Microsoft Ignite is officially coming back in November

Microsoft Ignite is a Microsoft event that is aimed more at Microsoft and technology enthusiasts than the general public. The first event was held in Montreal in 2013, and will be hosted again in November. If you have never attended Ignite, these are the main features:

Microsoft Ignite is a conference for Microsoft IT Professionals. Microsoft Ignite contains a ton of value for the IT professionals in the Microsoft ecosystem. The conference offers an opportunity to meet with Microsoft executives, build relationships with customers, partners, and other Microsoft partners, and learn more about the direction Microsoft is taking in delivering its solutions. Ignite will also offer a wide variety of sessions for IT Professionals to learn more about the latest technologies that are being released, trends that are driving these technologies, and how these technologies can be utilized within their organizations or the industry.

Once upon a time, Ignite was a big deal. It was Microsoft’s go-to event for showing off innovations in the company’s then-flourishing cloud services, and was also a place where corporate executives would show off their newest products. Back then, Ignite was a big deal, and a place where Microsoft would show off their newest products. But it’s been a while since Ignite made headlines, and now it’s being retired as part of Microsoft’s vision for a new, unified event space for its cloud platform and its new XBox games and services.


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  • Microsoft has recently revealed that one of their major events would be held in November once again.
  • The Ignite tech conference will be held as a free digital event this autumn.
  • There isn’t a lot of information available currently, and registration isn’t open yet.
  • This is 2021’s second Ignite event, after one in March sponsored by the Redmond behemoth.


If you haven’t heard, Microsoft just announced a second Ignite digital event for 2021, which has everyone buzzing.

The Redmond IT behemoth announced that its annual Ignite tech conference will resume this fall, beginning November 2nd and ending November 4th.

Of course, the highlights of this showcase are the latest product demos, Q&A with Microsoft experts, technical deep-dives, and more.

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In November, Ignite will return as a free online event.

But don’t get too excited just yet, since registrations are still closed.

You may, however, add the event to your calendar now, and we’ll let you know as soon as we get additional details on registration and the session schedule.

This is welcome news for anybody who has been waiting for another opportunity to expand their knowledge or contribute to the advancement of technology.

Even if it feels like a long time ago, Microsoft’s latest Ignite digital event took place between March 2nd and 4th of this year.

Microsoft used the event to unveil new Teams and Outlook capabilities, as well as Power Automate Updates and Microsoft Mesh, a new enterprise-focused Mixed Reality Platform.

Furthermore, this year’s Ignite conference was short on Windows news, with just a few speculations regarding Sun Valley spreading on the internet.

However, now that Windows 11 is a reality, the next Ignite event will be a whole different tale, as we may learn more about the next operating system.

Obviously, once the session catalog is released, we’ll know more about what Microsoft has in store for us. We can only wait and hope that Windows 11 doesn’t give us too many headaches till then.

What are your views on Ignite while we wait? Are you anticipating any upcoming announcements? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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Microsoft Ignite is the company’s annual developer event. Having been held in New Orleans last year, it is now set to take place for the first time in San Francisco from November 30th to December 2nd.. Read more about microsoft ignite challenge 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft Ignite Free 2021?

Microsoft Ignite is not free in 2021.

When was Microsoft Ignite 2021?

Microsoft Ignite 2021 was on September 24th, 2019.

What is Microsoft Ignite the tour?

Microsoft Ignite is a global event that brings together developers, IT professionals, and business leaders to learn about the latest innovations in technology.

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