How To Add Plex With Kodi

A lot of people enjoy using Kodi to watch movies and TV shows. However, if you’re like me, I sometimes feel that the interface makes it difficult for me to find something new or switch from one show to another. In this tutorial we’ll show you how easy it is to add Plex with Kodi

How To Add Plex With Kodi

on the 10th of December, 2021

The Plex addon for Kodi is a streaming media player with a beautiful user interface. It lets you watch free movies, watch live TV, organize your video collection, and much more.

A Kodi VPN establishes a secure and impenetrable connection to your internet network. While enabling you to browse, it protects you against viruses, malware, and spam.

You can access a lot of information on the internet by using Kodi. These apps provide a variety of alternatives for streaming pirated, copyrighted, and forbidden content when used with a VPN.


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How can I integrate Plex with Kodi?

Plex TV is created by Plex, Inc. It’s designed to be a simple client-server multimedia player. It also works on a number of other platforms. This applies to applications for Windows, Android, and other platforms. There is live TV as well as free movies on the TV side.

The Plex library browser in the Plex Kodi Addon is similar to the one in Kodi. It simplifies streaming using the Plex Kodi addon. You may also browse and play the stuff you desire. You may also make changes to the library! (For more information, see Kodi: Couldn’t Connect To Network Server.)

Plex Material organizes and streams video, music, and other media from your collections and online services to players with the most current Plex Media server.

You’ll learn how to install Kodi addons via the official Plex plugin and other sources in this tutorial. However, a VPN is necessary. The same reason you use Plex on Kodi applies here.

What are you looking for in a VPN service? You may use Plex for Kodi or another VPN service, such as NordVPN.


Plex’s Benefits

Plex on Kodi will provide you the finest streaming experience you’ve ever had with any other application. Plex’s features are responsible for this. The following are some of Plex’s characteristics:

  • It transforms streaming files to a format that your computer recognizes. If your smart TV isn’t capable of playing HD videos, it will downscale them to a lower quality. As a result, you may now stream without any problems!
  • Plex lets you manage and edit your media library in a variety of formats and styles.
  • Both smartphones and laptops can use the Plex player. As a result, it may be used on all of your devices.
  • With a single Plex subscription account, you may share your content with up to 100 other Plex users.
  • You can stream any video in any format using Plex on Kodi.

Plex on Kodi: Streaming Plex

Kodi is a media player that allows you to stream content from your computer’s library. Using a Plex library, streaming with Plex on Kodi is straightforward. You get a lot of customization options and premium features when you purchase a premium version of Kodi. All Amazon and Roku-branded devices are supported by this product. A monthly membership costs $4.99 per month, an annual subscription is $39.99-99 a year, and a lifetime subscription costs $149.99.

Plex Kodi Addon’s description

With the Plex Kodi Addon, you can now access your own library! It comes with a plex library browser! You can accomplish that simply touching a few buttons if it’s already loaded on your device! You may also synchronize your media with your database using your plex server. The Plex addon for Kodi is a fantastic way to cater to the demands of all users. The procedure for installing Kodi on Plex is straightforward. This tutorial will show you how to install the Plex addon on Kodi.

Plex on Kodi: How to Set It Up

Plex is easy to set up on Kodi. Plex is a Kodi add-on that may be found in the repository.

  1. Tap Add-ons on the left side panel of the Kodi Home screen.
  2. From the drop-down option, choose Install from Repository.
  3. Choose Kodi Add-on Repository from the list.
  4. Then click to Video Add-ons, and finally Plex.
  5. Install should be chosen.
  6. Choose OK.

(Optional: You may download an add-on browser icon for quicker access to your files when you install it.) To begin, click the plex icon.)

How to Setup and Use Plex Media Server with Kodi

  1. After the Plex addon has been installed, launch it on Kodi.
  2. Sign in by clicking the Sign In button. Choose ‘Create Account’ if you don’t already have a plex account.
  3. For a few minutes, hold your breath.
  4. Take a note of the code and visit
  5. Create a Plex account for free.
  6. Copy the code from the previous phases and paste it here.
  7. Your Plex account has been successfully connected to the Plex addon on Kodi.
  8. To receive the message, go back to Kodi and open the Plex plugin. There were no servers found.
  9. Re-enter your plex username and password at
  10. From the drop-down menu, choose My Account, then Download.
  11. To install the Plex Media Server on your device, click Download.
  12. When the setup has finished downloading, run it and choose Install.
  13. Wait a few more seconds.
  14. When you’re through with the setup, click Launch.
  15. It will automatically launch a web page in your browser. After that, click Sign In.
  16. Select the GOT IT! option.
  17. We don’t need to do anything with this, so click the Cross symbol.
  18. To continue, use the NEXT button.
  19. Activate the DONE button.
  20. FINISH SETUP should be selected.

Do you want to start using Kodi to watch movies and TV shows?

Here are the steps to getting started with Kodi streaming!

  1. Plex’s main screen will display. In the right corner, click the Settings button.
  2. Select Libraries from the Manage section of the left sidebar.
  3. Select a library type. Choose ‘Movies’ if you wish to watch movies.
  4. Select ADD LIBRARY from the Movies Folder on your device.
  5. Restart Kodi and click on the Plex Addon to launch it.
  6. Then go to the Movies section.
  7. Pick your favorite movie.
  8. To begin, press the Play button.
  9. Have fun with the Plex Kodi Addon and your first movie!

On Kodi Jarvis, how do you install the Plex Kodi addon?

  1. On your PC or mobile device, launch Kodi Media Player.
  2. From the Settings menu, choose Add-ons.
  3. From the drop-down option, choose Install from repository.
  4. After that, go to Video Add-ons and then Plex.
  5. Install > OK > Done Keep an eye out for a confirmation message.

Is using the Plex on Kodi add-on legal?

Yes. It is not illegal to install and use the plex Kodi add-on.


When using the Plex Kodi addon, is it required to use a VPN?

Using a VPN, such as IPVanish, while installing Kodi Plex addons or repositories is always suggested. A VPN will protect your privacy and anonymity when streaming using the plex kodi addon.

What’s the difference between a Kodi addon and a Kodi repository?

A repository is a file that contains a large number of plex on Kodi addons and other stuff for you to install. Installing plex on a Kodi addon or video addon typically necessitates first installing a repository. (Learn how to use Plex with a VPN.)

What distinguishes a Kodi addon from a Kodi build?

A Kodi build is a single-click installation of the greatest add-ons, repositories, and skins.


Plex is a Kodi add-on that lets you broadcast content from your own library. When you install Plex on Kodi, you can also play audio files. It has an audio player built in!

Video add-ons may also be installed. One of the reasons I installed Kodi in the first place is because of this. Plex premium now allows you to view live TV stations. (Find out How Do I Return To The Kodi Home Screen After Installing A Build.)

Among all the free streaming services, Plex has its own fanbase and clients. I hope this post answered your questions on how to install Plex on Kodi. Have fun streaming!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kodi work with Plex?

A: Yes, there is a plugin that will allow for this.

How do I set up PlexKodiConnect?

A: If you have a Plex Media Server, install the PlexKodiConnect app. If you do not yet have a media server setup, visit our wiki page on setting up your own at

How do I install Plex 2021 plugins?

A: To install the Plex plugins, click on Settings > Install Plugins. Then scroll down to find and select Plex for Windows/Android (the plugin is not available for Mac).