How to Chromecast Youtube to TV from Android, iOS, and PC? [Updated]

The Chromecast is a smart little device that allows you to stream video from your mobile device, or PC directly onto the TV.
The technology has been around for nearly six years now, and it’s still as popular as ever! You can find tons of tutorials online on how to use the Chromecast with different devices–Android phones, iOS devices (iPhones), Windows PCs.

The “chromecast youtube from pc” is a question that has been asked many times. This article will walk you through the process of how to Chromecast Youtube to TV from Android, iOS, and PC.

How to Chromecast Youtube to TV from Android, iOS, and PC? [Updated]

Chromecast Youtube to TV: Nowadays, the Internet can answer all of our questions. Youtube is one of the top video sites. If you wish to utilize Youtube, you must first check in using your Gmail account. Youtube allows you to watch and upload videos. We’ll look at how to cast YouTube to your smart TV in this article.

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Regarding Youtube

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Videos from YouTube have been embedded. YouTube allows you to search for any subject. You may also publish your own videos on your account, as well as all the videos generated by ordinary people like us. It’s simple to share. A video may be shared through email, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to share the videos. Android, iOS, PCs, and Smart TVs are all supported by Youtube. In this post, we’ll look at how to cast YouTube videos to your smart TV.

How can I cast Youtube videos to my TV using an Android or iOS device?

You may quickly mirror movies to your TV without requiring any connections. You may change the video, fast forward, or pause it using your phone as a controller.

chromecast youtubeYouTube to TV through Chromecast

Make sure your phone, computer, and television are all connected to the same wifi network. To mirror the video on the smart TV, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:

Open Youtube on your phone and tap the cast icon in the upper right corner.

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Step 2:

Select Chromecasting device after that.

Step 3:

If you are not already logged in to YouTube, click the confirm option. Alternatively, you may cancel and sign in to the App.

Step 4:

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Next, choose the video you wish to broadcast on television.

Step 5:

To see the video on your smart TV, press the play button.

Step 6:

Click the casting button and choose Disconnect to stop the casing.

How do I Chromecast YouTube videos to my TV from my PC?

Ensure that your PC and smart TV are connected to the same wifi network.

Step 1:

Go to YouTube using the Chrome web browser on your PC.

Step 2:

Choose a cast for your favorite video.

Step 3:

Select the device to cast to and wait for it to connect.

Step 4:

The video is now playing on your smart TV. Click cast and choose stop casting to disconnect the cast.


Can you use Chromecast to view YouTube?

To begin, make sure your phone or computer is connected to the same wifi network as your television. Then open the YouTube app, choose the video you want to cast, and pick it. You may now view videos on your smart television.

Why can’t I use my Chromecast to watch YouTube?

  1. Ensure that your mobile device and Casting device are connected to the same wifi network.
  2. Check the speed of your Internet connection.
  3. Make sure both devices are running the most recent software.
  4. Disconnect the cast and shut Youtube before reopening it and casting the video to your television.

Is Chromecast a monthly subscription service?

No, Chromecast is completely free to use. The videos are available in high definition on the Internet. However, if you want to watch Netflix, Hulu, or Hotstar, you will have to pay.

How can I use Chromecast to watch back-to-back videos?

On your phone, choose Add to TV Queue to watch numerous videos in a row. Any device that connects to your wifi connection may cast and add to the TV queue.


You may now watch videos on the large screen. I hope you find the information provided above to be more beneficial. Using the instructions above, you can cast YouTube to your smart TV.

You may shut your phone after casting YouTube to your TV. You may also use your phone as a controller to pause, rewind, or stop the movie.

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