How to Install Apps on the Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 is a smartwatch that uses the Tizen operating system. It comes equipped with Google Assistant and Samsung Pay integration, making it one of the best smartwatches on the market today. However, your phone will need to have Android 8.1 or higher in order for you to be able to download apps onto it.,

The “how to install apk on galaxy watch 4” is a guide on how to install apps on the Galaxy Watch 4.

How to Install Apps on the Galaxy Watch 4

One of the most notable features of the Galaxy Watch 4 Series is that it runs on the Wear OS 3 platform out of the box, marking Samsung’s return to the platform after a lengthy period with Tizen OS, which powers the majority of the company’s smartwatches. As a result, unlike Tizen OS, which had significant app limitations, you now have access to more of your favorite apps. The Galaxy Watch 4 series comes with the Google Playstore app installed, allowing you to install applications straight from the watch. You may also use the Galaxy Wearable app to install applications. This quick tutorial will teach you how to install applications on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Wi-Fi connectivity is available on both the Bluetooth and LTE variants of the Galaxy Watch 4. When a functional WiFi network is available, you may install applications independent of your phone, regardless of which model you possess. When there isn’t a WiFi network accessible, the Bluetooth model will need you to switch on your phone’s data connection in order to install applications. Meanwhile, since it has its own cellular network, the LTE model can install programs independently of your phone.

To use the Google Playstore, you’ll need an internet connection and a Google account. So you’ll need to set up WiFi and make sure the watch is linked to a Google account.

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Install WiFi on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

  1. Simply open the Settings app and tap on connections to set up WiFi.
  2. Toggle WiFi on by tapping it. This will look for WiFi networks that are available. From the list of available networks, choose the WiFi network you want to connect to and connect. If it’s password protected, enter the password. Under the linked WiFi network, you should see connected.

Create a Google Account on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 prompts you to establish a Google account during setup, but you may bypass this step. You may still add a Google account from the watch if you missed the procedure. To do so, follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. Open the settings app and scroll down to Account and backups, which you may touch to open.
  2. Then, scroll down and hit Google Accounts to access it. Continue scrolling down until you see Add account, which you should touch. You’ll be asked to add an account from your phone. So, to connect a Google account to the Galaxy Watch 4, follow the procedure on your phone.

Installing Apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Now that we have a functional WiFi network and a Google account linked to the Galaxy Watch 4, we can go on to the next step. Apps may now be installed on the watch.

    1. To access your applications, scroll up from the homescreen, select the Google Playstore app, and press it to launch it.


  1. You may search for your selected program using the search icon, or go to your favourite sector and look for the app you want to install. Install the program after selecting it. The app will be installed on the Galaxy Watch 4. In many situations, you’ll need to download a comparable app to your phone in order for it to operate on the watch. Simply go to Google Playstore on your phone and download the app.


Install applications from the Galaxy Wearable app.

The Galaxy Wearable app may also be used to install applications on the Galaxy Watch 4. To do this,

  • To discover Store, just launch the app and scroll down. It will take you right to the Google Playstore if you tap on it. You may now search for and pick the software you want to install. The watch will have the app installed.


How to Remove Apps from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

On the Galaxy Watch 4, uninstalling an app is a breeze. Apps may be removed directly from the watch or via the Galaxy Wearable app.

To delete an app from the Galaxy Watch 4, slide up from the homescreen and locate the app you want to remove. You should get an uninstall prompt if you tap and hold. Uninstalling the program from the watch is as simple as pressing the uninstall button.


Open the Galaxy Wearable app, select Watch settings, and press to open to delete applications from the Galaxy Watch 4. From the list, choose Apps and press it to launch it. All of the applications loaded on the Galaxy Watch 4 should be visible. Simply choose the program you want to remove from the list. Uninstall should be at the bottom of the screen; press it to remove it from the Galaxy Watch 4.


Some programs are installed by default and cannot be removed.

On the Galaxy Watch 4, here is how you install and delete applications. And props to Samsung’s One UI interface, which makes installing and uninstalling applications on the Galaxy Watch 4 a breeze.


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