El Señor De Los Cielos Season 8 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

El Señor De Los Cielos Season 8 has been in production since the show first aired back in 2007. The series will be concluding its run on December 21st, 2018 and it is hard to imagine that there won’t be any more seasons coming after this one. However, the finale still left a lot of questions unanswered that fans want answered before moving on with their lives.

The “lord of the skies season 8 release date” is a show on Netflix. The show follows the story of a Mexican drug lord, El Señor De Los Cielos. The series has completed its eighth season and will be returning in 2019.

El Señor De Los Cielos Season 8 Release Date, Plot, Cast and More

Despite the fact that Telemundo has yet to approve the completion of “The Lord of the Heavens’” eighth season, it looks that the Casillas’ narrative will be resumed on television very soon.

This option must be taken in light of Amado’s tremendous poisoning in previous installments.

The show’s producer, Mariana Iskandaran, told The Opinion in October 2019 that “dare I say yes” to an eighth season of “The Lord of the Heavens.”

El Señor De Los Cielos Season 8

He said that “nothing could make me more proud than an eighth season.” Even after Rafael Amaya’s return in December 2020, after his rehabilitation from his addictions, the chain has yet to issue a remark.

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‘El Seor de los Cielos’: A Brief Description

Amado Carrillo Fuentes, one of history’s most renowned drug traffickers, is brought to life in “El Seor de los Cielos,” which translates to “Lord of the Skies.”

While its fictitious nature, the program captures the spirit of Mexican drug lord activities despite not being based on real occurrences.

Rafael Amaya has been cast in the titular role of ‘The Lord of the Sky,’ the Juarez Cartel lord known as Aurelio Casillas.

He is accused of flying a large quantity of cocaine into the United States on a Boeing 727 jet aircraft.

Who are the ‘El Seor de los Cielos’ creators?

Luis Zelkowicz and Mariano Calasso devised the Spanish-language program based on concepts provided by Andrés López and Mariano Calasso.

‘El Seor de los Cielos’ debuted on Telemundo on April 15, 2013. The program received a positive response from fans and reviewers throughout its first season.

With 3.6 million viewers, the season finale was praised as the network’s highest-rated show ever.

It was conceived as a telenovela, or a short-lived television show. The program created seven seasons due to its enormous popularity.

What Attracts You to This Series?

For its slick editing, fantastic costume design, exceptional performances (especially by the main actor), and engaging plot, the multi-award-winning drama has been likened to ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Wire.’

In recent seasons, ‘El Seor de los Cielos’ has been criticized for being tedious.

Telemundo decided to cancel the program after seven seasons, despite the fact that it had been a huge hit.

As a result, you may be wondering what happened to “El Seor de los Cielos” and whether or not a season 8 will be produced. Find out right now.

Cancelled or renewed for season 8 of El Seor de los Cielos?

From October 14, 2019, through January 31, 2020, when the last season of ‘El Seor de los Cielos’ ended, it broadcast 75 episodes.

Every episode will be shown on Telemundo. Here’s all we currently know about the forthcoming season.

On May 10th, 2018, Telemundo announced that the show’s seventh season will be its last. Iván Arana, who plays Ismael Casillas on the program, turned to Instagram to express his disappointment over the cancellation.

In the captions, he added, “It was a real joy to have been a part of this narrative.” “Thank you very much.”

The Reason for the Season 8 Cancellation of El Seor de los Cielos

The program was canceled because of a significant drop in viewer numbers during the previous several seasons.

The fact that the show’s series finale only got 1.2 million viewers, less than half of the season 1 numbers, supports this thesis.

The eighth season of ‘El Seor de los Cielos’ has unfortunately been canceled. The series ending, which was hurried and strange, upset viewers even more.

As a consequence, the fans will be dealt a double blow. It’s useless to anticipate a comeback at this point unless the program has a surprise up its sleeve.

However, at this time, this is a long way off. Until further notice, you may catch up on the show’s repeats or the spin-off, ‘El Chema.’

Season 8 of “The Lord of the Skies” actors and characters

Telemundo He hasn’t confirmed that some of these actors would return in a future season of the narcoseries.

In the play, Robinson Daz is a character. “El Cabo” is a place in Mexico. “El Cabo” Miltón Jiménez

Carmen is her name. Rutila Casillas is her name.

Alberto Guerra portrays the character. “Chema” José Mara Venegas Hernandez

Ninel Conde is currently performing. Evelina

Iván Arana is an accomplished musician. Guerra, Ismael Casillas (performer)

Alejandro López Super Javi does a performance.

Isabella Castillo is an actress and singer. Diana’s Assumption of Responsibility for Action

Matias Novoa performs. Amado Leal plays the part of ‘Aguila Azul.’

As an interpreter, Guy Ecker takes on the character of Joe Navarro.

Aurelio Casillas died in the seventh season of the program.

Actor Aurelio Casillas died during the seventh season of “The Lord of the Skies.”

When Will Season 8 of “Lord of the Skies” Air?

The ninth season of “The Lord of the Heavens” has begun. No further episodes will be produced until at least 2021 or 2022, since the show’s creator Luis Zelkowicz is working on another project.

Will There Be a Spin-Off for “The Lord of the Skies”?

Making a sequel to “The Lord of the Sky” is the only way to find out. According to People in Spanish, no one at Telemundo, including the show’s longstanding star Isabella Castillo, appeared bothered by the idea.

“I repeat the same thing,” Diana Ahumada’s Cuban translator said in an Instagram live broadcast when one of her fans requested a Casillas spin-off.

The actress, 25, invited viewers to write to the network, although it’s worth noting that this season of “The Lord Of The Skies” was the least popular and divisive of the saga’s three seasons.


Since the infamous Pablo Escobar, Aurelio Casillas has established himself as Mexico’s wealthiest and most powerful kingpin.

Because of his ruthless ambition and animal-like instincts, he is known as El Seor de los Cielos. He has a fleet of drug-smuggling aircraft that he exploits to fool both law enforcement and cartel rivals (The Lord of the Skies).

El Señor De Los Cielos Season 8 is set to release on October 12, 2018. The show will continue following the life of drug lord El Chapo. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Reference: el señor de los cielos season 8 cast.

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