Fix Microsoft IPP Class Driver Windows 11 No Color

Microsoft has recently released a Windows update that is causing the color of your display to go black. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take before seeking help from Microsoft Support.

The “microsoft ipp class driver windows 10 download” is a tool that allows users to fix the Microsoft IPP Class Driver Windows 11 No Color. The tool can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Fix Microsoft IPP Class Driver Windows 11 No Color

When no alternative printer driver is available, Windows 11 installs the Microsoft IPP Class Driver as the default printer driver. The Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) driver enables communication between the computer/mobile device and the printer/printer server.

You must reinstall the printer driver if the Microsoft IPP Class driver is not functioning or is printing gray/monochrome instead of full colors. You must uninstall and reinstall the existing printer driver.


  • 3. Click the arrow next to the option to make your printers visible.
  • 4. Select HP Envy Photo 7800 from the list of printers. For example, in my situation, the Ricoh SP 111. Toggle the arrow.
  • 5. Select “Printer properties” from the menu. A new window will appear. A common control panel component.
  • 6. Select the “Advanced” option.


  • 7. Select your printer from the “Driver” field/list (the default Microsoft printer will display “Microsoft IPP Class Driver”).
  • 8. Select “Ports” from the drop-down menu.


  • 9. Select the proper port for your printer from the entry list. My computer, for example, has a USB001 port since it is linked through USB. If you’re linked through mobile, yours might be wireless. (If the Microsoft IPP Class Driver driver is chosen, it will display “WSD-… IPP Port”).
  • 10. In the bottom right corner, click the “Apply” button, then leave.

Your issue should now be resolved. The problem may be resolved by replacing the Microsoft IPP Class Driver with the HP Envy Photo driver and using the right port.

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3rd Option

Remove and reinstall the existing printer driver.

If your printer is a Brother MFC-J5720DW that was previously installed in Windows 10, for example. It’s possible that upgrading to Windows 11 won’t work right away. You must now delete the existing drivers before using the same or another printer. (which were compatible with Windows 10)

  1. Go To Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & Scanners >
  2. Select Remove.


This may or may not delete the present printer drivers. To remove it, you may use the Device Manager or the troubleshooter.

Then you can add the new printer in Bluetooth & devices > Printers & Scanners > Add device. Generally most printers provide automatic install, just like the Smart App of HP. Otherwise, you can install it manually.


Your present printer and Windows 11 machine may then be turned off. Restart your computer before turning on your printer. You should be able to print effortlessly if all drivers are appropriately loaded.

Solution number four

This is the simplest way to determine whether your printer fault has been resolved.

Go to the Bluetooth & Devices > Printers & Scanners and see the option.

Allow Windows to manage my primary printer. Turn off the option.

In certain circumstances, it should resolve the printer driver problem.

The “microsoft ipp class driver update” is a problem that Windows users have been experiencing for some time. Microsoft released an update to fix the issue.

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