Netflix won’t go full screen? How to fix

More often than not, the urge to binge watch Netflix can cause a problem when you might have an important meeting or appointment. If your computer screen is too big and eating up your work space, consider using one of these apps to make streaming easier on everyone else in the room.

If you’re watching Netflix on a TV, and it won’t go full screen, there’s a fix. All you need is an HDMI cable. Read more in detail here: netflix full screen problem.

Netflix is a video-on-demand service that provides a broad variety of entertainment options (TV shows, movies, and documentaries). The content is sourced from a variety of broadcast networks, and Netflix has lately begun developing and streaming its own programming.

As a result, you can depend on Netflix to keep you occupied anytime you are bored at home or just want to relax. Unfortunately, you may encounter a few issues from time to time that might ruin your streaming experience. One of these issues is being unable to access Netflix in full screen mode.

If you can switch to full screen but the progress bar remains, see our tutorial on Netflix progress bar doesn’t vanish while in full screen mode. Despite the fact that this situation is similar to the one presented above, the remedies are substantially different.

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Why isn’t Netflix’s full-screen mode available?

Netflix refuses to go full screen for a variety of reasons.

Problems with the browser (outdated browser), flash player issues, incompatibility with add-ons and themes, cache issues, and TV software errors (while viewing on a smart TV) are among the most common.

The problem might be so aggravating that you may decide not to watch your movie owing to the poor viewing experience.

Fortunately, simple remedies may be used to resolve the issue, enabling you to completely enjoy your movies and videos. Here are some of the remedies you should consider if you’re having full-screen issues on Netflix:

Solution #1: Use the “F” keyboard shortcut to bring up the full screen mode.

When viewing movies and videos on Netflix, the full screen button on your media player and the double-tap screen option may suffer some problems.

Another option is to use the full-screen shortcut “F,” which will always work unless the issue is elsewhere.

Restarting the browser is the second option.

A tiny bug with your browser might sometimes cause certain functionality difficulties, including the inability to play films in full screen mode.

Fortunately, these issues may be readily remedied by restarting the browser. Simply shut all of the browser’s windows, reopen it, and attempt again to view your movie.

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Clearing the cache and cookies is the third solution.

Cookies and other cached data may become tainted, resulting in a variety of issues. Clear your browser’s cached data and cookies, then restart it to repair the issue.

Netflix cookies may also be cleared by going to

Uninstalling unwanted add-ons and browser functions is solution #4.

Add-ons and other browser features might interfere with the full-screen mode activation of your video player program, creating issues.

Some content add-ons, for example, might conflict with flash player in other browsers, while some theme features in Chrome can impair full screen mode.

To resolve the issue, just uninstall any unwanted add-ons, particularly those you installed shortly before the Netflix full screen issue began.

Solution #5: Make sure your browser is up to date.

It’s possible that your out-of-date browser is causing your Netflix full-screen issues. Updating your browser to the most recent version will aid in the resolution of the issue by improving performance and decreasing bugs.

If the full-screen option no longer works after the update, switching to a more recent browser may help address the issue (try using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge).

Solution #6: Make sure your flash player is up to date.

Flash player (Adobe Flash Player) is a piece of software that allows you to watch and stream videos on your computer.

As a result, if your flash player is out of current, you’re likely to run into a variety of issues, like the full screen option on Netflix and other video streaming services not functioning.

Updating your flash player to the latest current version may aid in the resolution of the issue.

If you’re using Microsoft Silverlight, an alternative to Adobe Flash Player, make sure it’s up to date as well.

It’s also worth noting that having two comparable plugins on your machine might create issues with video playback. As a result, only Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight should be used.

Solution #7: Restart (reboot) your television

You may have a better streaming experience if you have a smart TV with a Netflix app. The Netflix full screen option on TV, on the other hand, might sometimes fail to operate, ruining your viewing experience.

Rebooting your television, on the other hand, may assist to resolve the problem. To restart the TV, turn it off using the remote, unhook the power cable for two minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on.

You may also utilize the restart option in the settings menu on certain smart TVs to restart the TV.

Note: If none of the previous methods work, there are a variety of other options that will enable you to watch Netflix movies and videos.

Netflix may be seen on a smartphone, tablet, iPad, or other computer, as well as on internet-enabled set-top boxes or devices with a Netflix app. If the issue persists, Netflix should be contacted.

Is Netflix’s full-screen mode not working for you? It’s impossible to enjoy watching films without using full screen mode. Fortunately, with the aforementioned options, you should be able to address the problem on your computer or television.

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