AT&T TV Subscribers Can Now Sign In to Starz App & Website

AT&T announced that its subscribers can sign in to the Starz app and website using their AT&T Number. The company wants to create an easier way for users of both services, which includes movies, TV shows, live sports events and more.

AT&T TV Subscribers Can Now Sign In to Starz App & Website

Subscribers to AT&T TV may now access the Starz app and website if the premium channel is included in their live TV package. Subscribers may now watch Starz TV Everywhere videos directly via the third-party app and take advantage of any extra app-specific features.


For live TV users, TV Everywhere may be a highly handy feature since it gives them access to a range of channel and network applications. It is not, however, always accessible for all channels included in a subscription. The TV Everywhere compatibility list from AT&T TV is an excellent example, since it includes several popular channels but leaves out others. Starz, on the other hand, is no longer absent.

The new Starz support has not yet been publicly confirmed by AT&T TV, but it is currently available. While it’s unclear when the change occurred, AT&T TV is now included as one of the ‘select your provider’ choices on the Stars website. The functionality was unavailable as recently as last week. The same assistance will now be offered via the Starz app on numerous devices, as promised.


Subscribers may either download the Starz app or go to the Starz website, log in using their AT&T TV credentials, and start streaming videos now that the change is in force, assuming Starz is one of the channels included with the subscription.

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The Advantages of Using Television Everywhere

While the AT&T TV app will automatically contain Starz programming and movies for people who have subscribed to the channel, there are several reasons to use the standalone app instead. For starters, the app will have no impact on other restrictions, such as the amount of streams available to AT&T TV users. Furthermore, the individual applications might occasionally provide subscribers with access to more material than is accessible via the AT&T TV app.

Another significant advantage of TV Everywhere support is broad device support. TV Everywhere may be a viable workaround for AT&T TV users who often wish to view content on a device that AT&T TV doesn’t presently support. It does need the installation of other applications on the smartphone, but it is still preferable than not being able to view at all. AT&T TV users who are primarily interested in Starz programming and movies now have that choice.

Starz is the source.

Unless you’re insane or trying to prove something, you’re going to need some armor to face the obstacles that the Kingdom of Lordran has in store for you.

After all, everything (almost) wants to kill you.

It is critical to have a solid protection against rats, dragons, undead, demons, and other enemies.

In Dark Souls, there are over forty distinct armor sets, each with its unique set of attributes, making it difficult to choose the appropriate one for your build.

Let’s take a look at some of the best-of-the-best to aid you in your selection.


Set of 13 Black Knights

Black Knight Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

I’ve already said it, and I’ll say it again:

The coldest color is black.

It’s even symbolic of the strength of the armor it adorns in this situation.

The Black Knight Set is designed to look like soot and ash and has incredible fire resistance (as well as good poise to make sure you stay upright). When exploring areas like Lost Izalith or the Demon Ruins, this is really useful.

It’s a pity you have to wait so long to receive this gear. However, the work is well worth it (especially for new game plus).

How to Get It: This item was discovered on a corpse in the Kiln of the First Flame.


Chester’s Set (12)

Chester’s Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Chester’s Armor isn’t truly armor — it’s a very lovely suit with an equally elegant helmet that comes together as a combination that doesn’t seem quite right in the Dark Souls universe.

Chester’s Armor, in reality, would be more at home in Bloodborne, Dark Souls’ younger sister.

However, the odd aesthetics do not detract from the set’s overall excellence.

Chester’s Armor is very light and gives good Bleed and Poison protection, making it ideal for dex characters – or those who wish to replicate the more subtle Carim combat style.

How to get it: Marvelous Chester (human form) drops it in the Artorias DLC area.


Set No. 11: Wanderer

Wanderer Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

When choosing armor for your character, consider the weight.

Especially if you’re constructing a build that isn’t very strong.

As a dex fighter, being overburdened and losing the ability to roll and run is a death sentence. As a result, armor like the Wanderer Set comes in handy.

For how light it is, this cool leather jacket and boots pair gives excellent protection. It also possesses outstanding lightning and fire resistance when fully charged with titanite.

It’s a set that will serve you well for a long time, if not forever.

How to get it: This is the starter gear for the Wanderer class, and it’s also available in Blighttown.


Set of 10 Black Sorcerers

Black Sorcerer Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Here’s a set of armor for dex builds: the Black Sorcerer Set!

Despite its name, this armor isn’t designed for those with a magical bent. Rather, it’s a lightweight piece of equipment that’s ideal for those who want all the movement without the weight.

The Black Sorcerer Set is the game’s lightest armor set. It also gives new meaning to the term “better than nothing.”

It also has enough defenses and elemental resistances!

How to get it: Sen’s Fortress, on a dead corpse.


Set of 9 Witches

Witch Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

There’s a lot more to armor than simply physical protection.

Yes, staying safe from punches and kicks is essential.

However, many of Lordran’s adversaries utilize magic to attempt to kill you. It’s also crucial to develop a defense against them!

The Witch Set gives you that magical protection, and it comes in a lot of it.

Physically, this armor holds up well, but its resistance against magical (and, by implication, elemental) damage is incredible.

And you have the appearance of a witch!

How to Get It: The Witch Set may be found in the Valley of Drakes after conquering the Four Kings.


Balder Set #8

Balder Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Large coats of armor are one of Dark Souls’ most prominent visual elements.

A large number of adversaries patrol Lordran in large, clanky sets of the material. The Balder Knights, for example, inhabit the Undead Parish and lure naive new players into their traps.

If you can fight them well enough, you may get their armor, which consists of an excellent set of medium protectors that provide good protection at a reasonable weight cost.

The Balder Set is an excellent beginner set for anybody embarking on a strength-building regimen, or for anyone who just needs a little additional assistance while they explore the world around them.

How to get it: Balder Knights drop it piece by piece, and the set may be bought from the Crestfallen Merchant on the top of Sen’s Fortress.


7. Dark Color Scheme

Dark Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

The Dark Set has two goals: to look awesome and to keep you stable.

It’s also a wonderful suit of armor for dex builds, since the Dark Set is quite light for a’medium’ armor set.

It not only has superb defense, but it also has a lot more composure, which means your defenses won’t be shattered nearly as easy.

This set, more than anything else, looks great.

What could be more satisfying than being a well-defended skull ninja? I wouldn’t say much.

How to get it: Join the Darkwraith Covenant and get to level two.


Set of the Silver Knight

Silver Knight’s Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Things may seem grim when you first arrive in Anor Londo.

You’ll have to combat a new kind of enemy that seems to be much more savage than the ones you’ve faced so far, making navigating a terrain much more challenging.

It’s a critical juncture in the game.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of gear to aid you through the shift, and the Silver Knight’s Set is one of them.

It isn’t the most effective armor in the game.

However, it is quite light, provides enough protection and poise, and is simple to modify.

The Silver Knight’s Set is an excellent transitional piece of armor, as well as a useful ally in a dangerous new environment.

How to get it: Inside the Anor Londo castle, in a chest guarded by two Knights.


5. Set of Paladins

Paladin Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Curse is one of, if not the worst, status effects in DS1.

Curse reduces your maximum HP points by half, and treating it either the use of a special item or an inconvenient journey to the New Londo Ruins.

It’s a good idea to pack protection while going through a location where curses are prevalent (such as The Depths). And the Paladin armor set comes close to being the best.

Yes, it’s a hefty package. It does, however, have outstanding defense and curse resistance.

It’s also thematically appropriate:

A Paladin is the best person to battle a curse.

How to get it: First, defeat the ghost of Paladin Leeroy in the Tomb of the Giants, then search Nito’s Tomb for the armor.


4. The Set of Havel

Havel’s Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Nothing is more immovable than a rock face.

This is the philosophy by which our lad Havel, the wandering pile of granite that protects the foot of that tower in the Undead Burg, lives. He also wears armor that resembles a rock that you may equip.

So you may get this armor as well!

It’s some of the most difficult in the game, but with the right talents, you can turn yourself into a walking mass of near-invulnerability.

Havel’s Set is very defense-oriented and poised.

It even has some resilience to the elements!

Although the price is exorbitant, the purchase is well worth it in terms of true protection.

Where to get it: On the lowest level of Anor Londo, behind an illusionary wall, there are a series of chests.


3. A Massive Set

Giant Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

There is a better arrangement than Havel’s Set for as much defensive as it provides: the Giant Set.

This massive suit of armor offers incredible protection. Of course, it’s quite heavy, but in return, you get defense and an insane amount of poise — even more than Havel.

In addition, unlike Havel’s Set, the Giant Set may be upgraded, giving it a superior overall pick.

You’ll be an unstoppable force regardless of the option you select.

How to get it: The Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo sells it.


2. Ornstein’s Collection

Ornstein’s Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

Ornstein’s Set is a reincarnation of half of the classic pair, bringing back our beloved lightning lad in armor, eager to defend your life rather than take it.

Ornstein’s Set, classified as medium armor in DS1, is a significantly lighter option than other endgame parts, while still providing excellent protection and poise.

It also possesses a lot of lightning resistance, as well as fire and bleed resistance, which is understandable.

Overall, it’s a fantastic set of armor… It’s almost as if Ornstein is apologizing for all he put you through.

After killing both Ornstein and Smough, Domhnall of Zena at the Firelink Shrine sells it to you.


1. The Set of Elite Knights

Elite Knight’s Set from Dark Souls 1 Remastered

This is without a doubt the most recognizable armor in terms of look.

For all versions of the first Dark Souls games, the Elite Knight’s Set is the poster boy armor.

What’s more, guess what? It’s incredible!

It boasts protections that are almost as good as the heavier super armors (like Havel and Smough’s sets) without weighing nearly as much when completely upgraded.

It’s also simple to get, looks good, and may quickly become your go-to armor, lasting you through a slew of new game features.

How to get it: It may be found in the Darkroot Garden early on.

Subscribers to AT&T TV have access to a variety of third-party network applications and websites. This TV Everywhere feature enables you to stream even more popular networks’ programs and movies. As a result, users should be aware of which networks they may access directly via third-party applications and websites.


AT&T TV provides a variety of live TV packages, the lowest of which starts at $69.99. Not only do the prices of these plans change, but so do the channel selections. For example, the Entertainment bundle has over 65 channels, while the Choice package includes over 90. The Ultimate package, on the other hand, gives you access to at least 130 channels.

AT&T TV does not have a feature called TV Everywhere. In reality, most live television providers enable TV Everywhere. However, the level of assistance provided varies per service. This is related not just to differences in channel availability, but also to the availability of the same channels through various providers. As a result, just because a live TV provider, such as AT&T TV, provides a channel doesn’t mean it will be accessible with TV Everywhere.


Apps and websites for TV Everywhere

With so many channels to choose from, AT&T TV customers may use a variety of TV Everywhere applications and websites. The following is a list of network applications and websites that are currently available with an AT&T TV subscription.

Support for AT&T TV TV Everywhere is as follows:

  • A&E
  • ABC
  • AMC
  • Heroes of the United States
  • Animal Planet is a television network dedicated to animals.
  • BBC America (British Broadcasting Corporation
  • BET
  • Now, congratulation.
  • Sports Network (CBS)
  • CMT
  • CNBC
  • Comedy Central is a television network that broadcasts come
  • The Cooking Channel is a television channel dedicated to cooking.
  • America is the final destination.
  • Discovery
  • Family of Discovery
  • DisneyNow
  • DIY Network (Do-It-Yourself)
  • E! Now
  • ESPN
  • The Food Network is a television network that broadcasts
  • Fox Now
  • Fox Sports Go is a streaming service that allows you to watch
  • Freeform
  • FX Now
  • FYI
  • Hallmark
  • Mysteries & Hallmark Movies
  • HBO Max
  • HGTV
  • History
  • IFC
  • Discovery of the investigation
  • Lifetime
  • LOGO
  • MLB Network is a television network that broadcasts baseball (web only)
  • At Bat with (app only)
  • MotorTrend is a website that tracks automobile trends (web only)
  • MSG Go
  • Now on MSNBC
  • MTV
  • National Geographic is a magazine published by National Geographic.
  • NBC
  • NBC Golf
  • NBC Sports Network
  • Nick
  • Nick Jr.
  • Channel Olympic
  • Now is the time for oxygen.
  • Ovation
  • OWN
  • Network Paramount
  • Pop TV
  • The Science Channel is a television channel dedicated to science
  • Anytime is showtime (A Showtime membership is required)
  • Sundance Television (web only)
  • Syfy Now
  • Now on Telemundo
  • TLC
  • The Travel Channel is a television network that broadcasts
  • TV Land
  • Universal Children’s
  • Now is the time to join Universo.
  • Univision
  • Univision Now is a service provided by Univision.
  • VH1
  • Vice
  • WEtv

It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list. Support for TV Everywhere is continually under development, so other networks may be added at any moment. Furthermore, the following list encompasses all of the applications and websites that AT&T TV users have access to in general. An individual subscriber’s ability to utilize various applications and websites is limited by their specific plan and the channels included in their bundle.

Benefits of TV Everywhere

Support for TV Everywhere is a feature that AT&T TV customers should get acquainted with. While a subscription already comes with a lot of on-demand entertainment, network applications and websites often provide much more. Subscribers may discover that by directly accessing these networks and channels, they may stream even more programming than they can via the AT&T TV app.

There are other advantages to utilizing third-party applications and websites besides access to more material. Simultaneous streams are a wonderful example. Subscribers to AT&T may view on numerous devices at the same time, however when stream limitations are exceeded, users can use specialized network applications and websites to avoid using up an AT&T stream. These networks and channels will have their own regulations about simultaneous broadcasts, so users should be aware of those as well.


Support for devices in general is another illustration of the advantages of TV Everywhere support. Due to the fact that they are third-party applications and websites, their device compatibility differs from AT&T TV’s. As a result, users may discover that some of these applications are compatible with devices that AT&T TV does not support.

Summary of AT&T TV applications and websites

Subscribers to AT&T TV may use TV Everywhere to access network applications and websites. Because of the large number of channels included with an AT&T TV subscription, users have access to a variety of TV Everywhere applications. However, the amount and types of applications and websites that customers have access to will vary depending on their subscription. In addition, as additional channels are introduced, the number of TV Everywhere enabled applications is anticipated to grow.

There are many advantages to utilizing TV Everywhere applications, in addition to the opportunity to access extra material directly via third-party apps and websites. For example, assisting AT&T TV customers with extra streams when required, or allowing AT&T TV subscribers to view on even more devices than they already can.

Dragon-Age-4-Loses-Its-Senior-Creative-DirectorImage courtesy of BioWare

Dragon Age 4 has lost its Senior Creative Director, Matt Goldman, according to an email issued to colleagues by BioWare general manager Gary McKay.

Hello, everyone!

I hope you’re doing well. Matt Goldman is leaving BioWare, and I’m writing to let you know. We’ve reached an agreement to split ways, and his final day is today.

We recognize that Matt’s leaving will have an effect on both you and the game’s development. Rest assured that our dedication to delivering a high-quality Dragon Age game has not wavered, and we will not release a game that does not meet BioWare’s high standards.

We, including the EA management team, have complete faith in the studio’s leadership and the individuals working on the game to carry out our vision.

His departure was for unexplained reasons. Goldman has worked on the Dragon Age games as well as other BioWare products such as Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Jade Empire over the last 23 years. For Dragon Age 4, he took over from Mike Laidlaw in 2017. His successor is uncertain, although EA has stated its support for the BioWare staff.

Matt Goldman is no longer a BioWare employee. He leaves the next Dragon Age game in fantastic hands with the staff here at the studio, who will continue to develop the game according to our vision.

The game has been in development for years, but very little information about it has been released. Although no release date has been set, a few information have been revealed over the previous year or so.

Kotaku is the source of this information.

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