How to Fix Kernal Driver Not Installed Error on Mac

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix the kernal driver error on your Mac. Kernel drivers manage hardware in a device and are required for proper functioning of software applications installed in them. Hardware devices may not function correctly without these drivers, which is why it’s important to always keep them updated with the latest version as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing any issues running certain apps or getting sound from particular speakers, make sure that they don’t require kernel (driver) updates before trying anything else.),

The “kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) mac big sur” is a problem that can occur on your Mac. If you are experiencing this error, then it is likely due to an outdated or incompatible kernal driver.

Virtual Machine (Oracle) (VM) VirtualBox allows you to run a virtual computer on any device, including Windows, macOS, and other well-known operating systems. When you attempt to install VirtualBox on macOS and utilize it by installing a virtual machine, you get the “Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)” error message.

The problem seems to be caused by a VirtualBox installation failure. It happens when you try to install VirtualBox on your computer. The issue is caused by the Oracle certificate being blocked by an operating system such as macOS. Apart from that, macOS disables the kernel extensions for VirtualBox during installation, resulting in the error notice. To resolve the issue, you must authorize the Oracle certificate to add it to the authorisation list. You may do so by granting VirtualBox the necessary rights.

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You may do this in a variety of ways. To begin, go to the System and Privacy settings in the system preferences menu and activate the certificate. Additionally, the Terminal may be used on the system to execute commands that load kernel extensions and run on the system. So, here are the most effective and tried-and-true methods for resolving the “Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) mac” issue.

Through System Preferences, you may enable Oracle Certificate.

The problem may be fixed using the system’s System Preferences menu. The error notice displays in system and privacy settings when macOS prevents kernel extensions from loading.

Although this error notice only lasts 30 minutes, if you continue to see it, remove VirtualBox from your machine. Remove the remaining files from the program and transfer it to the trash folder. After that, re-download the installer to install VirtualBox on your PC. If you don’t follow the steps below within 30 minutes after installing VirtualBox, the information will vanish from the screen, and you’ll have to start again. Also, using the System Preferences menu, enable the Oracle by following the procedures below:

  • Open the System Preferences program by tapping the Apple symbol in the top menu bar. From the drop-down menu, choose System Preferences.

Opening up System Preferences

  • When the System Preferences window appears, touch the Security and Privacy option.

Opening Security and Privacy through System Preferences

  • A notice displays in the General section of the Security and Privacy screen that says “System Software from developer ‘Oracle America, Inc.’ was banned from loading.” If you don’t see this, it indicates 30 minutes have gone and, as previously said, you must repeat the procedure. To be able to accomplish this, you must reinstall VirtualBox on your PC.
  • If there is a message there, press Allow.

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  • After that, restart VirtualBox and install the virtual machine to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Allow Kernel Extensions in VirtualBox through Terminal

The problem may be resolved by using a Terminal prompt command for tech-savvy and committed users. This will be done in the same method as before, using Terminal Window. Furthermore, since we will be using the Terminal, you will not need to reinstall VirtualBox as we did in the previous step.

To do this, we must first enter Recovery Mode. Recovery mode allows you to restore your Mac to its previous state and reinstall macOS, among other things. To do so, follow these guidelines:

  • To begin, restart the Mac by choosing Restart from the drop-down menu after pressing on the Apple symbol in the top menu bar.

restarting mac

  • Hold down the Command + R keys on the keyboard until the Apple logo shows on the screen, followed by a Mac restart.

Hold Down Command and R to Boot into Recovery Mode

  • The macOS utility window will display once the Mac enters Recovery Mode.
  • Select Terminal from the Utility drop-down option on the top menu bar.

Opening up Terminal in Recovery Mode

  • After you’ve opened the Terminal window, run the following command and press the Enter key.


  • The device should then be restarted. To do so, open a Terminal window and type the following command:


  • Alternatively, you may pick Restart from the drop-down menu by tapping the Apple logo on the top menu bar.

Recovery Mode

  • Open VirtualBox again once the device has booted up to see whether the fault has been fixed.

On a Mac, disable Secure Boot.

If none of the following remedies worked, the issue might be connected to the Secure Boot on BIOS setting. Secure Boot is a UEFI security feature (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). Secure Boot will safeguard your system from malware assaults and viruses after you’ve setup and activated it. It’s a security feature, but it might also cause issues on your smartphone with some of the apps you’re using.

So, turn it off on the system and see what happens. To do so, use the following information:

  • To begin, enter Recovery Mode as described above.
  • In Recovery mode, go to the top menu bar and choose Utilities.
  • From the drop-down option, choose Startup Security Utility.

Opening up Startup Security Utility

  • Select No Security from the Secure Boot prompt.

Disabling Secure Boot

  • Tap the Apple symbol in the menu bar after you’re finished. Now pick Restart to restart the device.

Recovery Mode

  • After that, launch VirtualBox and see whether the problem has been resolved.

If you are unable to deactivate secure boot from recovery, go to the BIOS settings and make the necessary changes.

The “virtualbox kernel driver not installed ubuntu” is a problem that many people have been experiencing for quite some time. There are many solutions to fix this issue, but the most common one is to install the virtualbox kernel-headers package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix VirtualBox error kernel driver not installed RC 1908 on Ubuntu?

A: This error can be fixed by running the following command in terminal.
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

How do I completely remove VirtualBox from my Mac?

A: Youll need to delete the app completely from your application folder and reinstall it. To uninstall, open up virtualbox in your applications list and press the red cross button that appears on top of the icon

How do I fix VirtualBox Modprobe Vboxdrv error?

A: This is a hard error to fix. I have provided some steps below which should get you somewhere, but this issue cannot be fixed without help from VirtualBoxs developers.
a. Try running sudo ln -s /dev/vboxdrv /usr/bin/ and then try re-starting the virtual machine again (if it still does not work after that, please report the bug on their website.)
b. If those dont work for you at all, open up a terminal window in Ubuntu and run sudo dpkg –configure -a . Assuming your package manager was installed correctly during installation of Ubuntu, an extra line will appear near the bottom saying VBoxLinuxPackages, click on it to see if any updates are available.
c. If none of these provide results for you either contact support or search online about how to do this manually by compiling and installing libgnomekbd first before trying options 1 or 2 above;

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