Best PPS file opener software for PC

PPS file opener software is a program that retrieves the contents of encrypted PDF, RTF and MS-Word files. This article will show you some top rated PPS file opener for PC.

The “how to open pps files in windows 10” is a common question that many people ask. The best software for this job is the “PPS file opener software for PC”.

Best PPS file opener software for PC


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  • Check out these tools with a ton of templates and images if you need to open a PPS file on your PC.
  • Try Adobe’s specialist software, which has an easy-to-use interface and can help you make great presentations.
  • With a specialized software, you can enhance your slideshows by adding music and other multimedia features.
  • With multi-format compatibility and conversion options, you can open a.tbl file in no time.


All of them can be opened with only one tool! Popular file formats no longer need the use of specialized software. Simply download 4th Edition of File Viewer Plus and open them all in one place. This program can handle documents, media, archives, email, a camera, infographics, source codes, and much more. What it does is as follows:

All of the files should be opened in the same environment.

Right now, you may download

If you’re wondering how to open a PPS file on your computer, keep reading; this article is for you. A PPS file is an abbreviation for PowerPoint Slide Show, which is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Meanwhile, Microsoft PowerPoint is a well-known presentation-making application bundled with Microsoft Office.

PPS files, on the other hand, are not editable when saved, although PPT (PowerPoint Presentation) files are.

As a result, PPS files may be viewed using PowerPoint Viewer or PowerPoint once they have been saved as a full presentation. Furthermore, when you open the PPS file in PowerPoint, it automatically switches to presentation mode.

If you want to open PPS files on Windows 10, you’ll need to use one of a few tools. This list of applications to open PPS files on a Windows 10 PC was developed by Windows Report.


Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a free version of Adobe Creative Cloud. is a fantastic tool for quickly developing presentations. Even if you’ve never used this program before, the user interface is welcoming and straightforward, so you’ll immediately understand what each button accomplishes.

A number of built-in features in Creative Cloud Express assist you in creating genuinely unforgettable presentations. You may utilize the graphics template library in the program or use Spark Video to create video material.

You may also select from hundreds of presentation templates and either start from scratch or use a predesigned template.

However, did you know that your PowerPoint presentation may be moved to Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a free version of Adobe Creative Cloud.? 

You may use this to add visual upgrades to PowerPoint that aren’t accessible otherwise. After all, PowerPoint presentations are predictable, and the number of formats available to consumers is restricted.

Import your PowerPoint presentation into Creative Cloud Express and experiment with the style and layout choices available to take your presentations to the next level.


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Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a free version of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Create great presentations with the aid of a tool that is both flexible and feature-rich.


You may always utilize third-party solutions like 4th Edition of File Viewer Plus to figure out how to open a.tbl file on Windows 10.

This universal file reader for Windows is recommended since it can open and show over 300 different file kinds, including various sorts of presentations such as.pps files.

If FileViewer is unable to show the native view of a file in certain rare instances, you may investigate the file contents using the Text and Hex views.

These views allow you to look within the file, which is very useful for unfamiliar file formats. You may also do a search inside the file for content.


4th Edition of File Viewer Plus

This excellent file management application, which can handle hundreds of files, will make your job simpler.


If you want to access the files on a PC running Windows 10, you should utilize PowerPoint. The industry-standard application for making slide shows and project presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint.

This PPS file viewer is typically used in educational institutions and corporations to show articulate information to an audience.

Drawings, photos, audio, text, and photographs may all be included in your presentation slides using the software’s features. You may change the size, color, and add transitions to make the slides revolve.

PowerPoint supports a variety of presentation formats, including PPTX, OOXML, PPT, and, most notably, PPS. This software will open your PPS files and provide you the tools to edit and alter them.

PowerPoint, on the other hand, is included in the Microsoft Office suite alongside other Microsoft products.

Obtain a copy of Microsoft Powerpoint.


This program is a simple tool for organizing files of any kind, including writing, presentations, and spreadsheets.

This Office program can handle various file kinds at simultaneously, allowing you to create PPS files quickly for any audience.

WPS Office has high-value features for a wide range of users, including students, teachers, and businesspeople. To assist you in pitching your presentation, you may choose from over 100,000 templates.

Furthermore, you may add alternative styles to your professional papers and modify their look to make your slide-show presentations stand out.

Finally, you should be aware that you will be able to engage with your colleagues and get useful insights on your deck in real-time using this program.

Obtain WPS Office


Ability Office is a free open-source office suite that has many of the same features as Microsoft Office and is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system.

Ability The Office package comprises Write, a word processor, Spreadsheet, a spreadsheet application comparable to Excel, and Presentation, a tool for creating slides and presentations.

PPS files can be opened with the presentation program in Windows 10. It also includes tools for editing, modifying, and saving PPS files. Other popular formats including as DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX are also supported by this program.

Furthermore, with its wide range of features and low pricing, Ability Office is a viable alternative to Microsoft Office. As a result, it’s a great option for opening PPS files on Windows 10.

Obtain Ability Office.

Finally, when it comes to how to open a PPS file on Windows 10, the tools we described above are the most popular. The majority of them are simple to use and Windows 10 compatible.

While some of the apps are free, some are not, but you will receive a good value for your money with premium protection.

As a result, you may open PPS files on Windows 10 with any of the programs listed in this article. Please leave a remark below.

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The “Powerpoint viewer” is a software that allows users to open PPS files. It can be used on both Windows and Mac computers. Reference: powerpoint viewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs will open PPS files?

A: You can usually open PPS files in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint or CorelDRAW.

How do I open a PPS file on my laptop?

A: If you are using a Mac or Unix-based operating system, then the command to open PPS files is pps2pdf.

How do I open a PPS file without PowerPoint?

A: To open a PPS file without PowerPoint, you will need to install certain types of software depending on what operating system that your computer is running.

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