Realme X Data Recovery- Recover Deleted Data From Realme X Phone

For many people, the phone is their lifeline. It’s how they connect with friends and loved ones, keep in touch with family members via text or call, and manage work-related calls on the go. When something goes wrong though, it can be a real hassle to reinstate your deleted data. Luckily for you we have got some tips that may help restore lost files from Realme X Phone which will make your life easier!

Realme X Data Recovery- Recover Deleted Data From Realme X Phone is a software that can recover deleted data from the phone. The software has been designed for use with the realme x series of phones.

Realme X Data Recovery- Recover Deleted Data From Realme X Phone

Have you accidentally or for some other reason lost vital data from your Realme X phone?

Do you know what to do and how to restore Realme X data?

This post will show you how to restore lost data from your Realme X phone in detail.

Data loss is, nevertheless, a typical occurrence for every Android phone user. When you buy a new smartphone and the data on it is lost, it becomes even more annoying.

The good news is that lost data on the Realme X phone, including as contacts, photos, videos, and audios, may be readily retrieved.

So, let’s have a look at the whole blog, but first, let’s look at some of the most prevalent causes of data loss.

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Scenarios that often result in data loss

Data loss from Realme X phones may occur for a variety of causes. Here are a few examples:

  • Files are accidentally or inadvertently deleted.
  • Something goes wrong during the system OS upgrade, and all data on the phone is erased.
  • Internally, the phone is damaged, it is broken, it is harmed by water, and so on.
  • An assault by malicious software or a virus
  • As a result of the device’s factory reset
  • The phone is either stolen or lost.

These are some of the possibilities that may result in the loss of vital data from your Realme X, but it does not imply that you will never be able to recover it.

Is it feasible to recover data from a Realme X that has been deleted?

Yes, you can restore data from a Realme X phone that has been lost. But do you have any idea how this is possible?

The data is not fully erased; instead, it is stored in an inaccessible form on the device. However, unless the wiped data is not replaced, there is a possibility of recovering them. Only a new space is created, on which you may store fresh data.

So long as you don’t store any new data on your phone, you should be able to recover lost files from your Realme X.

As a result, you should turn off your phone to prevent unnecessary data from being kept. If data is overwritten, there is no way to recover erased material from the phone.

Also, disconnect any mobile data and internet connections and look for a data recovery program like Android Phone Recovery.

How Can I Recover Data From My Realme X Phone?

I’ll teach you how to recover lost files from your Realme X phone in this article.

Everyone needs data, and in order to recover it, carefully follow the steps outlined below.

Method 1: Recover data from a Realme X phone that has been lost without a backup (Recommended)

The Android Data Recovery program is a professional application that can easily recover all lost files from your Realme X phone. This Realme data recovery program is simple to use and recovers files without the need for a backup.

Photos, videos, contacts, SMS, WhatsApp messages, documents, notes, call history, audio files, and other types of data may all be simply recovered. Whatever the cause for the data loss, this program is capable of recovering lost files from the Realme X phone.

This application not only supports Realme phones, but also Samsung, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Micromax, Nokia, and more manufacturers. So, don’t be concerned; just download Android Data Recovery Tool and recover your data from your Realme X phone.

Android Data Recovery – Recover data from Android phones that have been lost or destroyed.

The greatest and most successful solution for recovering data from Android phones that has been lost, destroyed, or is unavailable. The following are some distinctive features:

  • Photos, contacts, SMS, videos, WhatsApp, call logs, documents, notes, and other data types may be recovered directly.
  • Recover data lost due to a damaged screen, an accident, an unintended factory reset, formatting, a virus attack, or other circumstances.
  • Allows you to “Recover” deleted files without a backup with a single click.



Follow these steps to recover deleted data from your Realme X phone.

Method 2: Restore data from a local backup if it is missing.

Remember that a local backup can always assist you in dealing with a circumstance like this. Realme phones support local backups, and if you’ve made one, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Tools > Backup and restore or go to Settings > Additional Settings > Backup and reset > local backup. You can download the files you wish to recover here.


  • Now choose the data you wish to recover and start the recovery process.


Method 3: Use Google Drive to recover data from your Realme X phone.

Nowadays, customers have a plethora of backup alternatives to choose from, allowing them to securely preserve their vital data.

Backing up data to the cloud is the easiest and most convenient option to deal with data loss in such a case.

Google Drive is one of the greatest cloud storage alternatives, allowing users to store up to 15GB of data. You may also save important info and retrieve it whenever you need it.

I’ll teach you how to recover data from Google Drive in the following steps:

  • To begin, go to Google Drive on your phone and choose the My Drive option.
  • There will be a list of all the goods that have been uploaded.
  • Tap on the Download option after selecting the things you wish to restore.


That is all there is to it.

Method 4: Recover lost Realme X files from your PC

Another significant option for recovering misplaced data from your Realme X phone is to use a computer. Many people preserve essential information on a computer or laptop for later use and as a backup.

So, if you moved your data from the phone to the computer before they were erased, you may quickly retrieve those files from the computer by transferring them to the phone.

All you have to do is copy the relevant files from your computer or laptop and paste them into your phone.


Because photos, movies, and other data are stored on the phone, there is a great risk of losing them in the event of an accident.

But don’t panic, since this article will show you how to restore deleted data from your Realme X phone using a backup.

If backup isn’t working, try using Android Data Recovery software to recover erased data from your Realme X phone.

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how to recover permanently deleted videos from realme phone” is a question that has been asked by many people. The “Realme X Data Recovery- Recover Deleted Data From Realme X Phone” is the answer for those who have lost their data on the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recover permanently deleted files from Realme?

A: Microsoft Edge provides the option to recover permanently deleted files. In order to do this, open up a folder youre sure was once on your computer that has been removed and then hit Ctrl+H or Command+H in Windows 10 and macOS respectively.

How do I recover permanently deleted photos on Realme?

A: There are two main ways to recover your photos on Realme. The first is by using the data recovery option on our launcher where you will be able to retrieve any deleted or lost photos that you have taken with your phone. Alternatively, if a photo has been permanently deleted and cannot be recovered through this method, there may still be some hope left for it as many people who use third party apps such as Photo Recovery do not delete their photos until theyve had time to save them in case of an emergency. If a photo was deleted from Facebook, Google Photos or even Instagram (which stores all its images locally), then these services should offer no help either unfortunately due to how these applications function internally.

Can deleted phone data be recovered?

A: Unfortunately, random deleted data can not be recovered.

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