here are specifications and prices

The first company to publicly announce their intent to produce an ASIC for the mining of cryptocurrency is Innosilicon, with a release date set at some point in 2018. This announcement has caused a race among other companies who want to enter this new market and create their own version of the hardware that will power current Bitcoin miners.

The “google merchant center” is a web-based tool that allows users to view and manage their Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and other marketing data. The tool will also allow users to view the specifications and prices of products.

here are specifications and prices

HP unveiled its new and forthcoming gaming laptops, the Omen 16.1 and the Victus 15.4, during an ad hoc event in New York, featuring performance and thermal management enhancements. HP announces the Omen 16.1 and Victus 15.4 gaming notebooks: here are specifications and prices

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HP chose to conduct its own presentation, a few hours apart from Acer’s, in New York, where it unveiled a new pair of gaming laptops, including the HP Omen 16.1 for demanding gamers and runners, and the Victus 15.4 for emerging gamers.

The display of the HP Omen 16.1 (summer, from $ 1199.99) is a 16.1-inch IPS screen that is steady in QHD up to 165 Hz refresh rate, with 3 milliseconds reaction time and 100% scale coverage. sRGB: There’s also a TÜV Rheinlan Eyesafe-certified mode for blue light confinement, as well as a sensor to change the brightness automatically. Alternatively, a FullHD version with 144 Hz refresh rate (from 250/300 nits of brightness) or a FullHD version with 300 nits but only 60 Hz refresh rate may be used. The camera included can record at 720p.

The machine body, in Ceramic White (Intel) and Mica Silver (AMD), has a keyboard with single-key RGB illumination via LED, and is mostly unaltered from the previous iteration (customizable via Omen Gaming Hub Light Studio). The power is entrusted to Intel or AMD processors: in the first case, we arrive at the H series chips (also i9) of the 12th generation Intel, with the top of the GPUs in the form of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070 Ti with Max-Q design, while in the second case, we equip ourselves with the HZ series processors (up to a Ryzen 9 6900HX), with the paired dedicated GPU that can substantiate itself in

The maximum RAM (DDR5 4,800 MHz) is 32 GB, while the SSD storage (PCIe 4th gen) is 2 TB. In terms of the heat dissipation system, the company claims that adding a 4th air vent and a 5th copper heatpipe not only reduced temperatures (-3 percent on the CPU, – 14 percent on the SS) and noise (-5 percent), but also improved performance, which can be further improved by adding a thermopile IR sensor to the Omen Dynamic Power, which can detect load in real time working for GPU and CPU, and dynamically adjust the system.

Both models lack Thunderbolt 4 connection, although they do come with HDMI 2.1, USB Type-C (10 Gbps), and Wi-Fi 6E support. The 4-cell battery has a capacity of 70 Wh.

The Victus 15.4 (summer, from $ 799.99), designed in the colors blue performance, silver mica, and Ceramic White, employs a 15.4 “screen resolved in the best choice in FullHD with EyeSafe certified low blue light and up to 144 Hz, as always with the enhancements achieved by the Gaming Hub. In contrast, the keyboard has a regular backlight and always conceals Intel 12th gen or AMD processors: in the first instance, you can obtain an i7-12700H and, when a GPU is needed, an RTX 3050 Ti, while in the second situation, you can get a Ryzen 7 5800H with an RX 6500M GPU. The DDR4 RAM is slower (3200 MHz) than the Omen, while the SSD storage (PCIe Gen4) is half the size of the Omen and has a maximum capacity of 1 TB.

Also in the Victus 15.4 HP, the thermal characteristics were improved by enlarging (+ 146%) the front air intake and (+ 24%) the rear vent, resulting in an increase of (+ 7%) the air flow. air.

The “iphone 13” is a phone that has been released by Apple. It has specifications and prices.

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