Gifs: What Are They & the Top Tools to Create Them

Did you know that the GIF format was created in 1987 and is still used today? It’s a way to quickly visualize an action or idea without having to show multiple images, which could be distracting. The first GIF tool on the market came nearly ten years later in 1996, but since then there have been many more successful ones available for your use.

A “gif” is a moving image that typically consists of a series of still images, played in rapid succession to create the illusion of motion. Gifs are often used on the internet and in messaging apps as a way to add movement or express emotion. Read more in detail here: what is gifs in text.

Gifs: What Are They & the Top Tools to Create Them

There’s a new way to convey feelings on the internet. It’s a GIF that says it. Emojis or emoticons were formerly widely used to describe sentiments, but GIFs have now replaced them as the preferred format. The popularity of GIFs is shown by the fact that Giphy, the most popular GIF sharing website, has over 300 million daily visitors.

Even if you don’t understand what a GIF is, you’ve probably seen one. Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are just a few of the major social media sites where it may be found. But what exactly are GIFs?

GIFs are picture files in their most basic form. A GIF, like the PNG and JPEG formats, produces still images. The format does, however, include a unique feature that may be utilized for animated images. Because GIFs aren’t videos and don’t have sound, they’re termed animated images.

Your next inquiry is probably how to make GIFs, and here’s a list of options.

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1. Gifox

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When you can send a GIF instead of a text, there’s no need to explain things out. Gifox, a tool that stays in the Mac menu bar, may be used to produce GIFs. It’s a screen recording program that lets you make a GIF out of anything on your screen. You have the option of recording a window or the whole screen. Users may also customize the size of the recording window and omit or include whatever they like.

Gifox is one of the greatest programs for creating GIFs, but it only works on Macs. Read the instructions at for additional information on how to use the tool.

2. Meme Creator Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a well-known tool for making films and GIFs. Users may create and download memes from videos, photos, and GIFs using the meme creator. A watermark is not included in the final result.

To produce a GIF, you’ll need to import the movies or images you’ll require. The tool allows you to customize the font, color, text size, and placement of the caption. You may put the text on the outside or inside of the GIF. You may choose the format in which you want the GIF to be downloaded.

Giphy’s GIF Maker is number three.

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Giphy is one of the most popular and commonly used platforms for sharing and generating GIFs on the internet. Users may produce GIFs using their Gif Maker function, which allows them to import clips or movies from the Internet. To get started, drag and drop movies into the GIF Maker screen, set the start and finish times, add captions, and share with your friends or target audience. is number four. is a simple and user-friendly service for creating GIFs, video animations, and slideshows, as well as music. There is no need to sign up. Instead, go to the website and choose Upload Images or Video to GIF from the drop-down menu. Users may also use the tool to create animated avatars and symbols that can be shared across forums and platforms. You may rotate, resize, and reverse the creatives once they’ve been created to suit your requirements. If you have a flash player installed, the service is free and works across all web browsers.

Picasion No. 5

Picasion enables users to import movies and photos from sites such as Flickr, Picasa, and others. The application is accessible in four languages: Russian, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Picasion allows you to change the scale of the photographs and create humorous animations or avatars. Finally, without the use of Flash, publish the completed result on MySpace, Tumblr, Facebook, and other networks.

To use Picasion to make GIFs, go to the website in your web browser and upload the photographs you wish to utilize. After that, you must decide on the pace, size, and order. Finally, click the Create button to start making your GIF.

6. Convert the image to a GIF

Because a Mac-only GIF-making program has been listed on this list, it only makes sense to round out the list with Windows-only software. Screen to GIF is a Windows application that takes a unique method to creating GIFs.

Users may record activity via drawing boards, web cams, and their displays using the program. You may use these recordings to make GIFs, for example. Visit the website to get the utility for free. The program is compatible with Windows 7 and later.

The program has a strong editor as well as various built-in editing tools. While using the program, you may modify your GIFs or recordings from other sources. More than eighteen languages are supported by the program.

ImgFlip is number seven.

ImgFlip is an easy-to-use website for making animated GIFs. Users may select from a variety of photos and movies to make something visually pleasing and enticing. You may either paste the URL or upload the files and let the program do the rest.

If you need some ideas for your unique work, there are a few stunning GIFs on the website that you may look at.

8. Gickr

Gicker is a powerful GIF creator that allows you to produce animated GIFs in seconds. Upload photos directly from your device or from Picasa or Flickr.

Begin the process of making GIFs by uploading at least two photos and selecting the size you want. After that, choose your preferred pace and watch the spectacular animations come to life.

9. Canava


Facebook (

Canava is a popular GIF-making program that enables you to construct GIFs from the ground up. You may make your creations animated and even apply stickers to them. The program makes creating GIFs in a flash a breeze because to its simple drag-and-drop functionality. is number ten. is an online GIF maker that allows you to resize the complete GIF, crop the photographs, reverse the images, optimize the frames, change the pace, add text, and divide the GIF back into its original pictures, among other things. You may even turn your GIF into a monochrome, sepia, or grayscale image.


The tools described above are some of the most often used for creating GIFs. However, since new programs are continually appearing on the Internet, the list of GIF-making tools is never complete. You may start with these and then add to your collection as you go.

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GIFs are short, animated images that can be used in social media. They have become more popular over the years and there are many tools available to create them. Reference: what does gif mean in social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a GIF?

A: A GIF is a short animated video.

What is a GIF and how do you use it?

A: A GIF is a type of moving picture that has the text GIF before and after the image to identify it. It is created with an animated or looping series of frames, each displayed for a limited amount
of time so as not to exceed bandwidth limitations on the Internet. They are used primarily in WEB pages as well as email messages because they can be compressed using file formats like JPG without losing quality

What are GIFs bad for?

A: GIFs are bad for you.

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