Is Mesh WiFi Good for Gaming?

Mesh WiFi is a wireless networking technology that promises to provide internet access in areas where traditional Wi-Fi doesn’t work, such as building interiors. Is it worth the investment? We compare Mesh and AirPort’s signal strength.

Mesh WiFi is a technology that has been around for some time now. It is also good for gaming as it allows you to play online with friends and strangers alike.

Is Mesh WiFi Good for Gaming?

In recent years, online gaming has exploded in popularity. Whether you’re a console or PC player, you’ll need some type of internet connection. It’s crucial to remember, though, that not all relationships are created equal.

If you’re thinking of using mesh Wi-Fi for online gaming, reconsider. When it comes to gaming, mesh Wi-Fi isn’t a suitable solution since the latency and workload rise as the signal leaps from one node to the next. As a result, the quality of your connection may deteriorate, affecting your online gaming experience. If you’re a competitive gamer, you can’t afford to be interrupted while playing.

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Is Mesh Wi-Fi a Good Gaming Option?

There are three main reasons why using a mesh Wi-Fi configuration for online gaming may not be the greatest choice. The first reason is that internet speeds will not be constant. Dipping speeds should be avoided if you take your game seriously in any way.

There are however certain functions that are missing, particularly when compared to your router or ethernet configuration. That implies being able to change the DNS or run multiple frequency bands. A mesh Wi-Fi configuration is easy to set up, but it lacks many of the capabilities that more serious gamers want in a router.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi and How Does It Work?

It’s important to understand how a mesh Wi-Fi network works before we can grasp how it affects your gaming experience. In essence, your house has a central router that links directly to the modem.

A set of nodes or satellite modules are used to build the mesh. These are strategically positioned around the house to give more constant and thorough coverage. The distinction is that all of the devices that make up the mesh use the same SSID (Service Set Identifier) and password to connect.

There is a significant difference between it and a standard wi-fi extender, even if it does the same task. A mesh network is significantly simpler to set up, for starters. Not only that, but it avoids some of the annoyances and oddities that range extenders are notorious for.

What are the Benefits of Mesh Wi-Fi?

All hope is not lost just because mesh wi-fi isn’t ideal for online gaming. If gaming isn’t your top priority, mesh wi-fi might be a good option. If you’re a competitive player, you should pay careful attention to your connection configuration.

However, it is wonderful for a variety of reasons. There are five reasons why switching to a mesh wireless network makes perfect sense.

A unified network

Using range extenders with traditional routers means having several network connections. All of this entails hopping from one access point to the next. Mesh wi-fi enables for a single network connection, making management much simpler.

Even better, no matter where you are in the house, the mesh will retain a network connection and a single SSID. Even better, it can link you to the optimal mode automatically, no matter where you are.

It’s a lot easier to set up.

One of the most appealing features of a mesh wi-fi network is how simple it is to start up. Investing in a mesh network is great if you aren’t interested in getting down to the fine gritty of home wi-fi setup.

You can just plug it in and operate it, resulting in a smoother, more constant internet signal throughout our house. It’s ideal for people looking for a basic but efficient home internet service.

Increased Coverage

The simple reality is that having a mesh network means your house will have greater, more extensive coverage. A typical router must be placed in a central location, yet a single signal must battle its way to the outskirts.

No matter where you are in the house, a mesh network will give considerably more complete coverage. Even though it isn’t ideal for gaming, it might help you get a more consistent signal across your house.

Expandable to any size

Another advantage of mesh wi-fi networks is that they may be as big or as little as you desire. The size of your house is the primary determinant of the network size you choose. The mesh wi-fi network would be more comprehensive the larger the residence.

Keep in mind that inside the network as a whole, each node has its own unique module. These single modules operate independently of the other nodes, allowing them to be easily removed or added.


You don’t have to worry about a single primary access point with a mesh wi-fi network. That also implies you won’t have to be concerned about that point of failure. As a result of the configuration, you should not have any problems with a single node.

All of the noes are the same, as well. This entails just replacing a burned-out node with a fresh one. You may even rapidly change them out if one of the nodes becomes problematic or has to be replaced.

Why Doesn’t Mesh Wi-Fi Work Well for Gaming?

Knowing that mesh wi-fi is essentially a more complex but easier to install range extender, you may be asking why it isn’t a good option for online gaming. However, if you are a frequent or serious player, there are three reasons why you should avoid it.


While having a constant, equal signal distribution is crucial, it would be a mistake to argue that pricing has no bearing. And the plain reality is that the great majority of mesh wi-fi systems are not inexpensive.

A typical arrangement requires numerous nodes, which means you may wind up spending hundreds merely to give comprehensive coverage for your house wi-fi. You can at least give some regularity to your home’s internet connection by using a mesh configuration.

The speeds aren’t always consistent.

The fact that the speeds you obtain will not be constant across your house is perhaps the most compelling argument to avoid mesh wi-fi for your online gaming requirements. As a wireless signal travels farther away from its source, it begins to deteriorate (the router, in this case).

Mesh networks receive the signal from the router, which is then picked up by one of the nodes and amplified before being rebroadcast. However, the farther you move from the starting location, the worse the signal quality and the more delay you’ll encounter.

There are no advanced features available.

If you like playing with your router’s complex functions, a mesh wi-fi network will leave you unsatisfied. The typical mesh wi-fi network is aimed for those who wish to connect to the internet across their whole house.

As a result, the typical mesh network will be devoid of sophisticated functionality that may have been incorporated on the router. Switching between the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands is crucial. The same is true for modifying the DHCP scope or adding custom DNS.

A mesh network is appropriate for consumers who just want a higher-quality signal with a longer range. However, if you attempt to game at fast rates, you may encounter more problems than you anticipated.

Mesh Wi-Fi alternatives for gaming

Using an ethernet connection is, without a question, the finest way for online gaming. This assures that your signal will not drop and you will not have latency difficulties when gaming, unless there is a complete outage.

The one disadvantage of utilizing an ethernet wire is that your gaming setup must be close to your router.

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Mesh WiFi is a technology that allows for an internet connection to be shared among multiple devices. This can save users from having to buy a new router and modem, but does it make gaming better? Reference: mesh gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mesh good for gaming?

A: Yes, it is the best material for gaming.

Will mesh improve Ping?

A: If a wireless connection is not possible, then yes.

Why is mesh WiFi bad?

A: Mesh WiFi is a type of wireless network that uses the same frequency and antenna to transmit data. This has been proven to cause interference with routers, cell phones, or nearby wifi signals in certain areas.

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