How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram stories are a great way to keep up with friends and also give you access to new content. However, it’s not always easy for people who want to view the story anonmyously because there is no direct link between Instagram user accounts. So how can someone do that? This article will teach you how!

The “view instagram anonymously” is a way to view Instagram Stories without your account being public. The method requires you to use an Android device and the Instagram app with the feature enabled.

How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram enables users to create tales that remain for 24 hours and then vanish. From the red circle surrounding that person’s profile picture, you can tell that someone recently uploaded an Instagram story. You’d want to view it by clicking on it, but you don’t want that person to know.

This tutorial will show you how to anonymously read or see someone else’s Instagram stories. The other individual will never know you read their Instagram tales since you are anonymous.

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Is it possible to see another person’s Instagram stories anonymously?

Yes, you certainly can. There are several clever ways to see Instagram stories anonymously. This seems to be difficult at first since Instagram needs you to sign in to view another person’s story, and the other person will be aware that you have done so.

However, this will only happen if you view an Instagram story in the traditional manner. You won’t be detected by the other person since these covert tactics don’t use Instagram features.

What you’ll need

To anonymously see someone else’s Instagram stories, you’ll need:

  • The other person’s Instagram account is open to the public.
  • Internet access is available.
  • You have another another Instagram account.

How to anonymously see someone else’s Instagram stories

There are a couple ways to read someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing:

Use a different Instagram account.

Although it may seem apparent, you may still see the other person’s Instagram stories anonymously by creating a new Instagram account that the other person will not recognize.

In this area, “anonymous” indicates that it does not include your principal Instagram account, which the other person is aware of. If the other person’s Instagram account is private, this procedure will be somewhat more difficult since you’ll need your second Instagram account to be approved to follow their accounts.

When you use that second account to see the other person’s Instagram tales, the other person will notice that the second account has viewed their stories.

When the other person’s Instagram account is private and vigilant about phony Instagram accounts, this approach might be much more difficult. You will most likely not be permitted to follow the other person’s account. You may also be deleted from their list of followers if you currently follow them. This situation has no remedy.

If the account is public but you still want to access the other person’s tales, click your username and choose Log in to existing account.

how to view instagram stories anonymously

To sign in to your second Instagram account, click Add account.

add another instagram account

You may access anyone’s public stories without involving your main account after you login in to the second Instagram account. If you choose, you may also sign out of the main Instagram account.

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Set your Android/iPhone to airplane mode.

Instagram and other applications utilize the cache to keep offline data on your phone so that it doesn’t have to load the same material repeatedly. If the cache contains the other person’s Instagram stories, you may view them offline anonymously.

You may use airplane mode on your phone to see those articles offline. If you just switch off Wi-Fi or mobile data, the process is the same. Only if the other person’s tales are already in the cache will this strategy function.

airplane mode

You may use the next option if you don’t want to risk getting caught monitoring someone’s Instagram stories.

Get the Instagram story here.

You may watch someone’s Instagram stories anonymously by downloading them to your computer for offline viewing. The other person’s Instagram account must be public for this to work.

You can’t directly download a story from a public Instagram account using the Instagram app, but you may use a third-party software from the Play Store or App Store. Many programs that offer the capability may be found by searching for Instagram story downloader.

instagram story downloader

You may now access the tales anonymously by downloading the app and entering the other person’s login. You may also accomplish this on your PC using a browser, and there are websites that enable you to download Instagram stories in this manner.

Why can’t you watch someone’s Instagram stories in private?

Instagram does not enable you to read someone’s Instagram stories anonymously and directly on the Instagram app since it violates their privacy policies.

Instagram hasn’t stated anything about this, but it’s possible, given that you can’t even access a public Instagram post without an account.

Instagram does not enable you to read someone’s stories without their permission. Fortunately, the procedures listed above may still be used. For those ways to operate, the account merely has to be public.

Instagram stories are a new way for users to share their lives with others. However, some people don’t want to have their photos and videos shared on the internet. This is where the “instagram viewer” comes in handy. The “instagram viewer” is an app that allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously.

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