How to Play Pokémon GO without moving on iOS (2022 Updated)

With Pokémon GO having over 3.2 billion downloads since its launch, it’s no surprise that the game has been one of the most popular apps in recent history. However, many users are reporting a variety of different performance issues on their iOS devices which have only gotten worse with time as new updates come out each day.

The “how to move in pokemon go without walking 2022 iphone” is a guide that explains how to play Pokémon GO without moving on iOS.

How to Play Pokémon GO without moving on iOS (2022 Updated)

Pokémon GO is a very popular augmented reality (AR) game that has swept the globe. But what if you’re stranded at home and can’t catch them all? Don’t worry, I’m here to assist you!

I’ll teach you how to play Pokémon GO without ever leaving your home in this post. You’ll need to download a few applications and alter your iOS device’s settings, but it’s completely achievable! This is a fantastic method to get some gaming done while socially avoiding the COVID-19 outbreak.

We also provide the most recent functional Pokémon GO iOS Hack (2022 updated), which does not need a jailbreak or any other changes to your iOS device. We enhance our techniques on a regular basis, however these hacks might be dangerous due to Niantic’s ongoing release of new updates to combat spoofers.

If you have an Android smartphone, check out our Pokémon GO hack for Android (2022 updated). Spoofing on Android is considerably safer and more reliable than iOS hacks like PokeGo++ and iSpoofer.

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iOS 2022 Pokémon GO Hacks (Joystick and GPS)


You may play Pokémon Go by faking your GPS position using a variety of iOS applications. Only a handful of them, though, can prevent Niantic’s servers from detecting spoofing. In 2021, iSpoofer and PokeGO++ are two excellent spoofing applications. We tried these two GPS spoofing programs and can confirm that they no longer operate with Pokémon GO. We do not advocate using any of these applications since your account may be suspended.

As promised, we’ll keep this site updated with the newest and safest ways to play Pokémon GO on iOS without moving. As of May 2022, iPoGo and iTools are the greatest working tools and hardware for traveling across the globe and simply bypassing Niantic’s cheat detection.

Comparison Chart for Pokémon Go Hacks (2022 Updated)

  iTools iPoGo iSpoofer
Application Stability Stable Certificate issues have been resolved. It Isn’t Working
Installation Difficult *Depends Easy
Map Great Good Good
Cool-down Timer for Teleportation Estimated Estimated Accurate
Routing using GPX Easy Route creation is difficult. Easy
Feeding Pokémon Nearby Great Good Good
Feed for Pokémon/Quests/Raids Great Good Great

In Pokémon GO, here’s how to teleport safely.

Many of the spoofer players are ignorant of the Pokémon Go spoofing rules. When spoofing for the first time, they usually get too excited. They’ve no ideas on In Pokémon GO, here’s how to teleport safely..

While teleporting, keep in mind that you’re breaking the Pokémon Go guidelines. Because of aberrant activities such as regularly shifting locations in a short period of time, your account may get soft bans or perhaps be permanently banned. To teleport securely, you must be very cautious and on your toes at all times. Here are a few pointers to consider.

What is a Soft Ban?

When a Pokémon is under the effect of the Soft Ban, we can’t capture it at all; every time we attempt, the Pokémon flees. It’s a dreadful scenario. Apart from that, when we attempt to rotate Pokestops, nothing happens.

2. Always follow the Teleportation Cooldown Chart!

Before you may interact with a new place, you must first wait for a pre-determined Cooldown Time (up to 2 hours, maximum) to expire. The longer you have to wait, the farther you have gone. It’s critical to follow the teleportation cooldown chart since you don’t want to trigger Niantic’s cheat-detection system by bouncing around too quickly, which is unrealistic.

Cooldown Timer for Pokémon Go

Traveled Distance Imperial Order Wait for the Cooldown
1 Km 0.62 mile 1 mins
2 Km 1.24 miles 1 mins
4 Km 2.48 miles 2 mins
10 Km 6.2 miles 8 mins
12 Km 7.5 miles 9 mins
15 Km 9.3 miles 11 mins
25 Km 15.5 miles 13 mins
30 Km 18.6 miles 15 mins
40 Km 24.9 miles 18 mins
45 Km 28.0 miles 22 mins
60 Km 37.3 miles 23 mins
80 Km 49.7 miles 25 mins
100 Km 62.1 miles 27 mins
125 Km 77.7 miles 30 mins
140 Km 87.0 miles 33 mins
150 Km 93.2 miles 36 mins
180 Km 111.9 miles 39 mins
200 Km 124.3 miles 42 mins
250 Km 155.3 miles 46 mins
300 Km 186.4 miles 50 mins
350 Km 217.5 miles 53 mins
400 Km 248.6 miles 56 mins
500 Km 310.7 miles 64 mins
600 Km 372.8 miles 72 mins
750 Km 466.0 miles 82 mins
800 Km 497.1 miles 86 mins
900 Km 559.2 miles 93 mins
950 Km 590.3 miles 97 mins
1000 Km 621.4 miles 100 mins
1150 Km 714.6 miles 111 mins
1200 Km 745.7 miles 115 mins
1250 Km 776.7 miles 118 mins
1266 Km 786.7 miles 120 mins

3. Before Teleporting, Log Out

Before you teleport into Pokémon GO, log out first. Change your GPS position before returning to Pokémon GO using the techniques described below.

4. Before Teleporting, turn Airplane Mode on and off.


You might use the airplane mode on your iOS smartphone to securely teleport in Pokémon GO. Turn off the Pokémon GO app in the background and activate airplane mode. Wait 30 seconds before turning off the aircraft mode, then check in to your Pokémon GO account. After that, go to the map interface section and choose a new location.

In 2022, iPoGo will be the safest Pokémon GO iOS hack.


iPogo, an application released in 2019, is another program that may let you spoof your location of origin to another. It’s been updated multiple times and has gotten a lot of excellent feedback. iPogo’s newest iOS version is now compatible with iOS 15.

iPogo has two distinct traits that separate it from other iSpoofers:

The most important feature is the Pokémon Go-Tcha (Go Plus) emulation function, which enables you to fool the Pokémon Go into believing you have a Go-Tcha or Go Plus connected to your phone. You can effectively create a fully functioning bot for Pokémon GO right on your iDevice by combining Auto-walk, Routing using GPX, and this feature, which allows it to catch Pokémon and spin Pokestops automatically without requiring you to unlock the device. According to various sources, botting is dangerous because Niantic is more likely to detect and penalize botting than spoofing. However, reducing your ‘botting’ duration and walking speed can reduce the danger considerably. It won’t utilize any Berries and will just throw Pokéballs, much like the real Go-Tcha or Go Plus.

iPogo’s other distinctive feature is the ability to set item restrictions for each Pokémon GO item. By pushing a button, you may establish a maximum amount of each item and have the additional or undesired objects destroyed immediately. For those who wish to use the Go Plus emulation function, this is a terrific extra option. Simply make sure that everything is set to 0 except Pokéballs before pressing the button to empty your inventory. This is great for those who use the previously described botting strategy. You’ll have a lot of Pokéballs but nothing else.

Additional Features

  • For non-shiny Pokemon, iPogo enables you to bypass the capture animation, which is extremely handy in combat.
  • iPogo makes it easy to remove objects while jogging by allowing you to erase several items with a single click.
  • It’s basically a robotic Go-Plus that doesn’t need you to purchase a real one.

In addition to these benefits, the software developers are always working to enhance the application so that it is as simple to use as possible. Furthermore, while the beta version of iPogo is still functioning, you do not have to pay for it.

iPoGo Installation

There are various methods to obtain and install the iPogo program. Signulous or Sideloadly are two options for getting it. While Signulous is easy, it is not free, whilst the other alternative requires the usage of a Mac/Windows PC with iPogo installed every seven days since the certificate has been revoked.


The fastest and simplest way to receive the program is to go to and download it immediately. This technique enables you to download it from the App Store just like any other app. When iPogo’s certification is withdrawn, however, you won’t be able to play Pokémon GO until a new one is obtained, which isn’t straightforward while iPogo is offering a new certificate.

  1. Download the iPogo IPA on Safari (for iOS)
  2. Allow time for the installation to complete.
  3. Select “Send me to Profile Management” after it’s finished.
  4. Allow a pop-up notice to appear if this occurs; if so, click Allow.
  5. Choose the right profile and click “trust.”

iPoGo Installation using Singulous

Signulous is a signing platform for iOS and Apple TV. The iPogo software may be installed and used with Signulous fast and easily. Signulous will not stop you from playing Pokémon GO for as long as you like. The fact that it is a paid program is the primary downside. If you’re a gamer, though, the $19.99 per year isn’t a bad deal. You may install Ipogo via Singulous as follows:

  1. Visit Signulous by clicking here.
  2. Select the “iOS Code Signing” option when registering.
  3. Sign up using the dashboard.
  4. For your iOS device, create a new account.
  5. You’ll get an email with an activation link that you must click to confirm your account.
  6. Go to “Setup Device” under “My Devices” on your registered device.
  7. To link your account to your device, follow the steps to create a temporary account that iPogo may use.
  8. After you’ve set up your device, go to the dashboard.
  9. Find Ipogo in the App library and select “sign app,” then “install app.”
  10. In the App library, look for iPogo and install it by clicking “sign app” then “install app.”
  11. Play Pokémon GO as often as you want.

In 2022, the finest Pokémon GO iOS Spoofing will be iTools (Hardware).

Is it really feasible to spoof Pokémon GO without any special software or app modifications? You certainly can. You can fake in Pokémon GO using Bluetooth-connected smart devices like iTools, which eliminates the need for extra spoofing programs or customized Pokémon GO apps on iOS devices. As a consequence, it’s the safest way to impersonate an iPhone or iPad.

What’s the bad news, then? With a lightning adaptor, the gadget costs $79.99! That’s a huge money simply for playing your game at home! It makes perfect sense if you don’t want to worry about being banned or having to create new accounts every time. It’s a one-time expenditure.

If you don’t want to pay money, there are many of options on iPOGO for $20 per year (such as Singulous). Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your budget and use.

Additional information is available on the manufacturer’s website. The package will include all essential installation and operating instructions.

iSpoofer is a software that allows you to spy on other people’ (Does NOT work in 2022)

If you’ve been looking for an update on the iSpoofer It Isn’t Working, you’re among the dozens of Pokémon fans who’ve been waiting, desperately. However, there is bad news: we’ll never know whether it will or will not come our way. The app is still non-functional.

PokeGO++ (Not recommended in 2022)


Niantic is taking legal action against PokeGo++ and iSpoofer, alleging copyright infringement as the major charge. They might proclaim the banhammer to be utilized at any time. Many of you may remember the massive ban wave that happened in April 2018, when many users were banned for using PokeGo++.


It’s feasible to spoof in Pokémon GO without worry of being banned, whether you use a commercial software tool like Singulous or a hardware device like iTools. Keep in mind, though, that Niantic is continuously on the watch for cheaters and may decide to remove players at any time.

That’s all there is to it! On iOS devices, a detailed instruction on how to play Pokémon GO without ever leaving your home. We hope you enjoy capturing them all from the comfort of your own home, whether you utilize iPogo, iTools, or another way. Everyone, be safe and well!

Did a different solution that we didn’t mention work? Please tell us what occurred in a comment!

Playing Pokemon GO from home: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Niantic capable of detecting spoofers?

Although Niantic has not made an official remark on whether they can identify spoofers, many experts think they can. Spoofers, in my view, are not found by Niantic until unexpected user behavior occurs. To remain undiscovered, follow the cooldown chart above.

2. Provision.cpp:179 – Already Installed Application

To remove and reinstall the program, follow these instructions.

1) On your iOS device, go to the App Store.

2) In the bottom navigation bar, tap Updates.

3) Tap the Update button next to Pokémon GO in the Available Updates area.

4) If you see an error message saying “Error – Provision.cpp:179 – Application Already Installed,” hit View Apple ID and sign in if required.

5) Find Pokémon GO in the list of all installed programs by scrolling down.

6) To remove Pokémon GO, tap the X symbol next to it.

7) Go to the App Store and reinstall Pokémon GO.

3. Is Cydia Impactor compatible with iOS 15?

Yes! iOS15 devices are supported by Cydia Impactor.

4. Is Cydia Impactor Safe?

Cydia Impactor is a relatively safe program to use, however it does come with certain hazards. If you don’t have a legitimate Apple Developer account, for example, Cydia Impactor might lock or delete your device. Before you use Cydia Impactor, make a backup of your data.


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The “how to play pokemon go without walking 2021” is a tutorial that tells you how to play Pokémon GO without moving. The tutorial also includes the steps on how to get started with the game and what are the requirements for playing it.

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