How to Solve When Apple TV Not Working

If you have an Apple TV that has stopped working, here’s how to fix the problem.

The “why is my apple tv not working on my phone” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to the question, is that there are two ways to fix this issue. The first way is by using your Apple TV remote and pressing the home button on your iPhone or iPad. The second way, is by connecting your iPhone or iPad with a wired connection to your Apple TV.

How to Solve When Apple TV Not Working

Apple TV is a compact set-top box with a lot of options for Apple consumers. It allows you to view HD material such as movies, videos, and programs, as well as streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Prime. Aside from that, Apple TV offers a fantastic selection of games, applications, music, and even NASA! Regional programming, weather forecasts, live sports, and podcasts are all available. The newest Apple TV features Siri remote and AirPlay with your Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. Apple TV’s major goal is to provide users with a unified viewing experience. There are several services accessible on Apple TV, and encountering a problem when trying to use Apple TV may be fatal. When your Apple TV stops operating, follow the guidelines below to troubleshoot the problem.

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When Apple TV isn’t working, troubleshoot the issues.

[1] Reboot the computer

When dealing with defective gadgets, this is the simplest and most effective solution. Simply use the Siri Remote, go to the TVOS System menu, or disconnect the Apple TV box to restart your device.

1: On your Siri Remote, press and hold the Menu and Home buttons until the status light blinks.

2: Restart the TVOS system using your Siri Remote by going to the Settings app, choosing the System section, and then selecting the Restart option.


3: If the preceding methods haven’t pleased you, physically detach or reconnect the set-top box for around 10-15 seconds. Make sure your device is running the most recent version of software.

[2] Inadequate Network Connection

A sudden random disconnection leads to a poor and slow network which depicts while accessing the device. The range of a potential WiFi connection delivers poor performance hence, to fix this error firstly, check your range of network. Go to Settings > Network > Status > Check IP address > if you don’t see any IP address then restart your modem or WAP and Apple TV box. When you can able to see the IP address but there might be weak signal strength then follow these steps to get back the stable connection.


1: Keep your modem or WAP device close to your Apple TV device.

2: Verify that your network connection is active on your name.

3: Instead of utilizing a wireless connection, connect the modem or WAP to the Apple set-top box using an Ethernet cable.

4: Use a WiFi Extender to broaden and boost your signal strength if you’re ready to spend extra for a strong internet connection.

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[3] Resolve the AirPlay Compatibility Error

AirPlay allows Apple TV and other devices to broadcast movies, photographs, and other content on a larger screen. When the AirPlay function isn’t operating correctly, there are two possibilities.

1: Make sure your Apple device and the second device you wish to mirror the AirPlay function from are on the same reliable network.

2: Enable or turn on the AirPlay feature by selecting Settings > AirPlay and HomeKit > Toggle On AirPlay.


3: Make sure your computer isn’t taking all of the available bandwidth and that other devices aren’t interfering.

[4] Audio/Video Settings Correction

To fix the audio or video issues make sure that the volume is not muted on your device. Restart your Apple TV service again and then unplug or disconnect the cables. Again reconnect firmly and properly with the Apple device. Go to the Settings > Video & Audio > Resolution select your suitable resolution.


Check your audio settings by Settings > Video & Audio > Audio Output > HDMI. In this way, you fix your audio and video malfunctions.


[5] Siri Remote Not Working

Another common error is Siri remote malfunctioning, this usually happens when the battery is out of charge. Check battery power by viewing Settings > Remotes & Devices > Remote. You can see the battery life of the remote depicted in a graphical way. To recharge your Siri remote use the lightning to the USB cable plugging with remote into a power source.


[6] Status Light Flashes

Due to some hardware problem, your Apple TV device flashes light every now and then. Restore your Apple TV by default factory settings. Select Settings > System > Reset. On the reset screen, choose any one option first is Reset which does not require any internet connection and also returns to the Factory settings of Apple TV. The next one is Reset & Update this action needs an internet connection to install software updates then returns to the default factory settings of Apple TV. Even after this action the problem persists try a different power cable for the Apple TV and then plug in another power outlet.


[IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep your TV connected to the power source until the update and reset process is complete.]

[7] Attempt to correct RGB settings

The RGB settings of your TV are nothing but the brightness, color, and tint which you can resolve on your own. When the brightness, color, and tint if disabled you’ll view a dull clarity experience. To sort out this feature go to Settings > Video& Audio > HDMI Output. On the HDMI Output screen, select the favorable choice from the given three options such as YCbCr, RGB High, and RGB Low. YCbCr is always the most preferred option among all Apple TV users for the best viewing experience.

[8] Insufficient Storage

Your Apple TV broadcasts a lot of different information that is saved as data, which takes up storage space. Follow the actions given below whenever you encounter the notice “out of space” or “storage capacity full.”

[1] Go to Settings > General > Manage Storage. On the Storage screen, check the apps that acquired most of the space.

[2] To uninstall programs that are no longer in use and deplete storage space, click the Trash can icon. To confirm your action, press the Delete button one again.

[9] Siri Remote Trackpad Surface Sensitivity

The Siri Remote Trackpad surface often triggers this means the cursor drags quickly all over the screen. This is also known as a “hair-trigger” and to adjust this insensitivity go to Settings > Remotes & Devices > Touch Surface Tracking. Now, select from the given options fast, medium, and slow as you wish to keep.


Adjust the Aspect Ratio

If you notice black bars on your TV screen when watching Apple TV and the image also doesn’t fit, change the aspect ratio. Maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio on your Apple TV for optimal clarity and vision. Read the TV guide or guidebook that came with the set-top box for further information.

When your Apple TV stops operating, try one of these options. Try them out and share us your results in the form of feedback or comments. Please share this tutorial with anyone who are having trouble repairing their device. As a result, the Apple TV is not functioning tutorial has come to an end.

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Q1. What should I do if the Apple TV Podcast App doesn’t work?

Force-close the app on your device and then relaunch it; wait a few moments for it to display an updated privacy policy before proceeding. After that, you may access it as normal.

Q2. Why has Apple TV become unresponsive?

Reset your device to prevent it from freezing again. You can reset via iTunes also but the general method is to go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings > Confirm.

Q3. Why can’t I view my Apple TV library?

It’s possible that the app isn’t compatible with your smart TV. Alternatively, try downloading it again and seeing if it works.

If your Apple TV is not working, you may need to reset it. To do this, go to the Settings app on your device and select Reset. Reference: old apple tv not working.

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