Best tupperware companies at home in Spain: alternatives to Wetaca

A new, cutting-edge company in the field of storage and containers is coming to Andalusia called Tupperware. They have a wide range of products that will be sure to meet all your needs for cooking or storing food.

The “best food storage containers” are a must have for any kitchen. If you’re looking for something that is more affordable than Wetaca, then the best alternative would be to buy your food storage containers from one of the many online stores in Spain.

Best tupperware companies at home in Spain: alternatives to Wetaca

Alternatives to Wetaca among the best tupperware businesses in Spain



Let’s face it, in this world of difficulties, work, Zoom meetings, and cleaning, getting to the kitchen, much less eating properly and healthily, is really tough. Cooking becomes a difficulty in our hectic schedule… or at least it did before tupperware firms in Spain emerged to fill the gap.

Many of them share the office orientation, which is geared for workers who want to eat healthily without having to bother about bringing food from home. To do so, they provide group menu rates and accept payment through traditional restaurant tickets from businesses like Sodexo, Check Gourmet, or Ticket Restaurant.

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Without loathing the kitchen, you can eat good at home or at work.

Wetaca foodtech is the benchmark among tupperware manufacturers in Spain. Wetaca was born out of the demands of its creators, Andrés Casal and Efrén Vázquez, who were seeking for an easy and fast method to eat properly while still pursuing their love for cooking. And, of course, we’ve seen alternatives to Wetaca arise over time, such as Tupperware firms here in Spain that provide us a diverse choice at the reach of a click and that meet our demands.

So, whether you’re at work, on vacation, or telecommuting from home, we’ve organized this list alphabetically so you can forget about the kitchen for a time.

Tupperware manufacturers in Spain


Apeteat’s tagline is “eat healthily and sustainably wherever you are,” and their menu consists of “100% natural” foods packaged in environmentally friendly packaging. You may make an order for the office at no cost and for 1 euro at home. Deliveries are free between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., however deliveries before 1 p.m. are 50 cents. ANDThe price of the meals changes depending on how they are presented:

The full menu costs 10.95 euros, the half menu costs 7.50 euros, the salad bowl menu costs 9.95 euros, and the poke menu, which is a Hawaiian meal with pieces of fish and vegetables, costs 12.95 euros. All menus include a main course, dessert, and the opportunity to add on extras, as well as the option to order à la carte. Work with the leading restaurant ticketing companies, such as Sodexo, Check Gourmet, or Ticket Restaurant.

Although also provides weekly meals and à la carte dishes, stands out since it also offers a keto diet and a gluten-free menu.

Weekly, fortnightly, and office menus are available, and contain meat, fish, vegetables, beans, salads, and cold meals, among other things. Weekly menus ranging from 85 to 90 euros for a total of 21 dishes, as well as keto meals ranging from 70 to 75 euros each week, all of which include tea, coffee, desserts, and major dishes for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

In terms of food, there are a broad range of selections ranging from 1.50 euros to 6.88 euros; pricing may fluctuate depending on the current menu. Shipping is free on purchases of 70 euros or more, with a minimum of 40 euros.


You may make your order at Knoweats on Mondays and Tuesdays, and it will be delivered on Friday of the same week. If you order between Wednesday and Sunday, it will arrive the following Wednesday. Deliveries are provided before 2:30 p.m., and they offer a variety of menu options, including general, vegan, and balanced options for individuals who prioritize their health. The price per dish ranges from 2.95 to 7 euros.

Knoweats participates in a project run by the NGO Gravity Waves to collect trash from the Mediterranean Sea in order to offset the environmental impact of this sort of business. They accept Sodexo checks as payment.


Menudiet is a service that starts at 3.90 euros per dish and includes free delivery on the peninsula. You may either design and personalize a weekly menu or order food à la carte. The dishes are sent frozen to ensure that they last as long as possible, and they are reheated in microwave-safe tupperware.

Their specialization is healthy meals, and they offer specific ones for weight loss, sports, the elderly, diabetics, pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as the ability to adjust to your unique dietary plan if needed.

My plate

In MyPlate, you may pick from over 70 different foods to suit your preferences and requirements, including low-carb, low-calorie, vegan, senior, gluten-free, and more.

They ship to mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands, France, and Portugal, with delivery times ranging from 24 to 72 hours. Dishes range in price from 3 to 8 euros, depending on whether you choose a single dish or a bundle. They accept Sodexo, Check Gourmet, and Ticket Restaurant as forms of payment.

I don’t cook any more.

Every day, more than 100 different meals are available in its portal for delivery to mainland Spain. You can choose your delivery day from Tuesday to Saturday, or place your order before 11 a.m. Monday through Thursday to have it delivered the next day, with a 15-day refrigerator expiration on each dish.

The dishes are available in three sizes of tupperware: standard (380 grams for one person), large (480 grams), and familiar (about 1100 grams). They also provide diet tuppers, which are multi-dish packs that feature a variety of foods and are divided into categories such as meats, vegetables, soups, salads, vegetarians, desserts, specials, and more, with costs ranging from 3 to 8 euros depending on the dish and its quantity.

tappers is another reference choice in the sector of tupperware at home, with delivery in the peninsula taking 24/48 hours. The firm emphasizes on its website that they cook their meals under high pressure, which enables food to be stored in the refrigerator for up to 15 days without the use of preservatives or chemicals. Gluten-free and vegan meals are available on the Tappers menu, with costs ranging from 6 to 7 euros.

With your first purchase, you will get a gift of 5 euros. They accept Sodexo, Check Gourmet, and Ticket Restaurant as forms of payment.


Wetaca has the most experience and a larger catalog than any other home tupperware company. You may order a la carte and design your own menu from classic, light meals, desserts, and items from their suppliers. Their letter changes every Thursday, so depending on your zip code, you may purchase before the following Wednesday and get it as early as Friday.

Each piece (about 500 grams) is meant for a complete lunch or supper, and the price ranges from 1.95 to 8.95 euros. Prices will, of course, fluctuate depending on the weekly menu.

In the event of a subscription, you will get customized recipes each week to help you improve your diet. The maximum price you will pay each week will be shown on the reference menu. Wetaca guarantees that your maximum price will be compared to the prices of a la carte meals, and you will always be charged the lowest price. They accept Sodexo, Check Gourmet, and Ticket Restaurant as forms of payment.

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