Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen Experience: The Reason Why It’s More Note than S Series

A new device launched on the market with a unique feature, but Samsung has decided not to call it the S-Pen. Why? Because they want people to consider it as a note because of how many great features there are in this pen!

The “samsung galaxy s22 ultra 5g 200mp camera” is a new phone that was released by Samsung. The device has an interesting feature that many people have been talking about: the S Pen Experience. This feature allows users to use the S Pen as a remote control for their phone’s camera.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen Experience: The Reason Why It's More Note than S Series

The issue with Samsung’s S Pen experience is that it has always been associated with the Note series, and it is pure ecstasy for those who have used one. The first S Series smartphone to enable the S Pen was released last year. While it was a terrific move, particularly for those who desired the “optional” aspect, that “optional” offering was a tremendous let down for someone like myself. Samsung, on the other hand, not only abandoned that notion and the Note series, but also made the S Pen a component of the phone, reviving everything the Note series stood for. So, how’s the experience using the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen? Great.

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Experience with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen

It’s now within the phone.


For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is virtually a Note (but that’s a tale for another day), now has the S Pen built in into the phone. So, unlike me, you don’t have to acquire any of the additional accessories that cost a fortune, such as the S21 Ultra. The pen seems to be identical to the Note20’s, having a clicky rear and a pen module with a button. Unlike the Banana Yellow pen on the Note9, the pen has a great matte black covering for the body and the clicky section is the same color as the phone.

Here are all of the Note S Pen’s features.


People who adored the Note’s S Pen will be happy to hear this. With the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can get everything you had in that phone. It’s all there: Screen Off memo was also accessible on the S21 Ultra, but now that the pen is a component of the phone and has good connection, it can detect when the pen is taken out (that’s what she said.) and activate the screen off memo instantly.


The magic wand, as I like to refer to it, is also returning, beginning with Air Actions, which allows you to make specific movements in the air and have the phone do them for you. If your phone detects any app that supports Air Actions, you may use it for them as well. For example, Office may be used to manage slides while Chrome can be used to browse.

Finally, you may change the menu from compact to detailed mode, toggle the air command icon, unlock the S Pen, and alter the shortcuts, among other things.

Improvements at the granular level (for Good)


Now, the true deal with the S22 Ultra S Pen is really specific, and only those who have used the S Pen for a long time understand how important it is. We made a side-by-side comparison using our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Samsung Galaxy Note8 to show you the differences.

The first is the latency. The latency on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and S21 Ultra is the same – 9ms. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 has a massive 28ms latency. Personally, I prefer writing in my notebook because it is a more natural experience: it is immediate, flows with the flow, and feels authentic.


For a long time, no mobile device has been able to replicate it, but the S22 Ultra is the closest thing to real life. The problem is that you can’t even see it, especially when compared to the 28mm. However, you must attempt it for a long enough period of time to observe a reduction in latency. You’ll get a better answer if you ask someone who can draw the same, if not comparable, artwork on three distinct devices.

Along with that, we discovered that the phone seems to be familiar with my strokes, and the AI-based co-ordinate prediction technology appears to pick up on that. You won’t be able to do this if you’re writing English letters. It’s only when I attempt to compose Tamil text that I notice it. Even better, when you attempt to draw, the stroke feels the same, which is due to the fact that it is anticipated.

Samsung improved their S Pen experience by adopting Wacom’s technology. As a result, the Handwriting component has been upgraded to identify what you write and convert it to text instantly, and the IC speed has been boosted to 480 circuits per second (up from 360 circuits per second).

Samsung Notes is a fantastic device.


This Samsung Notes software has progressed significantly. It has gone from being a highly “exclusive” application to taking pages from their collaborative book and making a meaningful one. OneNote is a nice program, however it may be frustrating to use at times, as someone who strongly relies on Microsoft services with a 365 Subscription. However, the Samsung Notes App now connects with OneNote and Outlook, allowing you to access your notes from anywhere. Surprisingly, Notes does not sync with OneNote, and you cannot take up where you left off, which is something I would want to see in the future.


Otherwise, in my view, the Samsung Notes app is still the greatest note-taking software you can use with your pen with the S22 Ultra. With the flexibility to handle files in folders, choose the appropriate Page Style and Template for you, and use toolbar add-ons to aid your writing, there’s a lot more. It’s excellent. You can use OneNote on your phone to utilize the S Pen, but I still prefer Samsung Notes.

Other Samsung Apps that support the S Pen are as well.


This isn’t new, but Samsung has maintained much of the S Pen experience in their other programs, such as the Samsung Calendar app, where you can write, create notes, and do everything else you need to have a dynamic calendar. Then there are apps like PENUP, which allow you to unleash your creative ability and even color some photographs for fun.



Bringing back the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in a note-worthy form is pure joy, and now that the S Pen has been incorporated into the phone, things have just gotten even more exciting for fans of the Note series. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is truly your next best bet if the S Pen is truly what you require.

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The “samsung galaxy s22 and s22” is a new phone in Samsung’s S Series of phones. The reason why it’s more note than the S Series, is because of its pen-enabled experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about the S Pen?

A: The S Pen is the pen-shaped stylus that comes with every Samsung Galaxy Note device. It can also be used to control some apps on your phone, though its not always optimal for doing certain tasks.

What is the difference between S and Note series?

A: In the world of earphones, there is a wide variety of different types. The most common are in-ear and over-the-ear headphones. These two varieties can usually be differentiated on their shape, size, or material theyre made out of.

Does Galaxy S21 Ultra come with S Pen?

A: The Galaxy S21 Ultra does not come with the S Pen.

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