Garmin Approach G80 Review | Golf GPS & Launch Monitor

The Garmin Approach G80 is a golf GPS and launch monitor that provides accurate yardage and swing information for your game. It has a large, clear display with easy-to-read stats and it comes with wristbands to track your heart rate, too.

The garmin approach g80 golf gps is a GPS device that can be used for golfing. The Garmin Approach G80 has been reviewed by the Golf Digest and has received 4 out of 5 stars.

The usage of launch monitors for golf has increased dramatically in recent years, and Garmin has combined all of the benefits of a launch monitor with a high-end GPS device with the Garmin Approach G80. Whether you want to improve your golf game by tracking statistics or participate in virtual tournaments against other golfers, this handy gadget has something for everyone.


With this in mind, what are the Garmin Approach G80’s outstanding features?

The Garmin Approach G80 has a number of additional capabilities, including the ability to monitor clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo, projected distance, and more. Practice mode and virtual round simulation are two helpful capabilities that come with the launch monitor technology.

In this Garmin Approach G80 review, we’ll go over every feature of the G80. From its appearance and battery life to a detailed examination of its features to the ins and outs of launch monitor technology, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn more about the Approach G80 and if it is worth the money.

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What Is the Garmin Approach G80, and How Does It Work?

If you’re trying to come up with the proper words to explain the Garmin Approach G80, you’re not alone. It’s a GPS gadget and a golf launch monitor wrapped into one. The Garmin G80 can be used as a warm-up device, tempo trainer, virtual round simulator, and much more.

If you have vision issues, the Approach G80 resembles a mobile phone with a 3.5-inch screen length and a handy large numbers mode. When not in use, the gadget is small enough to fit in your pocket when traveling.

The battery life of the Approach G80 is 15 hours, and you can simply connect it to your Garmin golf app for better and well-calibrated live score data.

The Garmin Approach G80 is preloaded with 41,000 courses in full-color course mapping technology from around the globe. This gadget also has a variety of practice modes and games where you may load courses onto the launch monitor and play around with them according to your preferences.

Additional features include distance plays and a pinpointer function, both of which are very helpful on the course if you have a blind shot.

The performance monitoring features of the Approach G80, however, are what really set it apart.

The Garmin Approach G80 has built-in radar technology that provides clubhead speed, ball speed, swing tempo, ball speed smash factor swing capture, and a distance estimate if you have a clear line of GPS capture between the device behind you and your swing.

Setup Instructions for the Garmin Approach G80

Powering on the G80 and exploring all of the device’s capabilities, which we describe below, are the first steps in getting it ready for usage.

The gadget’s primary setup, however, is properly connecting the device with the Garmin Golf app.

All you’ll need is your Approach G80 and a smartphone to accomplish this. Begin by downloading the Garmin Golf app and then opening it after it has been loaded.

Sign in with your Garmin account or create one by following the instructions. Then choose add Garmin devices from the settings menu. Select the Approach G80 and ensure that settings and Bluetooth are selected on the device. Select the option to connect your device with your Garmin Golf app after this is completed.

Your Garmin Approach G80 is now ready to use.


The Garmin Approach G80 has a number of features.

Any Garmin Approach G80 review will need to devote an entire section to the incredible features that come included with this device. The Approach G80 is definitely worth its price in terms of features, from the ball, speed smash factor or smash factor swing tempo, and club head speed, to the launch monitor capabilities and battery life.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that stick out.

GPS That Loads Quickly

The GPS on the Garmin Approach G80 is very accurate. You can really change the location of the pin on a map. The GPS also allows you to specify how far into the green the pin should be, as well as whether the pin should be at the front, center, or left, and even alter the pin depending on what you see in front of you.

Overall, this enables you to be very exact with your yardages, and the precision is astoundingly accurate.

Of course, this may vary greatly depending on the course you are playing on, since many courses will utilize the center green in addition to the current pin location. The precision of the GPS of the Garmin Approach G80, on the other hand, significantly reduces these uncertainties and inconsistencies.

There’s also a function called plays-like distance that lets you obtain the entire exact distance, including any elevation changes. If the pin is above or below you, for example, the G80 will give you a distance in terms of how it plays.

Factor of Form

Despite its phone-like appearance, the G80 is a compact device. You may simply carry the gadget in your pocket or clip it to your belt, cart, or any other attachment of your choosing with one of the supplied attachment attachments.

The screen is very bright, especially in direct sunlight, something any golfer would enjoy when the sun is shining. When you are in places where the light is not as bright, the screen automatically dim to save power and minimize glare.

Even from a long distance, the screen is easy to read, and when the device is set to large numbers mode, this is especially helpful for recording shot distances.

Two buttons are located on the side of the Garmin Approach G80. If you’re out playing and want to keep the device in your pocket without losing any of the info on the screen, press the top button to lock the screen.

The bottom button activates the warm-up mode, which is used to monitor the ball and calculate carrying factors.

Overall, the G80 is a compact and user-friendly device. The gadget is designed to be placed on top of a golf ball to make capturing extra features easier.

Monitor the launch

In terms of measuring swing lengths and club head speed, launch monitors are among the finest GPS gold gadgets. The Approach G80 is a launch monitor, and this function unlocks a slew of valuable data analysis tools to aid in your game improvement.

The launch monitor function is located on the G80’s side panel, and you’ll need to put the gadget on top of a golf ball to keep it stable and in rhythm with your swing speed.

The launch monitor basically records your smashes and swings via anticipated carry, carrying, and roll, so if your ball traveled a particular distance and then rolled out farther, it’s all recorded and stored in the Garmin Golf app.

The launch monitor also displays club head speed, ball speed smash factor swing, and smash factor swing tempo.

On the G80, you may launch into the launch monitor at any moment. If you’re playing GPS distance, for example, you may jump straight into the launch monitor without interrupting your game.

The launch monitor function may be utilized almost everywhere.

Round of the Internet

The G80’s virtual round function is a lot of fun. You may select between tournament round and course mode after you’ve entered the simulated round.

The tournament function essentially enables you to compete against a large number of other players on a course set by the device. When you have enough people and are ready to spend some time competing, this is a great option to attempt.

You may select between one or more players in course mode. Once you’ve selected course mode, touch one player if you’re playing alone, and then search nearby for a list of local courses, or pick from 41,000 courses to start a game.

When you begin the round, all you are doing is playing the distance; this is accomplished by placing the gadget to your side on top of a golfball and allowing it to detect the distance you are striking the ball.

The gadget then offers you one, two, or three putts depending on how near you get to the pin, and you are provided data reflecting how many strokes it takes according on how close you go to the hole.

Basically, every route that can be found using GPS is accessible on the gadget.

This, in my opinion, is excellent for the range. It enables you to fully practice the course you’ve chosen. You can hit your drive from the first tee, or if the distance is going to be less than that, you can always whack an iron to get a feel for the course.

Tournament mode is also a lot of fun to play with friends or even strangers.

In a typical range session when you’re simply striking, any of these chosen settings may help break up the boredom.

Mode of Practice

The target practice function has to be one of the most popular features on the Approach G80, and one of the highlights of every Garmin Approach G80 review.

Target practice mode is intended for 1-2 people and is essentially a game that enables you to play into specified targets that are defined by distances on your own or against another player.

The lengths may be adjusted anywhere between 50 and 70 feet or 100 feet, depending on how far you want to go. You may either enter custom distances, which enables you to enter whatever distance you desire, or you can choose from a list of pre-programmed lengths in the device.

Once you’ve chosen your distances and started the game, each participant has five tries at the chosen distance, with points given depending on how near they get to the objective.

After you’ve completed all of the distances, you’ll be given a total number of points, and if you’re playing against someone else or attempting to break a prior record, you’ll be given a point total to compare your current and past scores.

Target practice may be very helpful, and it can even help you improve your irons and wedges, as well as any other statistics you feel you need to improve.

Life of the Batteries

From a single full charge, the Approach G80 has a battery life of approximately 15 hours. You can get a full day of golfing and then some out of one full charge on the Garmin Approach G80, whether you take it outdoors for several sessions, play inside for hours on end, or switch it on and off constantly.

As you strive to enhance your game, you don’t have to be concerned about battery life.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Garmin Approach G80


  • Features With a 3.5” sunlight-readable touchscreen display and a compact design, you can access radar quickly.
  • The clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo, and projected distance are all tracked by the integrated launch monitor.
  • More than 41,000 comprehensive color golf course maps from across the globe are preloaded.
  • Practice and game modes enable you to put your abilities to the test while also helping you to better your game.
  • With GPS, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 15 hours.


  • Overheating is a problem for you.
  • Without the appropriate course maps, GPS variations may be distorted.


What is the accuracy of the Garmin Approach G80?

The GPS on the Approach G80 is extremely precise, recording data with only minor distance differences, usually just a few digits off, if at all. The approximated carry function regularly produces perfectly correct recordings.

Is the Garmin Approach G80 suitable for use indoors?

Yes, you can use your G80 inside, and doing so is a popular activity for people who want to take use of the device’s virtual round capabilities. You obtain the most accurate readings inside, be sure to properly position the launch monitor onto a golf ball and situate it with a good view of you and your swing.

Is a subscription required for the Garmin Approach G80?

Unlike gadgets like SkyCaddie, the Approach G80 does not need a subscription in order to use all of the device’s capabilities.

Is it possible to use the Garmin Approach G80 without a ball?

Yes, some of the G80’s functions may be accessed without the use of a ball. Without using a ball, you can obtain precise statistics from club head speed and swing tempo.

Is there a launch monitor in the Garmin Approach G80?

Yes, the Approach G80 is a GPS golf gadget that also functions as a launch monitor. You may use the launch monitor whenever you want, and it will not interfere with any game you are currently working on.

Is the Garmin Approach G80 capable of measuring swing speed?

Yes, the Approach G80 is capable of determining swing speed.

What method does the Garmin Approach G80 use to determine swing tempo?

The G80 employs radar technology to precisely measure and record swing tempo distances at short and long ranges.

Summary of the Approach G80 Review

The Garmin Approach G80 is one of the most popular golfing handhelds in the area of launch monitors, owing to its extensive feature set. The GPS, accessibility to the launch monitor, and general features are all excellent.

This device is definitely worth its hefty price tag, whether you want to play a convenient simulated round that enables you to compete and participate in a tournament or target practice that lets you to improve on various aspects of your game for short and long drives.

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Does the Garmin G80 have slope?

The Garmin G80 does not have a slope option, but it has a tilt-only option.

Does Garmin track golf?

Unfortunately, Garmin does not track golf.

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