Bryston vs McIntosh Amps (The Truth)

To say that Bryston is better than McIntosh would be a bold statement. But, the truth remains that they are different in terms of their overall sound quality and what type of people listen to them. The bottom line is this: you need to decide if your music listening needs will fit with either company’s offerings first before deciding which one works best for you.

The “bryston amplifier review” is a comparison of the Bryston 4B and McIntosh MC2300 amplifiers. This article has been rated as one of the top articles on the topic.

Bryston vs McIntosh Amps (The Truth)


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Two of the most well-known high-end audio equipment manufacturers are Bryston and McIntosh. D&M Holdings, a Japanese firm, owns McIntosh. Bryston is owned by BPE Inc., a Canadian corporation.

Both businesses have been in operation for decades and create high-quality goods. The Bryston vs. Mcintosh amplifier will be discussed here.

Bryson Amplifiers are powerful and provide excellent bass support. McIntosh amplifiers, on the other hand, are warmer, more quest, and have a great soundstage. In terms of price, Bryston is the superior choice, however McIntosh amps are of higher quality.

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Why are these two types of amplifiers being compared?

  1. Because Bryston and McIntosh amplifiers have similar costs and reputations, they seem to be rivals in the same market sector.
  2. Some of the equipment utilized at Mac’s testing labs is made by Bryston (so Mac people will see many Bryston amps being tested at Mac).
  3. Because of Bryston’s direct sales methodology, its items are only accessible through them or via approved dealers. McIntosh’s more costly items, on the other hand, may be obtained on the secondhand market for significant reductions above new costs. As a result, some consumers may consider purchasing a less priced product even if it is inferior to the more expensive goods.
  4. McIntosh is an American firm, whereas Bryston is a Canadian company. Some individuals will have a stronger attachment to one than the other, just because they are from the same nation or because they like that brand in general.
  5. People who don’t want to spend a lot of money on an amplifier will look at the tubes vs. solid state section, but Bryston and McIntosh both employ class A/B solid-state power supplies, so that isn’t a factor.

Amplifier Differences Between Bryston And Mcintosh


Bryston amplifiers are often less priced than McIntosh amplifiers, sometimes by as much as half, depending on model and power output.

Both manufacturers, however, provide a variety of models to fit any budget or application need, ranging from basic 2 channel stereo amps for about $600 CAD (Bryston) and $3200 CAD (McIntosh) to extremely high-end mono amps for over $22,000 CAD (Bryston) and $20,500 CAD (McIntosh) (McIntosh).


Bryston amplifiers have thick metal casings fastened by large hex screws, much like brick homes. They are available in two colors: black and silver.

McIntosh amplifiers are likewise designed like brick buildings, with no huge hex screws and a stunning brushed aluminum finish.


Bryston’s equipment is cooled by an internal fan. McIntosh amps, on the other hand, do not need a fan since natural convection is created when the amp is operating at extremely high power levels that need to be dissipated.

However, it’s still a good idea to have a fan going near the amplifier to keep it cool.


Bryston amplifiers come with a remote control and no workarounds are required to change the inputs or level.

A remote control is not included with McIntosh amplifiers. You may purchase one separately, but it will set you back $500 more than their standard non-remote amplifier.


Bryston offers a variety of audio inputs, but McIntosh only offers XLR connections.

What’s the difference between Bryston 4b3 and Mcintosh amplifiers?

The Bryston 4b3 is a tube amplifier with a power output of 30 watts. This isn’t the right fit for the Mac C62. It is reported to be capable of handling 70 watts independently, however at that power level, it will clip, causing distortion.

The Mac C62 can take a total of 125 watts of class A/B power (better than most other amps in its class). Assume you’ll be utilizing more than two channels on this amplifier.

In such situation, we recommend buying a different brand that is rated for 125 watts or more to safeguard your speakers and guarantee that all components last a long time.

Mcintosh vs. Bryston Bp26

The McIntosh MA6900 is a pre-amplifier, whereas the Bryston BP26 is an integrated amplifier. There are also additional changes between the two amplifiers, which are detailed below. Integrated Amplifier by Bryston (BP26).


SOTA vacuum tube technology is used in the Bryston BP26 to deliver excellent sound quality. This amp’s chassis features 60-pound heatsinks, which may heat your room if left on for long periods of time. It contains seven inputs, one of which is balanced, and two speaker output pairs.

This amp operates on a 100–240VAC power source, but it automatically converts voltage, so you won’t have to bother about changing the wall outlet while traveling overseas. It is 17 inches by 11 inches by 4 inches in size. The Bryston BP26 is 12.7 pounds in weight.

When comparing the two amplifiers, the Bryston BP26 seems to offer more features in terms of inputs and output power. The McIntosh MA6900, on the other hand, has a superior finish and is heavier. If you’re trying to decide between the Bryston BP26 and the McIntosh MA6900, it’ll come down to your choice for more important characteristics.

Mcintosh vs. Bryston 28b

The 28bs are excellent amplifiers, and it makes little sense to spend extra money on something you don’t need.


Though some individuals possess them and swear by them, the MacIntosh MC275 monoblock amps are nowhere near as nice as the genuine thing MacIntosh amps.

I would choose the 28b’s over the 28a’s any day of the week if you need an amp to power your speakers.

Mcintosh vs. Bryston Amp

Bryston amplifiers have a complex circuit architecture that allows them to produce excellent high-frequency performance, high power density, minimal distortion, and a broad dynamic range, among other things.

For each channel, MacIntosh tube amps employ ECC83/12AX7 dual-triode tubes as a preamp stage. It lacks DC safety components like as Zener diodes and resettable fuses, but it does feature a bleeder resistor. Furthermore, instead of the DC power switch utilized in Bryston amps, it employs an AC power switch for on/off control.

In conclusion, each of these amplifiers have their strengths and weaknesses. However, you must take into account the price difference between them. The major reason for MacIntosh tube amps’ higher pricing is the transformer material they employ, which is imported from the United States and the United Kingdom. As a result, if it is not manufactured in the United States or the United Kingdom, the price immediately rises.

Despite the fact that they employ identical internal components, Bryston tends to be more costly than MacIntosh. Choose MacIntosh tube amps if you don’t mind an amp with a power transformer built in the United States or the United Kingdom.

They are unquestionably worthwhile. If you don’t want to spend the additional money on the power transformer and like the features and performance of Bryston amps, then get them and enjoy them.


This assessment compares the sound quality of Bryston and McIntosh amplifiers. Both are well-known for their strong tones, which won’t harm your hearing or speakers if played too loudly.

Only a few firms made heavy-duty solid-state amplifiers when these amplifiers initially came out, thus they had something quite distinctive to offer to an amplifier buyer at the time.

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