1: Check that the remote’s buttons are in good working order.

You may be unable to manage your Sling TV media player due to depleted batteries or a malfunctioning remote control. You’ll need to replace the batteries or try a new remote control to work this out.

Make sure you test out a variety of programs to ensure you aren’t trying to fast through through shows that have limits. B

Apart from that, you could experiment with alternative instructions to ensure that the remote control is the issue before having it fixed or replacing it.

If you have a malfunctioning remote, this should fix the problem. However, if the problem continues, consider the following solutions.

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Method #2: Log out and then log back in again.

If your Sling TV app isn’t working properly, signing out and then logging back in may help.

Make sure the app isn’t running in the background if you’re using it on a mobile device.

Method #3: Upgrade to the most recent version

This issue might have been caused by a flaw in the current version of the Sling TV app. In your situation, updating the program to the most recent version may resolve the issue.

If Sling TV’s applications have been updated, it’s more possible that problems have been fixed, and that upgrading could easily remedy the play bar difficulties.

Method #4: Uninstall the Sling TV app and reinstall it.

If fast-forwarding works on the web browser version of Sling TV but not in the app, try deleting and reinstalling the program.

Uninstalling the program clears any cache it has kept and resets any settings that may have caused it to stop operating.

Is it possible to record local stations on Sling TV?

Sling allows you to DVR local channels as well as movies and TV series for an extra $5 per month.

Due to license constraints, you may not be able to DVR all episodes.

Is Sling TV available on-demand?

Sling TV provides on-demand access to a wide range of episodes and movies. While some of these channels are only available as part of a premium subscription, others are often released for free.

These free on-demand networks, however, require you to go through advertisements.

That is all there is to it. On Sling TV, you should now be able to fast-forward between channels and programmes. For further information and suggestions, see our Sling TV troubleshooting advice.


When watching a show on Sling TV, the commercial break will be shown. If you want to fast forward through the commercials, press “Sling TV commercial break we’ll be right back.” Reference: sling tv commercial break we’ll be right back.

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