Optima Battery Charger 400 vs. 1200

The Optima Battery Charger is a battery charger that was made by the company called “Optima Batteries,” and it can charge up to 4 batteries at once. It has four independent charging channels which are potentially capable of delivering 20 amps each. The unit will automatically shut off when done with all four chargers or your car’s 12v wall outlet. Unlike other battery chargers on the market today, this one doesn’t require you to monitor its operation as closely because it shuts itself down after completing all four charges.

The “best onboard charger for optima batteries” is a question that has been asked before. The Optima Battery Charger 400 vs. 1200 includes features such as automatic voltage regulation, self-discharge protection, and temperature compensation.

Optima Battery Charger 400 vs. 1200

Optima is a well-known battery maker for a variety of cars. They’re also a startup that has spent the last several years focusing on developing a better battery charger.

Optima currently offers two kinds of battery chargers: the Digital 1200 and the Digital 400.

The biggest of the two, the Optima 1200, can recharge a battery three times faster than the 400.

The 400, on the other hand, comes with a mounting bracket so you can keep it close to your car.

Which of these two battery chargers, however, is best for you? Below, we’ll take a deeper look at each of them. 

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What factors should you consider before choosing a digital 1200 or 400?

To select which battery charger is appropriate for your requirements, you must examine a few factors.

Is it compatible with the chemistry of your batteries?

The first is to ensure that the charger you choose is compatible with the chemistry of the battery you’re charging. Failure to purchase the suitable charger may result in the battery not only failing to charge but also being damaged. 

Is it capable of supplying enough electricity in the time frame you require?

Second, examine whether the battery charger has adequate power to charge the battery in the amount of time you want. For example, using the Digital 400 to recharge a 12-volt battery with a 62 Ah capacity will take between 12 and 24 hours.

However, charging the same battery with the Digital 1200 would take 3 to 6 hours.

Here’s where you can get an Otima Charger 1200:

1200 mAh Optima charger

1200 mAh Optima charger

Is it compatible with the voltage of the power supply?

Finally, check the voltage compatibility to ensure that it is compatible with the power supply voltage. It has the potential to harm not just the battery, but also the charger and other electrical gadgets in your car.

It’s also a good idea to avoid purchasing any battery charger that doesn’t indicate when the charge isn’t complete. Any extra current flowing into the battery has the potential to swiftly destroy it.

Both include an LCD gauge that indicates when the battery is charging and when it is finished.

Amazon Customer Reviews

There are several websites where you may learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these Optima battery charger kinds. There are various automotive forums where these topics are freely discussed.

It’s also worthwhile to read any Amazon reviews made by users who have bought these chargers. So why not have a look and see which one best meets your requirements.

The Optima 1200 and the Optima 400 have a lot in common.

They vary in a number of ways, but there are a few crucial aspects that both of these Optima battery chargers have, which we’ll go over below.

The same six charging modes apply.

The six totally automated charging modes used by the Digital 400 and Digital 1200 are the same. Each one ensures that your battery receives the proper amount of charge and that it lasts longer.


It may be used to charge any 12V battery.

Both of these Optima battery chargers are capable of charging 12-volt batteries. They may be used to charge Optima batteries as well as other 12-volt lead-acid batteries, both standard and AGM.

Only 1.25 volts are required to charge a battery.

Many chargers are unable to charge a battery with a voltage of less than 10.5 volts. These two, on the other hand, can detect and charge a battery with just 1.25 VDC.

Feature of reconditioning

This function enables a battery to be brought back to life after being inactive for 30 days or longer. Every 30 days, these chargers may recondition a battery, keeping it from sulfation.

Sensor for measuring temperature

When a battery is charging, it compensates for the ambient air temperature. It regulates the charger’s power based on the temperature outside.

The Differences Between the Optima 400 and the Optima 1200

Here are the key things to consider when choosing between Optima battery chargers.

Optima 400 vs. 1200 Comparison

Physical Dimensions

The Digital 400 is smaller than the Digital 1200, as previously stated. The Digital 400 is 7.1 x 3.9 x 2.7 inches in size, while the Digital 1200 is 10 x 7.5 x 6.5 inches in size.

current charging

The amperage determines how quickly a charge can power a battery. Chargers that have a greater voltage and a higher current output will charge a battery faster.

The maximum current charging of the Digital 400 is four amps compared to the Digital 1200, which comes with a maximum current charging of 12 amps, which means that 1200 can recharge a battery three times quicker than the 400.

Buy 1200 mAh Optima charger for 3 times charing faster:

1200 mAh Optima charger

 1200 mAh Optima charger

Digital 1200 and Digital 400 have distinct characteristics.

When it comes to the Digital 1200,

  • In the dark, LED lights embedded into the clamps allow you to connect the charger to the battery.
  • A USB charging connection is included, which is compatible with mobile phones, cameras, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Additional auxiliary maintainer port with wires for charging your vehicle’s battery without having to open the hood.

When it comes to the Digital 400,

  • It is simple to carry with you wherever you go because of its tiny size, and it is excellent for usage in small places.
  • It also comes with a bracket to hang it on the wall so it’s simple to locate when you need it.

Here are the links to the Otima charger 1200 and Otima charger 400:

1200 mAh Optima charger

 1200 mAh Optima charger

Charger Optima 400

Charger Optima 400

Which is the less expensive option?

The Digital 400 is the most affordable, costing approximately $100, while the Digital 1200 may cost up to $250.

Let’s say you purchase an Optima battery at the same time as the Digital 1200 charger. In such situation, they extend the battery’s guarantee for an extra year.

Online shopping for Otima charger 400 at the best price:

Charger Optima 400

Charger Optima 400

Vehicles that are supported

As previously stated, we may use both of these Optima battery chargers to charge any of the company’s batteries. We may also use them to charge AGM lead-acid batteries from other manufacturers.

Modest to medium-sized automobiles with small engines, ATVs, and motorcycles are the kind of vehicles that the Digital 400 should be used on.

Large vehicles, maritime vehicles, tractors, trucks, RVs, and motor sports vehicles should all utilize the Digital 1200.

Who Should Consider Purchasing The Optima 400?

Charger Optima 400

Charger Optima 400


The Otima 400 may be used to charge marine batteries, motorcycle batteries, or any other AGM batteries.

This is the ideal choice for those of you on a tight budget who will be utilizing the charger to recharge a battery in a small or medium-engine car.

Also, if you’re searching for a small battery charger with a lot of functions, the Optima Digital 400 is a good choice.

Who Should Consider Purchasing The Optima 1200?

1200 mAh Optima charger

1200 mAh Optima charger


With up to double the power, the Otima 1200 charges quicker than rivals.

The Optima 1200 is an excellent option if you need a battery charger that can swiftly recharge your vehicle’s battery. It will not only charge your battery quicker, but it will also sustain it after it has been charged.

It also has the ability to workout the battery on a regular basis. That is, it will change the charge profile of the battery it is charging, extending the battery’s usable life.

Should power to the charger be lost at any time, it will automatically begin recharging the battery soon power is restored.

Hopefully, the preceding information will assist you in deciding which of these two Optima battery chargers is the best choice for you.

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The “optima charger conditioning” is a device that can be used to charge your battery. The difference between the 400 and 1200 is the amount of amps it has.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amp should I charge my Optima battery?

A: The Optima battery should not be charged with an amp. It is best to charge it using a wall charger plugged into the home outlet, because if you were to use your cars battery charger, there would be too much voltage drop and cause damage to the device.

Do you need a special battery charger for OPTIMA batteries?

A: The OPTIMA battery can be charged with the regular charger that comes with your vehicle.

How do you use the OPTIMA 1200 battery charger?

A: The OPTIMA 1200 is a 12 volt, high capacity battery charger that can charge up to 4 batteries at once. It really doesnt matter which batteries you put in the OPTIMA 1200 because it will automatically match their voltage and current needs. You just need to make sure both sides of each battery have the same type of contacts!

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