Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 1,2,3 and Panoramic Map rdr2

The Jack Hall Gang is a group of friends who love to solve puzzles. They’ve even made it their business, using the name Jack Hall Gold Company, and offer map solutions for clients in exchange for cash. Now they want you to find their treasures too!

The “jack hall gang map 2 treasure location” is a treasure map that can be found in the game Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 1,2,3 and Panoramic Map rdr2. The map will lead you to a hidden cache of loot.

Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map 1,2,3 and Panoramic Map rdr2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Map will take you to rare prizes. This article explains how to get the treasure map and how to locate the riches in detail.

jack hall gang treasure

One of numerous Treasure maps is the Jack Hall Gang Map 1. It implies that you should appreciate other maps, and that other maps are similarly significant. We’ve covered the map and prize placement in depth in this guide.

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How to Get the Treasure Map of the Jack Hall Gang 1

For $10.00, you may buy the first Jack Hall Gang Treasure map from Maximo and a treasure hunter who can be located on the bridge gazing west of the Flanteck Station and north of Bard’s Crossing.

If you refuse to pay the $10, he will give you the map for $5. You may also kill him and loot the item from his corpse, or you can purchase it afterwards. If you can afford it, though, it is preferable to purchase it from him.

1 Treasure Location on the Jack Hall Gang Map

jack hall gang treasure location

Follow the instructions below to locate the first treasure spot.

  • Head south of Valentine to Caliban’s Seat, a towering rock feature.

jack hall gang treasure location

  • You must climb the slope on the eastern side to get to the summit.

jack hall gang treasure location

  • From the summit, a path on the rocks follows it.

jack hall gang treasure location

  • Continue up to the ledge, hopping over gaps and ridges until you reach a big area of white granite with a little hole.

jack hall gang treasure location

  • You’ll find the treasure here, and the next treasure may be found by following the Jack Hall Map 2.

The exact information of the second treasure map and location in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be found here.

  • The second Jack Hall Gang map may be obtained by locating the stockpile from the first Jack Hall map.

jack hall gang treasure location

  • On the map, Cotorra Springs is east of the dividing line between the E and W grizzlies in Ambarino. You must walk cautiously in this region since it is also the home of Legendary Wolf.

jack hall gang treasure location

  • Head west to the springs region, where you’ll see a small circle of enormous rock formations.

jack hall gang treasure location

  • The treasure is hidden within the middle stack of rocks.

jack hall gang treasure location

  • Jack Hall Gang Treasure 2 may also be found near the stack of rocks at Cotorra Spring. The treasure is collected by going to the rock.

You must first locate the treasure before you may collect it.

Here’s Jack Hall Gang Map 3 for Red Dead Redemption 2’s treasure locations.

jack hall gang treasure location

Map 3 will lead you to the lake at O’Creagh’s Run, which is located north of Three Sisters in Ambarino’s Grizzlies East zone.

To get there, go north straight into the rocks from the Emerald Ranch. The treasure of two gold bars is hidden behind a rock on a little rocky island in the center of the lake.


During a Random Encounter in the Grizzly Mountains, the rdr2 jack hall gang map is commonly discovered. Red Dead 2’s most interesting unresolved mysteries

Location of the Panoramic Map in Red Dead Redemption 2

You may find a couple of Frozen settlers by following a corpse on the map. Pull the map from their hands to discover the first puzzle component.


The chart seems to go to a location near the summit of Mt. Shan, which is located north of Strawberry. The map’s lines all point to white dots that correspond to the game’s key towns. Saint-Denis, Blackwater, Valentine Strawberry, and Rhodes, from left to right.




You may leap over a short gap below the southwest peak of the mountains, just up on a high ridge, to see what looks to be another set of the identical marks.


The marks are close to the Giant Skeleton and a vantage point from where one of the world’s two UFOs may be seen.

A marking stone may be found towards the southeast at the foot of mountains. The insignia features two alien creatures, lightning, a crescent moon, four circles, and a few smaller stick figures.


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The “jack hall gang map 1 reddit” is a treasure map in the game Red Dead Redemption 2. The jack hall gang are three outlaws that have been terrorizing the countryside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the treasure for Jack Hall gang map 3?

A: The treasure for the map is located at the southwest corner of downtown, on a small island. Its in plain sight if you know where to look!

Where is Jack halls treasure rdr2?

A: Jack Halls treasure is a famous secret location in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How do you solve the Jack Hall gang treasure map?

A: There is no solution to the Jack Hall treasure map. It was an Easter egg created by Beat Saber developers that you can access and play with only once.

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