Is Flight Club Legit

Flight Club is a new booking service for flights that leverages blockchain technology to offer an alternative solution. They claim to be more cost-effective, safer and faster than legacy services like Expedia or Orbitz.

The “is flight club legit 2022” is a question that has been asked for a while. Flight Club is a popular online destination for finding cheap flights, but many people are wondering if it’s legitimate.

If you’re wondering if Flight Club is real or not, you should know that a lot of others wonder the same thing every day. 

We’ve produced an article with information on the firm and its goods to assist you with your query.

Flight Club is an online retailer of footwear and apparel. Although it is possible to obtain genuine high-end shoes, others claim that they are counterfeit.

Because there are two sides to every tale, it’s difficult to discern the truth from the falsehoods, but we looked at consumer feedback and obtained some information.

We respect your money and want to ensure that it is used wisely. Flight club reviews are discussed here, as well as whether or not flight clubs can be trusted for online purchases.

Is the Flight Club genuine?Is the Flight Club genuine?

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Yes, Flight Club is a real company with a real shop. Before being placed on shop shelves, every sneaker offered by Flight Club goes through a quality and review procedure.  

Most people want to know whether Fight Club is authentic before buying anything from them.

On their website,, Flight Club mostly offers shoes online. Although the domain is almost 20 years old, they have been in business since 2008. This indicates that they may be trusted, since they have been selling their items for 14 years.

Is a reliable source of information? Is a reliable source of information?

When it comes to the product and consumer feedback, many individuals have given Flight Club poor feedback. The majority of the evaluation focused on 

  • The shoe I got from the Flight Club was a forgery.
  • The issue of returning shoes
  • Incorrect shoe size

There is no organization, however, that does not get unfavorable or negative feedback. Flight Club, in my opinion, is a legitimate company, but its service and administration are atrocious.


Flight Club: My Personal Opinion (Is Flight Club Legit)

My initial impressions of Flight Club will be completely honest, and I will only give facts that will assist you in determining if Flight Club is legitimate or not.

I went to and placed an order for the sneaker I wanted. It’s strange because a lot of people are filming films of these folks wearing phony shoes, so I’m psychologically prepared to see what happens.

  • What I discovered was that the merchandise was sent from DHL Hong Kong, which was the one thing that truly irritated me since it was from another country.
  • The second issue that irritated me was that they took a long time to respond after I placed my purchase, stating that they would be unable to ship the order due to Covid, despite the fact that I placed the order in March.
  • It seems that the majority of the items are imported from other countries, or they advertise things that are out of stock.

When I eventually chose to cancel the transaction, I was met with a barrage of excuses and apologies from their customer service department. Furthermore, I informed them that I would be going to the bank to file a chargeback, and they opted to send my purchase nonetheless.


Should You Make a Purchase from Flight Club?

As I have said, Flight Club is legitimate, but their services are atrocious. They do have physical locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, which I believe are more convenient to visit and shop at.

If you are from these areas or presently reside in this area, you should stop by their shop to check out their fantastic Jordan and Nike footwear.

But I’m not sure about internet purchases from Flight Club. There are some individuals who get their orders on time, but there are many more who do not.

So, you may be wondering whether Flight Club can be trusted for online transactions and if Flight Club is legit.

Before making an order with Flight Club, speak with their customer service. Ensure that everything is in order, and preserve a record of your chat. Wait for the delivery, and if it is late or fails in any way, notify them that you will file a chargeback.


What exactly is Flight Club?

Flight Club is a famous destination to shop for shoes in the United States and is one of the most well-known sneaker resellers. 

There are very few other sites where you may acquire these Jordan and Nike shoes that are sold out.

Flight Club, like Ross and Lululemon, restocks its merchandise on a regular basis. Flight Club is a retail business where individuals may sell both new and worn shoes. You may sell your goods after creating an account as a seller, and Flight Club will take 20% of the commission.

I wish they had more locations in the United States and elsewhere. I would also ask them to improve their service, since it seems that they are more concerned with making money than with customer happiness.


What is the procedure for joining the Flight Club?

When individuals are picky, they will undoubtedly find some nice items in the collection of the flying club. Because Flight Club does not produce its own items, they must find creative methods to stock its shops with appealing shoes and sneakers.

The primary source of funding for the flying club is

  • They’ve worked with a number of Hong Kong manufacturers and shoe suppliers.
  • They provide accounts for sellers, where users may advertise their old and new shoes in order to earn money from flight clubs. 

This is why people go to Flight Club to look for limited edition or 90s Air Jordan sneakers, since the owner posts them on the website.

The items offered on Flight Club’s retail and online shops are verified by a review staff. However, it does not seem to be operating as intended, since many buyers get the incorrect product or the incorrect size.

They don’t even have a decent refund and return policy, which is now a must for any online company.


What is the best way to sell shoes on Flight Club?

Hopefully, you now have some knowledge on “Is Flight Club Legit or Not.” Many individuals sell shoes on the Flight Club website and make a nice living doing so.

If you already have a few nice collections or work in the same industry, you might try your luck here by listing a few of the top Jordan, Nike, and Adidas shoes.

How to Make Money Selling on Flight ClubHow to Make Money Selling on Flight Club

To begin, you must first establish an account on their seller website.

  • Fill in all of the information on the Flight Club vendors page to establish your account.
  • After you’ve set up your account, input the name of the shoe brand you wish to sell, and then choose the shoes from the list.
  • Look for the shoe you want to sell and then click on it to get to the next page, where you can fill in information such as shoe size, quantity, lowest price, and lowest consignment price.
  • After you’ve supplied these data, you can either send your shoes to them or drop them off at one of their locations.

Flight club charges a 9.5 percent commission fee plus a $5 selling fee. When you wish to cash out, they will charge you an extra 2.9 percent cash-out fee.



Is there an actual shop called Flight Club?

Yes, Flight Club is a genuine shop, and they now have three physical locations in the United States: New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

They mostly do business via their website.

Is it true that Flight Club sells counterfeit shoes?

No, Flight Club does not offer counterfeit shoes; nonetheless, the majority of their footwear is sourced from Hong Kong. Why do people assume it’s a fake? Because their tag and most of the items are written in Chinese.

This is strange, yet they are the genuine articles. They have a review crew that inspects the shoes before listing them, but there are exceptions, and a few customers may get counterfeit shoes.

Is it true that the Flight Club sneakers are fresh new?

Both new and used shoes are available at Flight Club. So, on their website and in their shops, you’ll find all limited editions and unworn vintage sneakers.

They now have thousands of clients, and their items are sent all over the globe from these three shops.



Despite a number of negative reviews on Flight Club, they sell their items all over the globe, indicating that they are legitimate but lacking in service and administration.

You now have enough information to determine whether or not Flight Club is legitimate. So, if you want to purchase shoes from their shops, you need do some research beforehand, such as comparing their prices to those of other retailers and taking measures by keeping track of their records.

If you live near one of their physical locations, you’re in luck since you’ll have no trouble finding the proper goods.

If you’ve made a purchase from them or have any other questions, please let us know how it went.

Jordan’s “flight club jordan’s review” is a great way to find out if the website is legit. The website has been around for a while and has a lot of reviews.

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