How to Make Keyboard Bigger on iPad

The iPad comes with a 9.7-inch screen, but many people want to use it more like the original iPad’s 10.1 inches in size. This article will show you how to make your keyboard bigger on an Apple device by adjusting the Home button settings and providing some workarounds if there are none available for your device type.

The “how to make keyboard bigger on ipad pro” is a question that was asked by many iPad Pro users. The answer is to use the “Keyboard Size” setting in the General tab of the iPad Pro settings.

How to Make Keyboard Bigger on iPad

20 April 2022 Menon, Pradeep

How to Enlarge the iPad Keyboard

The iPad is a multifunctional gadget that is one of the most popular tablets on the market, if not the most popular. It is adaptable and adjustable enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of end-users. The keyboard, like other changeable elements, can be customized, and if you’re wondering how to make the keyboard larger on iPad, check out our instructions below!

This approach – place two fingers on the floating keyboard — is the fastest way to make the keyboard larger on the iPad. Then stretch your fingers apart to restore the full size of the keyboard. You may now type on a real keyboard as if you were using one.

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How to Enlarge the iPad Keyboard

So you can’t type anything on your iPad because the keyboard is too tiny, and you’re not sure why. It’s conceivable that you altered the keyboard size by mistake, or that a youngster did so while playing with your iPad. Don’t worry, it’s just as easy to change it back! Here’s how to restore the size of your iPad keyboard:

  1. To begin, open a browser on your iPad, such as Safari or Chrome. What we need is an app with a text area where you can activate the keyboard.
  2. Tap the address bar or any text field once your program has loaded.
  3. A little keyboard should now appear on your screen. All you have to do to return to the full layout is squeeze out two fingers on the keyboard and spread them apart. 
  4. This should restore the normal iPad keyboard layout to your little, floating keyboard.

How can I restore the full size of my iPad keyboard?

If your keyboard has reduced in size or is floating on your screen instead of docked to the bottom, it’s possible that you or someone else has modified the keyboard settings by mistake. However, there is a fast and simple cure for this; just follow these instructions or watch the video below.

  1. Open any app with a text field.
  2. Now press the text area to bring up your on-screen keyboard. 
  3. Place two fingers in the centre of your keyboard and stretch them out in a zoom-in motion if your keyboard is tiny. Your keyboard should now transition to the full layout.
  4. Simply press the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner of your right-side keyboard and pick Merge if your keyboard is divided up to various sides of your screen. This should unify your two-keyboard setup.
  5. If your keyboard is floating on your iPad screen, you can tap the earlier-mentioned keyboard icon and choose Dock & Merge instead of Dock.


We created a full essay on the split keyboard if you want to learn more! Learn more about the iPad split keyboard, including how to use it and how to turn it on or off.

iPad keyboard settings that may be customized

Even while the iPad’s keyboard is functional in its default state, let’s go over some of its adjustable choices, since some of them may improve your typing experience. Let’s take a look at some of the customisable options, which range from other keyboards to settings to time-saving shortcuts to easter eggs.

  • Spell-checker: Yes, the iPad has a built-in spelling assistance that indicates any mistakes you make while typing and provides the proper spelling when you touch on the word.
  • Predictive text: Once the AI learns your typing style and knows you better, predictive text may be frighteningly precise. You should see words come up at the top of your keyboard after it has established your patterns, saving you the time and effort of manually inputting each word. However, it may sometimes anticipate odd terms, so use with care!
  • Split keyboard: As previously said, a split keyboard may assist you in typing as if you were using a smartphone. When you don’t have access to a desk where you can put your iPad, this is beneficial. The split keyboard divides your conventional keyboard into two sections on the left and right sides of your screen, allowing you to text with your thumbs. Simply press the keyboard symbol in the bottom-right corner of your keyboard and choose Split to activate this feature.
  • Alternative keyboards: You can download and use third-party keyboards on your iPad from the App Store. Because they’re safe to use, they’re available on Apple’s App Store. SwiftKey, GBoard, and Grammarly are just a few examples of keyboards that can be a lot of fun to use since they all offer different themes and personalized functions. On Apple’s keyboard website, you may learn more about custom keyboards.
  • Text Replacement: One of our favorite features on our cellphones is text replacement, and the iPad, luckily, offers it as well. Text replacement enables you to enter shortcuts and have iPadOS replace them with lengthier words or a term of your choosing. For example, instead of typing ‘government,’ you may enter ‘gov,’ and the iPad keyboard will switch it for you. It’s useful when you need to enter a large term repeatedly and wish to save time.
  • Special characters: Many people are unaware that special characters may be typed on the iPad keyboard. Simply long-press the alphabets to reveal alphabets with diacritical markings, which you can then slide your finger to choose. To insert a degree symbol, for example, just press and hold the ‘0’ number key!
  • Dictation: Why manually type when you can simply tell your iPad what to type? That’s right, you have the option to use the voice-to-text feature on your keyboard, and from all our tests, it’s pretty accurate too! To activate it, in case it’s not already activated, simply navigate to Settings > General > Keyboards and toggle the switch next to ‘Enable Dictation.’
  • Slide to type: They say that once you get used to the slide-style of typing, you never go back! It didn’t work with us writers, but maybe it will work for you? The iPad supports this typing method, and you can enable it by going to Settings > General > Keyboards, where you can see a toggle button next to Slide to Type. Enabling this will let you slide from alphabet to alphabet and type instead of tapping each alphabet.
  • Auto-Correction, Enable Caps Lock, Smart Punctuation, Character Preview, and Emoji Stickers are some of the other options available on your keyboard.

You may also use a real keyboard and link it to your iPad over Bluetooth instead of using the on-screen keyboard. We also have a fantastic iPad keyboard buyer’s guide that should get you started!

How to Make Keyboard Shortcuts for the iPad

Let’s imagine you have a phrase or term that you often use in business or school-related emails, and typing it again is a hassle. You may build a shortcut for that term by typing it in shortened form and having the keyboard replace it with the full word. If you work in the car business and often enter ‘Anti-Lock Braking System,’ for example, you may create a shortcut under ‘ABS.’ Every time you enter ‘ABS,’ the keyboard will automatically replace it with ‘Anti-Lock Braking System.’

The following are the measures to take:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboards.
  2. Tap Text Replacement when you find it.
  3. To add a shortcut, click the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner of this area. It should be tapped.
  4. You’ll now see two text fields, one labeled Phrase and the other labeled Shortcut.
  5. In the ‘Phrase’ box, input the whole term you want to create a shortcut for — in our case, that would be ‘Anti-Lock Braking System.’
  6. Type ‘ABS’ in the Shortcut box now. Then, in the right-upper corner, press Save.
  7. Your keyboard will now substitute the words ‘Anti-Lock Braking System’ whenever you enter ‘ABS’ in emails, applications, or even browsers.

Change to a QWERTZ or AZERTY keyboard.

While QWERTY is the most prevalent keyboard layout, some individuals prefer the AZERTY or QWERTZ layouts, which are more widespread in Europe. Here’s how to switch from QWERTY to AZERTY or QWERTZ as the default English keyboard layout.

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboards.
  2. You should see English (US) and any other languages you’ve added under Keyboards.
  3. When you choose English (US), you’ll see three options: QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ.
  4. Select the layout that you want, and a checkmark should show next to it.
  5. The new layout should appear the next time you access your keyboard by touching a text box.

Why is my iPad’s keyboard so small?

It’s possible that you altered the size of your keyboard by mistake, since it’s quite easy to do with the improper motion of your hand. Simply push down on the keyboard with two fingers and spread them out like you’re zooming in on a picture to return to the regular full-size keyboard. This instructs the keyboard to revert to its original size. Similarly, pinching inwards will return you to the little version.

Why is my iPad’s Keyboard Split?

Many individuals like the split keyboard because it enables them to type with their thumbs, much as on a smartphone. If your iPad has a split keyboard, it was probably done by mistake when someone was using it. Look for the keyboard icon in the bottom right corner of the right section of your keyboard to return to the default layout. When you tap it, you should see a Merge option. Simply hit it to return to the big QWERTY form of your keyboard.


We hope our article answered your question on How to Enlarge the iPad Keyboard. After all, it’s a common issue, and there’s a chance that an accidental touch shrunk the keyboard to the small version! If you have any more questions about the keyboard or run into a similar issue while using your iPad, make sure you ping us, and we’ll definitely help you out in the comments section below!

The “ipad split keyboard” is a way to make the iPad’s keyboard bigger by splitting it into two.

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