Document360 Review And Compared With WordPress

Document360 is a WordPress plugin that helps to create 360-degree panoramas and VR experiences for your website. With the help of Document360, you can easily create immersive content with minimal work using powerful toolsets which are easy to discover. This article shares some insights on how it compares with other similar themes like Genesis Theme and WPML.

Document360 is a platform that allows users to create and manage websites. WordPress knowledge base examples are the tools that allow users to create content for their website.

Document360 Review And Compared With WordPress


Document360 is a knowledge base building platform that assists you in creating a customer and staff self-service portal. Consider it your one-stop SaaS knowledge base platform for software product and project documentation.  

By creating a public-facing knowledge base, it is easier to respond to customer questions. Typically, you’d write articles about the questions and use Document360’s sophisticated search engine to get answers to your questions.

Documentation managers may save several versions of articles for internal usage, allowing them to restore material to any version in the event of an unexpected change. Administrators may configure different components, such as the page title, article tags, and featured image, to create an SEO-friendly knowledge base.

Documentation provides six levels of information classification, with the ability to modify current categories. Its security access function safeguards material against unwanted access and changes. This is accomplished by concealing categories and assigning each team member user access rights.

The setup of Document360 is straightforward, even for non-technical users, and this is one of the reasons it has become one of the top knowledge base software. It also includes all of the features required for content creators and customer care representatives.

Signing up for an account in Document360 is the first step in creating a knowledge base. This platform is completely web-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a mobile device.

With Document360, you can also use editing tools to add images/videos to text, exchange code snippets, make tables, insert hyperlinks, and create interactive documents. Additionally, there is a comprehensive security feature that allows you to backup and restore your data, export/import documents to/from local devices, and much more.

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The Advantages of Using Document360

  • If you’re searching for a simple approach to manage and organize your knowledge base, Document360 is an excellent choice.
  • Make use of Document360’s Markdown Editor, which allows you to quickly create and amend content.
  • Auto-suggestions may help users find what they’re looking for faster. When you type a question into the search bar, the system offers auto-suggestions to help you find particular information quickly.
  • It allows you to construct private and public knowledge bases, allowing you to divide the knowledge base between internal teams and consumers. 
  • You may gather extensive feedback from the team and readers in a qualitative way in addition to the user statistics. You receive search and user metrics with Document360, which give information on all search queries, even failed ones. The analytics tool offers your team with helpful facts like the number of articles providing the most-read material, the most recent activity, the most searched term/terms, and so on, from the users’ perspective.

Highlights from the Document360 Review

This tool, like other knowledge management platforms, offers you with a variety of capabilities. However, in our Document360 review, we’ll focus on the features that provide significant value to consumers.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of the Document360 bundle that set it apart from the competition.

#1. Create a unique landing page

Document360 is the appropriate choice for you if you want a knowledge base that helps you fit your brand identity. It includes the Homepage Builder, which allows you to customize the homepage of your knowledge base to match your company’s logo.

It may be used to establish a knowledge base that matches colors, adds categories, and inserts icons/logos to ensure that communication is consistent.


You may also conceal your homepage and send them to your documentation. The homepage header, on the other hand, is one part of your knowledge base that you cannot remove or modify. For your knowledge base, it offers a title, a tag line, customisable links, and a powerful search engine.

When it comes to searching, Document360’s search tool is up to pace. Make advantage of its auto-suggestions for search phrases as users put them in, and keep note of queries that don’t provide any results.

#2. Markdown and WYSIWYG editors

The Markdown editor, which enables you to generate your documentation and preview it before publishing it, is another feature of Document360.


If you don’t want to write your articles in Markdown, you may use its WYSIWYG editor, which is similar to Microsoft Word. This allows you to see how your material will look in the final product before it is published.

Your word document may include some documents. You may now copy and paste content from the Word document directly into the Document360 editor. You may also insert images, files, code snippets, and internal notes into your article. It also enables you to import from Microsoft Word.

Once you’re satisfied that your material is ready to go online, use the publish button in the editor. Another useful feature is that when editing, the article will be automatically locked to prevent unauthorized modification conflicts.

If you’re making changes to an existing (live) article that’s open to the public, make advantage of the public status indicator, which informs readers about the changes you’re making.

#3. Localization of content



We’d like to highlight Document360’s translation tools for building a multilingual knowledge base. Document360’s material may be translated into various languages, which is a significant advantage over its rivals. Using this tool allows you to make your paper available to a wider range of people throughout the globe.

By offering a knowledge base in a client’s local language, you will ultimately profit from customer retention and lower churn.

Navigate to the settings to access the language control settings, choose Project Admin, and click on Localization & Versions. This will help you convert your knowledge base into a foreign language. Make your selection by clicking on the edit symbol and selecting your new language from the drop-down menu displaying the languages list.

You can use Document360’s machine translation service to have your text translated from its native language into the language of your choice.

#4. Audience and content analytics

Document360 includes a comprehensive set of knowledge base analytics. This is a beneficial feature since it allows you to understand more about how your visitors engage with your knowledge base and how effective your information is.


The following are some of the most important components of Document360 analytics:

  • Track content performance by learning about the author, category, and article’s views, engagement, and other indicators. 
  • To gain a better understanding of consumer interaction, identify your target based on demographics such as area, age, gender, and so on.
  • Access search analytics such as which users search the most, which results match the search queries, the proportion of searches that provide no results, and other important information.
  • Analyze team accounts to see which users have certain types of accounts and whose privileges have been allocated to them. You can quickly review each team member’s privileges in terms of generating, editing, viewing, and commenting on content items. 
  • You may direct future knowledge base pieces by tracking the likes and dislikes on each article, as well as the reader’s input on the feedback form. 
  • Use the broken links checker to keep track of and validate the internal and external connections in your knowledge base publication. 

Which is better for hosting your knowledge base: WordPress or Document360?


WordPress may be used in a variety of ways, from creating a full-fledged commercial website to a simple blog and even as a knowledge base. You may develop a knowledge base with little to no investment since it is free (with the WordPress plugin).

Advantages of WordPress versus Document360 as a knowledge base

  • More platforms are supported: WordPress supports web-based, Android-app-based, and iOS-based applications, but Document360 does not. 
  • Better Integrations: Document360 and WordPress both provide all conceivable integrations, but the latter also supports ALL-INKL.COM, AccuWeb Hosting, and other 1000+ integrations.
  • Small and medium enterprises may find SaaS software to be too pricey. WordPress is free to use, and premium plans start at $4 per month, while Document360 costs $99 per month.


You have Document360 designed for SaaS and enterprise software projects that emphasize creating a knowledge base as a part of customer and employees’ self-service. With Document360, you can create and manage multiple document versions and leverage markdown editor & advanced analytics.

You also have strong security that allows you to customize who has access to your knowledge base, as well as design capabilities that aid in the creation of a brand identity. 

The Advantages of Using Document360 as a knowledge base over WordPress

  • Help: WordPress only provides online support, but Document360 provides live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one-on-one assistance throughout business hours.
  • WordPress will demand WP developers to get started with the knowledge base, particularly when it comes to generating, publishing, and managing it. Document360 eliminates the need for technical expertise since it is simple to implement and utilize.
  • Multiple categories: There are just a few documentation categories in WordPress, such as blog, website builder, and content management. Document360, on the other hand, provides assistance writing tools, learning experience platforms, and document management capabilities, among other things.
  • Secure Access: WordPress may be available to the public or limited, but Document360 provides bespoke secure knowledge base access. Internal users, such as staff, may access a limited knowledge base, while external users, such as customers, can access an open one.
  • Functionality support: While WordPress may not add the feature you need, Document360’s staff may agree to add it if they believe it would benefit other users.

Final thoughts

If you’re searching for a complete knowledge base solution, Document360 should be your first choice. Allowing your users to access self-help with a knowledge base that provides rapid answers to their questions will lower the cost of customer support.

It also allows you to build a knowledge base that facilitates internal communication across teams. As previously said, it is a more expensive choice when compared to WordPress and other similar solutions, but if you utilize all of its capabilities, it is a good value.

If you want to manage your knowledge base without depending too much on IT expertise to get the job done, try Document360. This platform is easy to use and enables you to customize the structure of your help pages. It makes it easy to set up a user-friendly and attractive online knowledge base with little effort.

I hope you learned about a new tool as a result of my article. So, what are your thoughts on my Document360 review and extensive WordPress comparison? In the comments box, share your precious views.

Document360 is a web-based platform that allows users to create and manage websites. It’s comparable with WordPress, which has been around for many years. Reference: wordpress knowledge meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Document360 Good?

A: Document360 is a wonderful application that allows you to create and save documents, including text files. It also has other great features such as the ability to send your document online via email or over Bluetooth. I would recommend this app for anyone looking for an easy-to-use program with many useful functions!

Is WordPress good for knowledge base?

A: Yes, WordPress is an excellent choice for a knowledge base in general.

What is Document360?

A: Document360 is a video and photo editing app for iPhone that allows you to turn your photos into 360-degree videos with ease. It also has a fun filter, so its perfect for turning any normal moment in life or event into an adventure!

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