How to Left Click on A Mac

The left mouse button is the primary action for a Mac.

There are a few ways to left click on a Mac. You can use the mouse, trackpad, or tap with two fingers. Read more in detail here: how to left click on a mac without a mouse.

How to Left Click on A Mac

If you’re seeking for instructions on how to left-click on a Mac, you’ve come to the right spot. 

Many people know how to left-click with their trackpad and mouse, but they don’t know how to adjust their settings or how to left-click with their keyboard. 

Fortunately, all of these operations are straightforward and simple to carry out. 

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On a Mac, how do you left click?

Go to the Apple Menu and pick System Preferences to left-click on a Mac. Then choose Accessibility, followed by Pointer Control. Enable Mouse Keys after selecting Alternate Control Methods. Select Trackpad or Mouse from Mac’s System Preferences to utilize a trackpad or mouse.

On a Mac, you can use the keyboard, a trackpad, or a wireless mouse to do left-clicking. 

Continue reading below to learn more about how to left-click on a Mac and to find out more about the issue. 

Use Keys

On a Mac, the first method to left-click is to use the keys on the keyboard. This, however, must be configured and is not an automatic function.

Despite the fact that it is not automated, it is still a simple operation that many Mac users are unaware of. 

Because utilizing keyboard keys is faster than using the trackpad or mouse, many Mac users choose to utilize this shortcut. 

All users have to do to left-click using keyboard keys is carry out the following procedure: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control > Alternate Control Methods > Enable Mouse Keys

Hover the pointer at the top of the screen to utilize keyboard keys. 

After that, the Menu Bar should display. The Apple logo will show in the upper left corner. 

After clicking on the Apple logo, proceed to System Preferences.

The second accessible choice should be System Preferences. Look for the Accessibility icon on the System Preferences page. 

This symbol should be in the upper-left corner of the screen. 

There will be a Pointer Control option on the lefthand side of the screen. 

It’s possible that users will have to scroll to see this option. Switch to Alternate Control Methods after clicking this. 

Enable Mouse Keys should be checked. 

When this option is chosen, the “I” button on the keyboard may be used to left-click. 

Alternatively, on a numeric keypad, hit the number 5 button to left-click. 

You may also change which key corresponds to left and right clicking in the settings.


Make use of a trackpad.

The trackpad is the second method to left-click on a Mac. The trackpad has several functionalities, including scrolling, zooming, rotating, and so on. 

A handy feature is the trackpad. You may buy a trackpad extender for your computer if you have an iMac.

Because MacBooks come pre-installed with trackpads, the most popular technique of left-clicking is using the trackpad. 

It is a fairly easy technique that does not need any further purchases. 

For users to left-click on a Mac using a Trackpad, all users have to do is carry out the following procedure: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Trackpad.

Hover the cursor over the top of the Mac screen to utilize the Trackpad. The Apple logo should display at the very left of the Menu Bar. 

After that, click the Apple logo and then the System Preferences icon. 

Trackpad is at the bottom of the selections when you enter System Preferences. 

This choice will be found in the middle of the screen, between the keyboard and the mouse. 

Clicking on Trackpad will display a wide variety of options. To left-click, make sure the Point & Click tab is open. Ensure the Tap to click box is unchecked. 

The Trackpad may be used to personalize left-clicking.

The amount of pressure required to pick up a left-click may be changed from Light to Medium to Firm. 

The quantity of noise created by the Mac is also affected by the pressure of the left click. Light clicking should be used if just a little amount of noise is desired. 

The Firm, on the other hand, will make the greatest noise. 

Firmly clicking the selection also emphasizes it, revealing its definition and other details.

Make Use of a Mouse

The third method of left-clicking is to utilize a mouse. Because of the Trackpad and everything it has to offer, a mouse is becoming less and less used. 

Using a mouse, on the other hand, is still ubiquitous, and many people prefer it over the Trackpad. 

If customers want to utilize a wired mouse, all they have to do is plug it into the Mac. 

A BlueTooth mouse, on the other hand, is far more prevalent since it does not need a cable, and many users like the new technology. 

Additional procedures are required to connect a BlueTooth mouse. 

Regardless, attaching a BlueTooth mouse, particularly an iMac Magic Mouse, is a straightforward procedure.

How to Left Click on Mac

For users to left-click on a Mac using a wireless mouse, all users have to do is carry out the following procedure: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Mouse.

Hover the cursor over the top of the Mac screen to utilize the wireless mouse. 

After that, the Menu Bar should display, with the Apple logo on the far left side of the screen. 

Wait for a display to show after pressing the Apple logo. 

System Preferences should be the second option, just below “About This Mac.” 

Select System Preferences from the drop-down menu, which will send the user to a screen with a variety of settings.

On the right-hand side of the screen, at the bottom, click the Mouse button. 

The Trackpad button should be right next to the Mouse button. 

After selecting the Mouse button, the Mac will begin looking for a Bluetooth mouse. 

“Wait for a Bluetooth mouse to be identified, or connect a USB mouse,” should show on the screen. 

If the Bluetooth mouse cannot be discovered, it is most likely because the mouse is either not charged or switched off. 

After you’ve taken into consideration these factors, try again until the mouse connects to the Mac. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you left click on a Mac without a mouse?

A: You can use the Apple key, which is located on your keyboard.

How do you right and left click on a Macbook?

A: If you are using a Macbook and want to right click, press the trackpad. On some devices this will be located on the keyboard instead of on the left side of your laptop. To scroll up or down in windows, use two fingers at once while holding them one each on either hands top corner.

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