Cositorto’s ex-wife assumes the reins of Generación ZOE and announces its relaunch

The ZOE project, a blockchain-powered startup that aimed to create the next generation of social media for children and teenagers, has shut down. Cositorto’s ex-wife is now in charge of reviving the project under new management with a brand new name.

The “which of the following is not a characteristic of a good” is a new website that will allow users to find out more about their favorite brands. The site is being relaunched by Cositorto’s ex-wife, who has assumed the reins of Generación ZOE.

Cositorto’s ex-wife takes over Generación ZOE and announces the company’s restart.


Laura Schwindt, the ex-wife of Leonardo Cositorto, the advocate of the Zoe Cash coin and CEO of Generación ZOE, spoke via Zoom to discuss the platform’s future with Peruvian colleagues.

After being accused of unlawful association and fraud, Schwindt started by complimenting Cositorto’s efforts and assuring him that he is clear of the charges leveled against him. On the other side, he discussed what had occurred in Argentina’s court system, suggesting a plan against Cositorto.

Juliana Companys, the prosecutor in charge of the case, is behaving this way because she wants to be a judge, Schwindt said in his video conference. This is why, he believes, he “took advantage of the whole circumstance to further mediate the case.”

He stated that he had evidence that “in addition to the tweeters and those paid to carry out smear campaigns against the corporation, there are companies that acted along with the prosecutor to apply pressure in some manner.”

According to Cositorto’s ex-wife, they filed a complaint against the prosecutor for abuse of authority. In addition, he said that criminal complaints “have plummeted” and that there are “very few civil complaints,” for which he expects that the accused Ponzi scheme’s originator will be freed or, failing that, placed under home arrest. “so that I may take command of the company once again.”

Laura Schwindt, Leonardo Cositorto’s ex-wife, talked with members of the platform in Peru via Zoom. Youtube is the source of this video.

Regardless of Schwindt’s claims, justice is on her side. The prosecution has confirmed Leonardo Cositorto’s and his key collaborators’ preventative imprisonment. Six of the 20 defendants in the case might be freed on parole, and three of them have not ruled out filing a civil or labor complaint against the corporation at this time, according to local media.

Cositorto was apprehended in the Dominican Republic, which he illegally entered after fleeing Argentina in February. Interpol ordered him to be returned to his home country in April, according to LogitechGamingSoftware.

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“I’m getting ready to take off”

Schwindt attempted to instill trust in the virtual broadcast, stating that the platform was “beginning to take flight.”

The first stage, he said, would be to “reorder” Generation ZOE members, or update data in order to “clean up the communication groups.”

Concerning users who want to withdraw their funds from the site and get a refund He said that they would stay on alert, awaiting the outcome of their issue.

Although he subsequently said that they would restore the payments, it is still uncertain when or how the funds will be released due to the fact that their accounts have been blocked. «Everyone will be paid, but I can’t tell if it will be in installments.» “It’s not something they can accomplish in a day,” he said.

Several individuals voiced worry at the conference, and some even confessed that they had requested loans to join Generation ZOE, which was renamed Sunrise Coach following the controversy, but was halted due to the allegations against Cositorto.

Schwindt was consulted on the future of Sunrise Coach, and he said that the educational platform will be restarted today. “There is still a problem with it, and the accounts are being looked at.” There is a legal matter to be resolved, and the name will most likely have to be altered, among other things. It’ll take a long time.”

The most essential thing to Schwindt is to “restart the educational platform.” Sunrise Coach is a “three-year intelligent education system,” according to Cositorto, in which they ask for deposits of up to USD 3,600 and offer a monthly return of 7.5 percent, comparable to ZOE, as well as 20 percent in referral profits.


Schwindt’s sentiments did not go unnoticed on the social media platform Twitter, where numerous individuals commented on them.

Osvaldo «Beto» Mendeleev was one of them, and he talked about persons who acknowledged to borrowing money to participate in the alleged con. «These folks took out personal loans from the bank (leveraging themselves) in order to deposit the string [dinero] in ZOE, which gave them a 30 percent monthly return in dollars with the bot. They reasoned, “I can pay off the debt and even win with the same money that Zoe pays me.” She wrote, “URGENT financial education.”

Another user, @Antiponzista, went even farther, accusing Laura Schwindt of requesting money to pay a “non-existent” bail that has collected about USD 200,000.

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