SEO Vs Pay Per Click Advertising: Which One To Choose?

The internet is a huge place, and as such, it’s impossible to find a niche that doesn’t have a plethora of information available. Whether you’re going after cheap SEO services, or paying for a high-end PPC campaign, how do you find the right fit for your website?

Since the dawn of the Internet, there has been a misconception that “search” is the primary source of traffic to Internet-based businesses. While this is still true today, it is no longer the only way that businesses can obtain traffic. For some businesses, the idea of not spending money on search may never have crossed their mind. But, for most businesses, it is a method that should be considered. While most businesses spend a significant amount of money on Internet-based advertising, not all of this money is spent on search. The majority of business owners do not realize that it is possible to advertise to a target audience through a variety of other methods.

When it comes to finding success in the online marketing world, the two biggest questions to ask are: How to rank highly in search engines, and how much is it going to cost? While there are plenty of resources out there to answer these questions, the best way to determine which answer is best for you is to consult with an SEO guru and get answers to your SEO and PPC questions.. Read more about seo vs ppc and let us know what you think.


SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) are two marketing vehicles that may be used to improve website traffic and conversion rates. Thailand’s internet marketing has exploded in recent years, and the country’s marketing is becoming more digital. SEO and PPC services may be provided by a digital firm or a social media agency. But which is the superior option? Let’s investigate this issue by examining both SEO and PPC and evaluating their relative benefits and drawbacks.

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 It is a set of procedures that assist a website rank better in search engine results, as we all know. It is an effective instrument for this purpose with a track record of accomplishing its objectives. Let’s have a look at its benefits and drawbacks.


It is cost-effective: SEO is less expensive than PPC. It’s also known as organic SEO; there’s a cost associated with obtaining this service, but it’s generally a low-cost way of increasing site traffic.

Authenticity: Organic search results continue to be preferred above paid or promoted results. In the perspective of the general public, this increases the trustworthiness of SEO.

SEO outcomes are long-term: they are accessible for a long period. As long as the search engine’s algorithms are significantly changed, a business may profit.


Time-consuming: Search engine optimization takes time to develop and deliver results. It may take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to become effective. Furthermore, the procedure is lengthy and exhausting.

Ongoing procedure: If the search engine’s algorithm changes, the whole SEO process may have to be redone. It also requires regular checks to ensure its effectiveness.


When you pay per click, you are paying the search engines for a better ranking of your site or for the amount of visitors or purchasers who come to your site as a result of such advertisements. Let’s have a look at its benefits and drawbacks.


Instant results: Unlike SEO, PPC allows you to get results quickly. The traffic begins to pour in as soon as you post the ad.

Measurable metric: PPC is scalable and straightforward to calculate. You can estimate the number of people that will come to your site and the success of your PPC campaign.

Flexible budgeting: With PPC, you have complete control over the design and customization of your PPC campaign. You are in charge of the campaign’s money, schedule, and everything else.


PPC is expensive, and the advertisements aren’t cheap either.

Short-term: The results are only accessible for the duration of the campaign. There are no outcomes after it is completed.

Click-baits: Most people are hesitant to click on a paid or sponsored link. They trust organic search results more than sponsored search results, according to data.

Which one is the best fit for you?

This question does not have a clear answer. Each campaign or tool has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and a business may choose for one or the other based on its objectives. For instance, if a business has a large budget and needs immediate results, it may use PPC, and vice versa.

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It is still widely believed that pay per click is a more advanced and efficient way to drive traffic to a website, while SEO (search engine optimization) is a slow and outdated technique that is rarely or never used. Although their application is different, they both share the same goal, which is to help a company improve their rankings on the Google search engine.. Read more about seo vs google ads and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better SEO or Google ads?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are many factors that go into deciding which is better. The best way to decide this would be by comparing the two companies and their services.

Are pay per click ads worth it?

Pay per click ads are worth it if you have a high enough budget to spend on them.

What are the benefits of using PPC instead of organic SEO?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This is a type of advertising that allows you to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement, rather than paying every time someone sees it.

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