If your device isn’t compatible with Windows 11, TPM won’t help that much

Windows 11 will be completely incompatible with devices that ship without a TPM chip. In order to get around this, enterprises will have to move from an old-fashioned PC era model where everything is centrally managed and instead embrace a more modern model where distributed systems could potentially serve as the backbone of enterprise computing in the future.

If your device isn’t compatible with Windows 11, TPM won’t help that much. You can still use Windows 10 without a TPM chip.

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  • To clean install Windows 11, PC users with unsupported hardware don’t really require a TPM.
  • The registry hack may be used to update to Microsoft’s newest OS if you already have TPM 1.2.
  • Buying a module won’t fix your major issue if your PC doesn’t have firmware TPM at all.
  • Your operating system will never be safe since you will never get any security updates.


The mandatory TPM 2.0 addition was by far the most contentious Windows 11 system requirement, which many users seemed to be lacking, making it hard for them to upgrade at first.

Many people were considering purchasing a module so that they could tick that required box as well.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case since either your PC already fulfills the hardware requirements for Windows 11 or you’ve elected to purchase new compatible hardware.

The fact is that many CPUs already include TPM 2.0 firmware, which you just need to activate in your BIOS settings before installing Windows 11.

Here’s why a TPM for Windows 11 isn’t a good idea.

Let’s speak about PC users that have unsupported hardware and make it clear that they don’t require a TPM to clean install Windows 11.

The vast majority of Windows 10 users already have TPM 1.2 and may utilize the registry hack approach to update to Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Buying a module won’t fix your primary issue with Windows 11 if your PC doesn’t have firmware TPM at all.

All PCs with unsupported hardware are already at danger of getting kicked out of the inner circle and not receiving any Windows upgrades.

So, provided you have a motherboard with a TPM header, you can obtain a physical module to link with an older CPU.

However, you won’t be as secure as supported PCs, so you’ll end up winning one war and losing another.

Users looking for a physical TPM to keep its principal operations apart from their CPU in the belief that isolating components improves security will be disappointed.

You should be aware that the physical module does not defend against all types of TPM attacks.

For Windows 11, Microsoft does not recommend a specific kind of TPM. The business lists discrete, integrated, and firmware TPM in its TPM guidelines, and particularly states that Windows utilizes all compatible modules in the same manner.

Again, if you wish to use a physical module to avoid having to enter your recovery key for an encrypted disk following a CPU update, you must stop.

We say so because having a distinct TPM doesn’t eliminate the requirement for a recovery key, and even after motherboard firmware upgrades, you may trigger the need for one.

So, if not buying a physical TPM for Windows 11, what should individuals with unsupported hardware do?


Right now, staying with Windows 10 is the best choice, since it provides a hassle-free experience with good security, and some of the Windows 11 features are still coming to the prior OS.

Windows 10 will be supported for another four years, so there’s no need to change your hardware anytime soon.

The final line is that if you truly want to run Microsoft’s new operating system, your best bet is to buy a new computer that is compatible with it.

All of this TPM, he and she both agreed, is a waste of time, and the outcomes aren’t really spectacular.

Were you intending to buy a Trusted Platform Module simply so you could run Windows 11 on an unsupported machine? Please tell us about your experience in the comments area below.

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This PC can’t run Windows 11 TPM. If your device isn’t compatible with Windows 11, TPM won’t help that much. Reference: this pc can t run windows 11 tpm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you install Windows 11 without TPM?

A: Microsoft Windows 11 does not require activation for the TPM to function. However, you will not be able to use it if your computer doesnt have a TPM chip inside.

How do I make my computer Windows 11 compatible?

A: To make your computer Windows 11 compatible, you can follow these steps. 1) Click the start button on the bottom left corner of your screen 3 times to bring up all apps.2) Search for Microsoft Update3) Click Install Updates4) Next step is open updates5%) Restart Your Computer6). Finish

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