Computer can’t connect to remote computer [security package error]

Remote computers are in a constant danger of being compromised. Computer’s have many security features to prevent this, but they can be circumvented if the attacker knows what they’re doing. This could lead to malware infections and other issues with remote connections.

The “your computer can’t connect to the remote computer because a security package error” is a common error that users are experiencing. This article will show you how to fix this issue.

Computer can't connect to remote computer [security package error]


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  • We go through three methods to fix a security package mistake that prevents your computer from connecting to the remote machine. 
  • When you get a security package problem, it’s most likely because you attempted to connect over a proxy server.
  • Stopping Windows from keeping your RDP connection history might be an useful preventative measure to take. 



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RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a Windows feature that allows you to connect to another computer. RDP works with either the new Remote Desktop software for Windows or the old Remote Desktop Connection app.

You may have received the following error notice while attempting to create a connection: your computer cannot connect to the other computer due to a security package problem. Because you established the connection using a proxy server, this error is more likely to have happened.

We’ll go through the security package mistake in this post and show you how to resolve it.

You may also find the finest options for Remote Control software for Windows 10 and 11 in our guide.

Why am I receiving the Remoteapp security package is disconnected error?

This error may be caused by a variety of factors, the most frequent of which are registry settings. This problem might occur if the app’s registry settings are incorrect.


It’s also conceivable that there’s a problem with your credentials, in which case deleting and re-adding them can assist.

On Windows 11, how can I repair the security package error?

1. In your registry, delete the RDP connection cache.

  1. Using Windows key + R, open the Run dialog box, enter regedit, and click OK. Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  2. Go to HKEY CURRENT USERSoftwareMicrosoftTerminal Server ClientDefault on your computer. 1649477297_988_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  3. Select the list of connections in the right pane; these are designated MRU(X), where X is a number, and right-click on them to remove them. 1649477298_564_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  4. Go to HKEY CURRENT USERSoftwareMicrosoftTerminal Server ClientServers on your computer. 1649477300_103_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  5. Select Delete with a right-click on the server folder. 1649477301_685_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  6. Select Run as administrator from the Start Menu by typing CMD in the search box. 1649477302_324_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  7. Press Enter to run the following command: del /ah percent homepath percent documentsdefault.rdp 1649477304_839_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error

Every RDP connection is stored in the registry of each user. It is difficult to remove a computer or computers from the list of RDP connection history using built-in Windows utilities. To manually remove registry keys, follow the methods outlined above.

The security package error warning may be resolved after the procedures are finished.

2. Delete the RDP credentials you’ve stored.

  1. Open the Start Menu, put Control Panel into the search box, and then choose the Control Panel program. 1649477306_291_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  2. Go to the User Accounts section of the menu. Then choose Manage Windows Credentials from Credential Manager. 1649477307_808_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  3. If you have any RDP credentials stored, it will display us an IP address prefixed by TERMSRV under Generic Credentials. Click Remove after expanding it. 1649477308_627_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error

If you choose Remember me before entering your password for a new remote RDP connection, your credentials (username and password) will be saved in the Windows Credential Manager.

For future connections, the RDP client uses the previously saved credentials to authenticate on the remote computer. The security package problem may be resolved by clearing these credentials. 

More information about this subject may be found here.

3. Disable bitmap caching in Remote Desktop.

  1. Using Windows key + R, open the round dialog, enter mstsc.exe, then click OK. 1649477309_307_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error
  2. Uncheck the option for Persistent Bitmap Caching at the bottom of the Experience tab of your Remote Desktop Connection software. 1649477311_619_Computer-cant-connect-to-remote-computer-security-package-error

Note that the RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) client has picture persistent bitmap caching. The RDP client stores seldom changing areas of the remote screen as a raster image cache.

This is used by the mstsc.exe client to load screen components from the local disk cache that haven’t changed since the previous rendering. The caching mechanism in RDP decreases the amount of data delivered across the network.

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It’s possible that the RDP cache may be harmed if you use it. It may also be good to disable persistent bitmap caching.

4. Use a third-party RDP client

A third-party RDP may not solve your Windows RDP problems, but it is a terrific method to get around them. Third-party solutions are often more sophisticated than Windows’ built-in solution.

Mikogo, for example, is a viable alternative with a plethora of functions.

You may assist clients using mouse control and a remote keyboard, or you can hand over control of your PC to someone else.

It has a feature that lets you to share documents, desktops, or application windows with up to 25 meeting participants in real time.

It also lets you display exactly the program windows you wish to view while hiding the others, ensuring that your presentation is the center of attention. Mikogo can also handle up to four displays.

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Is it possible to prevent Windows from preserving the history of my RDP connections?

You may wish Windows not to store RDP connection history as a precaution against the security package mistake. It is conceivable.

In this instance, you should prevent all accounts from writing to the registry key automatically: HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftTerminal Server Client HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftTerminal Server Client HKCUSoftwareMicro

If you don’t have access to gpedit.msc, you may not be able to manually prevent Windows from keeping your RDP connection history.

If you see the security package error warning when attempting to build a remote connection, consider these easy remedies.

If you’re still experiencing issues, check out our Remote Desktop Connection Not Working guide for some helpful options.

We’d want to read your feedback and learn which of the suggested methods helped you overcome the security package problem.

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The “this computer can t connect to the remote computer because smart card credentials are not available” is an error that occurs when a user tries to connect their computer to a remote computer. The error message says that the security package was not found.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix this computer cant connect to the remote computer?

The computer cannot connect to the remote computer because its not using a compatible version of Remote Desktop Protocol.

Why Remote Desktop cant connect to the remote computer?

A: Remote Desktop is a Windows program, and the remote computer may not have it installed.

How do you fix the connection Cannot be completed because the remote computer that was reached is not the one you specified?

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