How to Google Reverse Image Search on Windows 11

Google reverse image search is a handy tool that can help you find pictures of whatever you’re looking for. If someone has submitted a photo to Google, or posted it on the internet somewhere, this tool can help you find what’s hiding behind their picture. However if your computer doesn’t have windows 10 installed yet, how do you use google reverse image search? This guide will walk through the process of finding images using Google’s excellent algorithm and scanning them with Windows’ built-in camera app.,

google image search is a search engine that allows people to find images and pictures on the internet. The “google image search” can be used to find reverse image searches on Windows 11.

How to Google Reverse Image Search on Windows 11

Google’s Reverse Picture Search, like its online search, is the most used image search engine on the planet. Instead than utilizing a written or spoken search phrase, Google reverse image search, also known as Google Search by Image, enables you to submit a snapshot or picture and search for contents and images connected to it.

In Windows 11, you may use to do a reverse image search in a web browser. You may submit a picture to the search engine page by clicking the browse button and selecting an image from your computer, or you can paste the image URL if it’s an online image that’s already been posted.


However, doing a On Windows 11, Google Reverse Image Search is available. without using a browser and manually uploading your picture is significantly simpler. You may add a “Search on Google Images” option to the context menu in Windows 11 to save time.

After that, you can instantly run a reverse image search on the Windows 11 desktop or File Explorer by right-clicking the image and selecting “Search on Google Images” from the context menu. Windows will then automatically access the Google reverse image search result in a browser, bypassing the process of manually opening Google Reverse Picture Search in a web browser and uploading the image to the image search box.


When you right-click an image, picture, or photo after adding the Search on Google Images option to the context menu in Windows 11, it appears like this.

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On Windows 11, Google Reverse Image Search is available.

Follow the instructions below to add the Google reverse image search option to the context menu in Windows 11 (only when you right-click a compatible image format file).

1. Go to the GitHub website for GoogleImageShell and download it. Look for the post tagged as Latest on the GitHub website, and then choose the executable file under Assets to download it.


2. Open GoogleImageShell.exe and run it. You may alter the context menu wording to whatever term you wish or keep it as “Search on Google Images” in the installation window. After it’s installed, this is the text that will display on the context menu.

  • When “include file name in search” is enabled, the file name will appear with the picture in the search query.
  • When “Resize huge photos before uploading” is activated, large images will be forced to be resized before being uploaded to the search engine.
  • When you enable “Install/uninstall for all users,” the “Search on Google Images” option will be added to the context menu for all user accounts in your Windows. This activity needs administrative access. If you deactivate Google Image Shell, the context menu option will only be installed for your current user account.
  • You may specify which file types you wish to add the context menu option to when right-clicking under the “Install/uninstall for these file kinds” section. JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP image formats are supported.
  • After you’ve made your selections, click Install to begin the installation process.


3. When the installation is finished, a notice will appear saying “Installation successful — Context menu items were added to Windows Explorer.”


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How to Use Windows 11’s Reverse Image Search

1. Select Show more choices from the right-click menu of any picture or image (in a compatible file type) on the desktop or in File Explorer once it has been installed.


2. Then, from the context menu, choose “Search on Google Images” to run a reverse image search on Google.


3. Windows 11 will then open your default web browser, upload the chosen picture to Google Search for Image (and shrink it if it’s too big and the resize option was selected during the installation previously), and provide the search result immediately.


Read this article to learn how to preview images and videos in Windows 11’s File Explorer.

In Windows 11, how can I remove “Search on Google Images” from the context menu?

Simply restart the GoogleImageShell.exe program to remove GoogleImageShell on Windows 11. Then, to remove it, click the uninstall button. The “Search on Google Images” option will vanish from the context menu if you restart your computer.


Use Google Lens on Chrome to do a reverse image search.

Though few people are aware of it, you can reverse search any online picture from any website using Google Chrome by right-clicking the image and selecting “Search image with Google Lens.” It’s suitable for a wide range of photos.


Chrome will launch a new tab on Google Lens with the chosen picture when you choose the search image using the Google Lens option. It will display a “Find picture source” button as well as a “Visual matches” section with comparable photos.


When you click the “Find picture source” button, Google Lens will attempt to locate the image’s source (similar to reverse image search) and immediately deliver the search result.


If you can’t right-click on the picture, right-click elsewhere on the page and choose “Search image with Google Lens.” Then, on the screen, drag any picture you wish to search with Google Lens over.


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The “what happened to search google for image” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer is that Google has removed the reverse image search feature from its website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search by image in Windows 11?

A: Right-click on an image, then click Search.

How do I turn on reverse image search on Google?

A: To turn on reverse image search, you can click the Im Feeling Lucky button in Googles main interface.

How do you reverse search an image on Google on PC?

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