Mobile Usage is on the Rise, But Laptops are Still King

The mobile usage has reached an all-time high in the United States, but according to a new report from market researcher Gartner, laptops are still the most popular computer. Mobile devices accounted for 54% of total personal computing time in 2018 compared with 56% just one year earlier. The trend toward mobility only promises to grow as tablet and smartphone ownership continues on its upward trajectory.,

The “mobile vs desktop usage 2022” is a prediction that mobile usage will overtake desktop usage in the near future. However, laptops are still king.

Browsing on your smartphone is more convenient now that more websites cater to mobile users. Nonetheless, for a variety of reasons, a computer still outperforms a phone.

No one can dispute, however, how far mobile phones have progressed in the last decade, owing in large part to the introduction of applications and how they have completely revolutionized our lives. Apps are more complex to create than websites, and they must be available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store to be successful. To learn more about how applications are created, visit

Laptops are Still Better Than Phones

We delved further into the debate and classified the fundamental distinctions between using a laptop and utilizing a phone. So let’s get this party started!

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Over the past several years, mobile gaming has grown by leaps and bounds, now accounting for 40% of all gaming. Individuals may play all of their favorite games on their cellphones, from PUBG to Call of Duty. People may now even play casino games on the fly thanks to advancements in HTML5 technology.

This is a trend that is gaining traction in Thailand, and to assist players, there are systems like as that compare all of the finest betting sites. When you’re ready to play, you may earn a large welcome bonus by reading in-depth evaluations on each operator and getting tips on how to play legally.

You may play casino games on any device, but the larger screen on a laptop makes it more evident. This is true of all types of games, not just casino games.


It’s far simpler to use a mouse for sophisticated design work than it is to use your finger on your smartphone. It’s a lot more exact, so you can construct more elaborate drawings with it. Furthermore, the tools accessible on websites much outnumber those available on applications, thus owning a laptop is essential if you’re a designer.


Phones are ideal for quick communications like texting or email. Having access to a large screen and a keyboard, however, greatly speeds up the process of producing an essay or other lengthy document. If you’re writing a review, utilizing a little touch screen keyboard might get cumbersome, particularly if you’re adding photographs and links.

You may also link a laptop to another monitor so that you can do research on one screen while writing on the other. For developers, writing lines of code on a phone is impossible and inconvenient. As a result, a laptop is clearly better in this area.


Nothing compares to seeing a movie on a huge screen. It is for this reason that we all like going to the movies. However, most of us have large TVs in our homes with which we can utilize applications or link our laptops to stream entertainment. This is a far better alternative for when you’re relaxing with others, since huddling around a little smartphone screen would be absurd.

When you’re on your own and traveling, though, a phone is wonderful for entertainment since you can watch just much any film or TV series you choose. Whether you have Netflix, go to to see if your phone is compatible.


Even the tiniest laptop has a screen that is far bigger than the biggest phone. Some hobbies, such as writing and design, need the use of a large screen to navigate. Gaming is another sector where a larger screen is preferable. Playing a shooting game on a tiny screen isn’t as immersive as playing on a laptop, where you may attach a joystick or simply use the mouse.

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There are many more webpages than there are applications on the market. It’s for one simple reason: they’re a lot easier to create. With today’s tools, anybody can create a website in a couple of hours. Furthermore, the program is crucial to many individuals, and it can be downloaded immediately on a laptop, which is not always feasible on a mobile device.

Furthermore, since a laptop has significantly more RAM, you can run more apps at once, enabling you to be more productive.

Mobile usage is on the rise, but laptops are still king. The “mobile vs desktop google analytics” article talks about how mobile devices have more than doubled their share of internet traffic since 2010.

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