How to Jailbreak PS4 Console [Step-by-Step Guide]

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak your PS4 Console. It’s not difficult, just follow the instructions in this article and your device will be unlocked within minutes!

The “how to jailbreak ps4 2020” is a step-by-step guide on how to jailbreak your PlayStation 4 console. It includes instructions for both the latest firmware and older versions of the PS4.

How to Jailbreak PS4 Console [Step-by-Step Guide]

The purpose of jailbreaking the PS4 is to expand its functionality and capacity. You may improve its functioning by performing specified instructions in a specific order. It’s usually incredibly tough to jailbreak a device just after it’s released. Jailbreaking becomes simpler as the gadget becomes older. Jailbreaking, on the other hand, eliminates the limitations and permissions that prevent you from installing games from a USB drive. To play the game you want, you’ll need to jailbreak the PS4 Original, Slim, or Pro console.


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The Advantages of Jailbreaking a PS4 Console

  • By jailbreaking your PS4, you can get games for free or at a much reduced cost.
  • Jailbreaking enables players to play PS2 and PS3 games on their PS4, something they would not be able to do otherwise.
  • Users may configure the ROM according to their preferences and use multiple modes and themes in games.
  • Without a Jailbreak, the PS4 system will not allow for ROM customisation.

Prison Breaking’s Drawbacks

  • The warranty on your PS4 system will be voided if you jailbreak it.
  • If you have any future difficulties, the Sony customer care center will not be able to assist you or give any assistance.
  • You won’t be able to install new games if you jailbreak your PS4, so you’ll have to wait till they’re pirated or find another means.
  • Online multiplayer games such as PUBG cannot be played on a PS4 that has been jailbroken.
  • Access to the PlayStation Network will also become more difficult.
  • After jailbreaking a PS4, you may be more likely to be blocked or banned.


It is difficult to jailbreak any of the most recent versions of software. Only a certain version of the PS4 may be jailbroken. A USB with 1 GB of empty space is required to jailbreak the PlayStation 4. Check to see whether your PS4 system can run custom software. You must also have any file extraction software, such as WinRAR.

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How to Jailbreak a PlayStation 4

[1] Switch to the home screen after turning on the PlayStation 4 system.

[2] Also, from the menu, click the Settings option.


[3] Then, under the Settings, choose System.


[4] Go to System Information and look at the system software to see whether it’s 7.55 or below.

[5] Update the firmware to 7.55 if the system software is less than 7.55. To Jailbreak the PlayStation 4, be sure to update it through USB with the latest firmware.

[6] Connect the USB Pendrive to the PC and use it to download the PS4 jailbreak custom firmware file.

[7] Then, using the extraction application, extract the downloaded file and transfer it to the root of the USB drive (FAT32 format).

[8] Plug the USB cable into the PS4 console and turn it on.

[9] Go to the console’s Settings and choose the System Update option.

[10] Locate the version and click Next at the bottom of the page.


[11] In the Settings menu, choose System and then Automatic Downloads.

[12] In the Network, click Set up Internet Connection and uncheck the boxes in the Automatic Downloads section.

[13] Select Custom and then IP Address Settings from the drop-down menu. Select Automatic.

[14] Select Manual from the DNS Settings menu. Provide both the primary and secondary DNS servers.

[15] In the Update options, choose Disable Updates and delete Browser History and Cookies.

[16] To finish the Jailbreak operation, launch the Payloads on the PS4.

How to Terminate a PlayStation Plus Subscription

The console is now running v3.50 CFW, a modified firmware that indicates the PS4 has been jailbroken. Users may not be able to claim a warranty if they have jailbroken their PS4. As a result, you must proceed with caution and only choose this choice if no other alternative is available.


How can you jailbreak a PS4 without a USB cable?

The modified firmware may be downloaded via the PS4 console’s web browser. After downloading the program, try installing it on your PS4 without using a USB pendrive to jailbreak it.

How can you unjailbreak your PS4?

The way to remove Jailbreak from the PS4 console is to initialize the device. Go to Settings >> Initialization >> Initialize PS4 >> Select Quick to retrieve PS4 from Jailbreak.

Is it against the law to jailbreak a PS4?

It is unlawful to download purchased games for free on a jailbroken PlayStation 4 since it breaches the warranty agreement.

The “ps4 jailbreak status” is a step-by-step guide on how to Jailbreak PS4 Console. This will show you the process of Jailbreaking and what it entails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I jailbreak my PS4?

A: Sure, Im just a guy.

What PS4 version can be jailbroken?

A: The PS4 version can be jailbroken. There are no official apps for the console, so it would require hacking into a firmware update to perform this action.

Can you chip a PS4?

A: Not all PS4s are easy to chip, but it is possible. However, before chipping your console you should contact Sony for more information on this process so they can help guide you through the steps.

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