How to Clear the App Store Cache on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

The App Store may be slowing down your device, or even crashing completely. Here’s a guide on how to clear the cache of Apple apps and make things run more smoothly again.

The “how to clear app cache on ipad without deleting app” is a guide that explains how to clear the app store cache on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. This will fix many issues with apps not working properly.

If the App Store on your Mac or iOS device isn’t loading or updating correctly, there might be an issue with its cache. Clearing the cache is the proper answer. It should start operating correctly again after that.

We’ll show you how to remove the App Store cache on iPhone, iPad, and Mac in this post. This will not only free up memory on the device, but it will also resolve issues such as an erroneous Apple ID balance and others.

What exactly is a cache?

A cache is a storage location for transient files such as photos, web pages, and other data. The cache often includes duplicates of data that is saved elsewhere. On a web server, for example, or on external media. When an application requests data from the cache, it will be presented considerably more quickly than data acquired from the original source.

Caches are regularly used by programs and apps without your intervention. Safari is the most apparent example. When you open Safari and go to a website, the system checks to see whether the page has been cached for quicker loading.

Is there a cache in the App Store?

Safari sometimes fails to recognize that a web page has been updated and instead shows an outdated version from the cache. On a Mac, the same thing may happen with the App Store.

Fortunately, most App Store issues may be resolved by deleting the cache. These issues include include unavailable applications, outdated app sites, an erroneous Apple ID, and the App Store loading slowly.

How do I clear the cache in the Mac App Store?


You’ll need to utilize the “Terminal” and the Finder to remove the App Store cache. Your Mac’s cache is divided into two directories.

  1. On your Mac, open the Terminal application.
  2. Press Enter after typing the following: This will open a Finder window with files in $TMPDIR../C/
  3. Delete all of the files in the “” folder.
  4. From the Finder menu bar, choose Go > Go To Folder.
  5. Press Enter after pasting the following text: ~/Library/Caches/
  6. Delete the contents of the “fsCachedData” folder if it appears in the Finder window.

That’s all; the App Store cache has been erased. Don’t forget to take anything out of the garbage. All cache-related problems should now be resolved.

On the iPhone and iPad, how do you remove the App Store cache?

The iOS and iPadOS operating systems are more constrained than macOS, and system files cannot be deleted without a jailbreak. However, forcing the program to restart will assist.

  1. Swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen (devices with Face ID) or double-tapping the Home button will bring up the app switcher (devices with Touch ID).
  2. Swipe up the App Store card you found.

When you reopen the App Store, the most up-to-date information will be loaded. The App Store cache may be erased in previous versions of iOS by touching any tab in the app 10 times. This approach no longer works.

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The “ios clear app data” is a command-line tool that allows users to clear the App Store cache on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The cache can be found in the Library folder of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clear my Apple app Store cache?

A: In order to clear your app store cache, press and hold the power button on the side of your device until you see a small pop up menu with the word hold. From there select Power off then turn it back on.

How do I clear app cache on iPad?

A: To clear your app cache, go to settings and look for general.

Is there a way to clear app cache on iPhone?

A: Unfortunately, there is not a way to clear app cache on your iPhone. There are some apps that can wipe the cache from their game and they will be unable to download updates without going through this process again.

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