Netflix error code tvq

When watching Netflix on your phone, you might be getting an error code of TVQ. There are a few things going wrong with the device before it will stop playing content.

The “netflix error code tvq-st-131” is an error that can be encountered when trying to use Netflix on a TVQ. This error is caused by the TVQ’s inability to recognize Netflix as a source of media.

The Netflix tvq-st-103 error code is often accompanied by the phrase Netflix has encountered a problem or unable to connect to Netflix when it appears on your TV or computer screen.

Your stream will stop working and you will be unable to access Netflix as a result.

So, what is the source of this mistake and how do you resolve it? I discovered a handful of options for resolving this issue.

According to what I’ve discovered, this error is caused by an internet connection problem, in which your device connects to the network but is unable to access the internet.

The following are workarounds for the Netflix tvq-st-103 error:

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Start your router again.

It’s possible that your router has lost internet access, leading the device you’re using to stream to fail to connect.

This method, as easy as it may seem, has shown to be the most successful for folks who have faced the tvq-st-103 problem.

To use this way to fix the Netflix problem, follow these steps:

  • For around 15 seconds, turn off or disconnect your router’s power cable.
  • Reconnect your streaming device to the internet and wait for it to connect.
  • Begin watching Netflix.

If this doesn’t work and you’ve checked your internet connection and it’s working, you should try the next technique.

See How to Fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 for more information.

Restart your computer.

Restarting Roku, a Blu-ray player, a Smart TV, a PlayStation, an Xbox, an Amazon Fire TV, or any other device may fix the issue.

Your device may be experiencing connection troubles, which may usually be resolved by restarting it.

  • For 10-20 seconds, turn off your gadget. Make sure it’s entirely turned off.
  • Connect to the internet after restarting the computer.
  • Open Netflix and try watching some movies.

If Netflix isn’t functioning, try other applications like YouTube to make sure it’s not simply Netflix that’s causing issues.

Reset your Internet service provider’s settings to default.

If nothing of the previous techniques work and you have recently changed your network settings, you should return them to their default state.

If your network’s devices aren’t seeing Netflix, try this step. The first two techniques should fix the Netflix tvq-st-103 problem if nothing else works.

You should be able to find instructions for resetting your router’s default settings on the device itself.

If you have a VPN, you should consider removing or deactivating it.

Restoring your DNS settings on the device you’re using is another option.

If none of the preceding ways work, connect your device via Ethernet cable or create a new wireless network. Try streaming Netflix on the device once it’s ready.

I hope you were able to resolve the issue using the techniques outlined above.

If you haven’t already, you should contact your Internet service provider to discuss the problem.


The “Netflix error code tvq-st-137” is a problem that can occur when trying to watch Netflix on your TV. The error code means that the app has stopped responding and you need to close it and try again. Reference: netflix error code tvq-st-137.

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