How to Install and Watch AT&T TV on LG Smart TV? [Updated Guide]

This tutorial explains how to watch AT&T TV on an LG Smart, or any other brand of smart TV with a web browser. The process is exactly the same for both Android and Apple devices.

The “my watch app” is a free app that allows users to watch AT&T TV on their LG Smart TV. The app has been updated with the latest update, which provides a more user-friendly experience.

How to Install and Watch AT&T TV on LG Smart TV? [Updated Guide]

LG Smart TV with AT&T TV: If you’re an LG smart TV owner looking for the finest streaming service, you’ve come to the perfect spot. AT&T TV is, without a doubt, one of the greatest live TV streaming services. We’ll look at how to install the AT&T TV app on your LG smart TV in this post.

The most important thing to note is that AT&T TV has changed its name to DIRECTV STREAM. There is no need to be concerned. Despite the name change, the streaming quality will remain the same as before. Rather than drawbacks, the new DIRECTV STREAM app comes with a slew of additional capabilities that should improve streaming quality.

It also features an inexpensive inventory of adrenaline-pumping movies and programs. Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Let’s get started with the AT&T TV article and the techniques for getting it on an LG TV.

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What exactly is AT&T TV?


Simply said, AT&T TV is a popular live streaming service that has just been renamed DirecTV Stream. The new addition has been given appealing ideas. Without a doubt, the all-new DIRECTV service offers the streaming service without a cost or a commitment. You’ll be able to save money this way.

When it comes to the service, it provides high-quality live and on-demand multimedia streaming. It offers reasonable membership rates for the top local and international networks. You’ll receive 35 local and 30 foreign channels out of the 65 channels available.

AMC, Discovery, Disney, ViacomCBS, and Warner Media are among the channels available. Certainly, AT&T TV has the potential to be one of the most cost-effective alternatives to cable television. Continue reading to learn how to receive AT&T TV or DIRECTV STREAM on your LG Smart TV in the next section of this article. 

How-to-Install-and-Watch-ATT-TV-on-LG-SmartHow can I get AT&T TV to work on my LG Smart TV?

How can I use Android/iOS to install AT&TV on my LG Smart TV?

Actually, the AT&T TV is not available for download on the LG Smart TV. I understand how disappointing this would be. Because the LG Smart TV runs on a modified version of WebOS, AT&T TV and DirecTV are not supported.

The only method to get the appropriate app on your LG TV is to cast it. The instructions below will show you how to cast the AT&T TV app from your Android or iOS mobile to your LG Smart TV. 

Step 1:


On begin, download the AT&T TV or DirecTV Stream app from the Android/iOS app store to your smartphone.

Step 2:

Then, launch the app you just installed and log in with your account credentials.

Step 3:

From the UI, you may choose and play any of your favorite videos.

Step 4:

Ascertain that your LG TV and smartphone are both connected to the same Wifi network.

Step 5:

Now, in the upper right corner, click on the Cast symbol.

Step 6:

Your smartphone will begin looking for and displaying the available casting devices in your immediate vicinity.

Step 7:

Select the Chromecast device that is linked to your LG TV from the list of devices.

Step 8:

After a successful connection, the video from your smartphone will begin to stream on your LG Smart TV. 

How can I use a PC to install AT&TV on my LG Smart TV?

Don’t panic if you couldn’t use your smartphone to cast the AT&T TV app. Here’s another way to download the AT&T app on your LG TV using a PC. We’ll use the same Chromecast device for this option as well.

Connect your Chromecast device to your LG Smart TV’s HDMI port. Confirm that your PC and LG TV are both connected to the same Wifi network at the same time. Let’s move on to the techniques now. 

Step 1:

To begin, open your preferred browser on your computer.

Step 2:

Then go to AT&T TV or DirecTV Stream’s official website.

Step 3:

To log in using your account credentials, utilize the Register or Sign In options.

Step 4:

Tap the three-dotted menu symbol in the upper right corner after you’ve logged in.

Step 5:

From the drop-down menu, choose Cast.

Step 6:

Your computer will now look for available Chromecast devices.

Step 7:

Choose the PC from the search results and link it to your Chromecast device.

Step 8:

That is all there is to it. On your LG Smart TV, you may now watch AT&T TV or DirecTV Stream programming. 


Is AT&T TV supported by LG Smart TV?

No, there is an AT&T TV app that works with LG Smart TVs. The only way to get the app on your LG smart TV is to cast it. Chromecast or Apple Airplay are also options.

Is AT&T TV available for free?

AT&T TV, on the other hand, does not have a set contract or pricing schedule. However, in order to access the premium material, you must acquire the service’s subscription package.


We’ve arrived to the end of the article. The AT&T TV app may be installed on your LG Smart TV in the following manner. Unfortunately, LG Smart TV does not have a dedicated app.

However, the above-mentioned page details the many techniques for streaming AT&T TV or DirecTV programming. It might be one of the greatest applications for streaming your favorite movies, shows, or sports on an LG TV. 

The “watch app download” is a must-have for AT&T TV. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to install and watch AT&T TV on LG Smart TVs.

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