Is Revolut login not working? 3 best ways to fix it with ease

Revolut, a new and highly popular UK based banking and payments startup, has just released their app for iOS and Android, and users have reported issues in logging in. In fact, the login logins to account have been down for just about 12 hours now. The Revolut login page is available here, and the Revolut login is available here. Logging in to Revolut app is pretty easy, but if you are facing an issue, here are some troubleshooting steps which you should try first.

Revolut is a mobile app that lets you hold, exchange, borrow and lend money from all over the world, in the growing equivalent of more than 200 currencies. Revolut is also one of the most used banking apps in the UK and Europe. However, due to some technical issues, you may not able to login to your Revolut account on your phone or desktop. Revolut has identified the causes of these issues and is working hard to fix them. If you haven’t seen a response from them in the last 12 hours, try the following steps to resolve the problem: 1. Check your internet connection. 2. Restart your phone. 3. Take a screenshot of your Revolut

Revolut is the best mobile banking app out there, allowing to securely transfer money from your bank account to various bank accounts and spend it wherever you are, as long as the account you are using is connected to the internet. It also allows you to pay your bills and buy prepaid card in different currencies and make international payments.


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  • Network problems are most likely to blame if the Revolut app isn’t functioning on your device.
  • Check that the services are functioning properly before beginning the troubleshooting procedure for any login issues.
  • It’s also a good idea to delete the app’s cache and data, since doing so may completely resolve the problem.


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Revolut is a popular banking software for smartphone users that includes features such as a pre-paid debit card, currency conversion, peer-to-peer payment, and more.

You may notice that the Revolut login isn’t functioning when using the app, which may make you concerned that you won’t be able to access your money.

Revolut login issues have been reported by a number of users, with the following error message:

We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Error: Please try again later

Network problems, as well as a poor cache, are the most common causes of the problem. On the Revolut community forum, many users have experienced identical problems.

Table of Contents

What are the benefits of using Revolut?

Revolut may be very helpful depending on your specific circumstances, particularly if you’re a traveler and want a card that can function anywhere in the globe.

Furthermore, you can quickly convert your money into any currency using the app, as well as generate a virtual card to spend at your destination.

A virtual card is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a virtual card that can only be generated inside the Revolut app and has no physical existence.

Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fixWithin the Revolut app, there is a virtual card.

A virtual card may be used to pay for anything, including online and in-store purchases.

Another significant feature is the service’s excellent currency conversion rates, which provide you a distinct advantage over utilizing your home bank or a local exchange office.

If you’ve received a Revolut Something Went Wrong error message, here are a few troubleshooting methods to help you resolve the issue on your smartphone, the majority of which are linked to the Something Went Wrong error.

What should I do if I’m unable to log in to Revolut?


Windows-10-Activation-error-0xc0020036 NOTE

It’s important to note that the instructions will differ based on your device. Despite the fact that mobile phone operating system menus are similar, the procedures will vary based on your platform.

We utilized an Android-based phone running version 10 of the OS as a visual assistance in this instance.

1. Take a look at the Revolut services.

Due to Revolut service problems, you may be unable to log in to your account at times. During maintenance, services are typically unavailable.

Simply check the Revolut Status Centre to ensure that the servers are up and functioning.

As you can see in the picture below, if every element of Revolut is functioning well, green checkmarks will appear next to each service.

1629363963_964_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fixRevolut Status Center – All systems are up and running.

If you see any red checkmarks in the list, you’ll just have to wait for the Revolut engineers to figure out what’s wrong.

Server problems are typically fixed fast, so you should be able to log onto your Revolut account in a few of hours.

2. Force the Revolut app to shut.

  1. Launch the Revolut app and set it to run in the background.
  2. Select Settings from the Home Screen.1629363964_18_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  3. Scroll all the way down to the Apps section.1629363964_863_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  4. Locate and open the Revolut application.1629363965_686_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  5. Tap the Force stop button at the bottom of the screen.1629363965_237_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  6. Choose OK.1629363966_284_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  7. Check for any changes by relaunching the Revolut app.

3. Delete the cache and data for the app.

  1. Pull down the App Drawer and choose Settings from the cogwheel.1629363966_875_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  2. Go to Apps and choose it.1629363967_96_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  3. Locate the Revolut app and tap it.1629363967_134_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  4. Select a storage option.1629363968_64_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  5. Select the option to clear the cache.1629363968_751_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  6. Also, press the Clear data button.
  7. Check whether the log-in problem has been fixed by relaunching the app.

4. Update and reinstall the Revolut app to fix the problem 28.

4.1 Install the latest version of the Revolut app

  1. Open the Google Play Store application.1629363968_91_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  2. Look for Revolut. 1629363969_688_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  3. To access the app’s page, choose it from the search results.
  4. If the Update button appears instead of the Open button, choose it.1629363969_309_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  5. Wait for the procedure to finish.1629363970_632_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  6. Check to see if you can re-enter your app.

If upgrading the program does not fix the problem, go to the next step, which is to fully reinstall the app.

4.2 Uninstall the app and reinstall it

  1. Tap and hold the Revolut app icon on the home screen, then choose Uninstall.1629363970_917_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  2. To confirm, tap Yes.
  3. Open the Google Play Store application.1629363971_877_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fix
  4. Look for Revolut.
  5. It’s best to reinstall it once you’ve downloaded it.

The Revolut error 28 is also linked to the login issue. However, you may need to reinstall the program to resolve the problem. It is not a problem to reinstall the program since it will not erase your data.

I’m unable to use the Revolut Business app.


Because Revolut allows customers to select between consumer and corporate solutions, it’s important to discuss this subject as well, as there are some significant distinctions.

The business version may also be used to keep track of your family’s expenditures, so it’s more versatile than its name suggests.

If you’re having trouble logging into your Revolut Business account, follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

Furthermore, whether you are an employee or the owner of a business account, you should double-check that the account is still active and that you logged in with the correct credentials.

What’s the difference between a Revolut Consumer and a Revolut Business account?

The consumer edition only allows for the use of two debit cards; if you intend on using more, or if you wish to manage the accounts of your business or family, the Business version is recommended.

If you choose Revolut Business, you may generate an infinite number of debit cards, so you won’t have any problems no matter how large your business (or family) is.

Revolut Business gives you complete access to the linked accounts’ expenditures and spending restrictions, while consumer accounts can only be accessed with the credentials of a single individual.

Controlling these aspects is especially helpful in the event of fraud, since you’ll be able to reject payments, deny access privileges, and see where the card was used across the globe if you have a corporate Revolut account.

Which banking alternatives are ideal for travelers?

Making a decision may be tough since there are so many online and physical banking alternatives vying for this position.

For the sake of this article, we’ll just look at online banking choices; physical banks vary greatly based on their location and citizenship.

1629363972_119_Is-Revolut-login-not-working-3-best-ways-to-fixTravelers’ chart based on bank account versatility

Revolut is our top choice for touring the globe with your card, as you can see from the picture we created. This fantastic software offers better exchange rates, a more reliable and flexible app, and other important features that the other choices lack.

Following Revolut, the N26 Germany-based online banking system comes in second with excellent ratings, but only in second place due to higher and variable transaction costs depending on your location and the ATM you’re using.

Payoneer is just behind N26 and has proved to be a solid choice as well, despite the fact that its application and service speeds are much slower than those of the top two places. Nonetheless, it is still a viable choice in certain situations.

It is always advised that you safeguard your smartphone with the finest antivirus software for online banking and remain secure at all times, regardless of whatever financial transactions applications you use.

Resolving issues with the Revolut app is simple, and their excellent customer support is there to assist you if you run into any additional issues.

We hope that our solutions were helpful in resolving all of your login issues with your Revolut app that won’t open. Leave us a message in the comments area below if you have any additional ideas.

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Revolut is a fast-growing financial and travel app that lets you hold, exchange and spend multiple currencies worldwide, with instant real-time exchange rates and extremely low transaction fees. It’s a great tool for backpacking, but it doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re having trouble logging in to the Revolut app, check out this article for the best ways to fix Revolut login issues.. Read more about revolut transfers not working and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Revolut not working?

You might have to contact Revolut support.

How do I speak to someone at Revolut?

You can speak to someone at Revolut by calling them on the phone.

How do I log into Revolut?

To log into your Revolut account, you need to go to and enter the email address and password that you used when signing up for your Revolut account.

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