How to use your Windows 11 PC as a Chromecast

Microsoft’s latest update for Windows 10 makes it possible to use your PC as a Chromecast. This new feature streamlines the process of streaming content from one device to another and opens up opportunities in home theater setups, cloud-based gaming systems, or just general entertainment on big screens.

The “what is a chromecast” is a question that has been asked many times before. A Chromecast is a device that allows you to stream your computer’s screen wirelessly to your TV.

How to use your Windows 11 PC as a Chromecast


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  • It is mostly certainly due to your Internet connection if your Chromecast does not show on your computer when you attempt to view anything.
  • Casting to your PC straight from the Google Chrome web browser is significantly simpler.
  • Otherwise, you may add Chromecasting compatibility to your browsers by installing web extensions.



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Chromecast is a very inexpensive way to turn a regular television into a smart one. Without having to acquire an extra cable setup box, you may simply get more use out of a monitor and a television set.

Early versions of the software had a minor flaw that enabled developers to modify and run the code in such a manner that a standard PC could be turned into a Chromecast receiver, however this flaw was rapidly rectified.

Because Google quickly corrected the issue, it is no longer possible to build an app in this way. The good news is that, despite its best efforts, Google has developed an application that lets you turn your computer into a receiver.

Follow along as we demonstrate how to utilize your PC as a Chromecast after learning how the latter works behind the scenes.

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What is a Chromecast and how does it work?

It’s a gadget built on a Google-developed proprietary protocol called Cast. A smart speaker or a screen may simply be mirrored from a device like your smartphone, making it easy to exchange content.

Google Cast was initially released in 2013 and has since been incorporated into almost every major app and platform available. If your phone or computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as a Cast-enabled receiver, the appropriate app will show the Cast icon.


The URL of the material is communicated between the Chromecast and your phone since it is linked to the internet. As a consequence, the procedure is almost quick, and there will be no hiccups.

It gives a more traditional television experience when used in combination with Google TV. Instead than just projecting material from another device, you may now use the functionality to play content directly from the device. However, this is due to changes in the operating system and the remote rather than any hardware modifications.

Because Google Cast is based on Wi-Fi, it may be utilized on any device, independent of platform. As a consequence, if the developer chooses to provide compatibility, the underlying platform will not be an issue.

The Cast button on YouTube, for example, is available whether you’re viewing the website on your PC with Google Chrome or on your smartphone with the YouTube app. Even if you have an Apple device, you will not be at a disadvantage!

In Windows 11, how can I utilize my PC as a Chromecast?

Make use of Google Chrome.

  1. Because the Chromecast is a Google device, you may find it simpler to do so using Google Chrome. However, you may be able to achieve this by using an extension for Mozilla Firefox or another browser.1642142378_657_How-to-use-your-Windows-11-PC-as-a-Chromecast
  2. If you’re using Chrome, go to the top right-hand corner and press the three-dot menu icon (it’ll be three vertical dots or an arrow depending on whether the browser is updated), then right-click on Cast.How-to-use-your-Windows-11-PC-as-a-Chromecast
  3. The first step in detecting whether or not you have an active internet connection is to have your Cast icon ready to go. Both your PC or laptop and your Chromecast device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order to pair. 1642142379_312_How-to-use-your-Windows-11-PC-as-a-Chromecast
  4. Although this may seem to be a simple procedure, bear in mind that many routers have many bands, so make sure both devices are linked to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band before continuing.
  5. Open the Google Home App on your smartphone or tablet and choose Settings, then WiFi Network. You may now connect it to the same Internet band as the rest of your devices.
  6. On a computer, using Netflix and Spotify is identical to using them on a smartphone or tablet. Simply click the Cast icon, which we already described.1642142380_777_How-to-use-your-Windows-11-PC-as-a-Chromecast

That’s all there is to it! Chromecasting was designed to be as easy as possible for users. Casting is supported by services like Netflix and Spotify, but you may need to upgrade to the PRO, or expensive, version to use the function.

What should you do if your PC refuses to connect?

You should have no problem connecting to your Chromecast from your computer if you have Wi-Fi and a computer that is at least a few years old. You can connect and broadcast between your PC or laptop and a casting device with only a few taps and clicks.

If your Chromecast does not display on your computer when you attempt to view anything on it, your Internet connection on either device is most likely to fault.


Simply click on the Google Home App and the network icon on your computer to ensure that they are both linked to the same Wi-Fi network. This usually fixes any issues, ranging from the device not showing up to a pairing failure error.

If this does not happen, your router will need to be restarted. Otherwise, keep the Power button down for 10 seconds until it stops responding. Allow the router to reconnect once it has completed a reset.

Your Chromecast issues may be traced back to it, in addition to your power connection. This is usually easy to notice since it would not turn on if there was no power.

Check the linked connections and make sure your Chromecast is turned on if your PC or laptop is having problems identifying your device.

When the Chromecast won’t connect to Wi-Fi, we’ve previously provided a tutorial. If you run into the same issue, be sure to check it out.

Alternatively, you’ll want to learn how to utilize Chromecast with alternative web browsers than Google Chrome. Fortunately, we were able to reclaim your possessions!

Finally, for those who want a little variety, here are five additional screen mirroring software options for Windows 11.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Chromecast from Windows 11?

A: In order to Chromecast from Windows 11, you will need a compatible TV with the appropriate port and an available HDMI slot. You can find more information on how to do this at

Can you Chromecast from a Windows PC?

A: You can cast from your PC to another device, such as a TV. This is mostly done through the use of Chromecast apps that are available for Windows and Mac computers.

How can I use my PC like Chromecast?

A: You need to use the Cast button on your browser and select a device for it to work with.

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