Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Samsung TV

Your Samsung TV may not be able to stream Amazon Prime Video. A recent software update from the tech giant has caused a number of problems with streaming services, including Netflix and YouTube. You can try these fixes before contacting your hardware manufacturer, or contact them for help in setting up new apps on your device that work properly with video content.

The “amazon prime stuck on loading screen on tv” is a problem that has been present for a while. Amazon Prime Video does not work with Samsung TVs, and it is unclear why this issue persists.

Each gadget, particularly the smart TV, or in this example, a Samsung TV, handles Amazon Prime Video differently. Some individuals have reported that Prime Video isn’t functioning for them. Here’s how to get Prime Video on your Samsung TV to work again.

Samsung TV is most likely not the only brand with this issue. Even if you have a different brand of TV, you may find that the Amazon Prime Video app does not perform effectively on it. You may also have the same issue with other Samsung third-party programs, such as YouTube TV.

Regardless of the brand, you must determine what is causing Prime Video to malfunction and resolve the issue so that you may resume enjoying movies and episodes. This article will assist you in doing so.

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What’s the deal with Amazon Prime Video not functioning on Samsung TV?

There are a few possible causes for Amazon Prime Video not functioning on your Samsung TV. Your Amazon account, Samsung TV, Amazon Prime Video app, internet connection, or Amazon Prime Video servers might all be having issues.

What can I do if Amazon Prime Video doesn’t function on my Samsung TV?

Try refreshing the firmware on your Samsung TV and checking for changes on the Amazon Prime Video app. Try rebooting your router or modem if that doesn’t work. Check your Amazon account to see if there are any difficulties if the situation continues.

Continue reading to get a step-by-step guide:

Update the firmware on your Samsung television.

If you need to Update the firmware on your Samsung television., you can do so by going into the TV’s settings menu and selecting Support. Then, choose Software Update and select the option to turn Auto Update on or off. After that, you can check for updates and install them as needed.

Updates may be found on the Amazon Prime Video app.

To check for Amazon Prime Video app updates, go to the Smart Hub, click Featured, and then pick the app you wish to update. Select Update applications while holding down the Enter key. Choose Update after pressing Select All. If an update is available, Amazon Prime Video will begin to update.

Restart your modem or router.

If you need to Restart your modem or router., you can do so by unplugging the device from its power source, waiting a few seconds, and then plugging it back in.

Clear the cache on your Samsung TV for Prime Video.

You can delete cache for a particular app on certain Samsung TV models. This is useful if you have an issue with one app but don’t want to jeopardize the data of other applications.

Simply press the Home Button. Go to Settings > System Apps. Select Prime Video from the list. Select Clear cache.

Clear the cache on your Samsung TV.

Smart TVs aren’t flawless, and they, like other devices, employ cache to preserve your data so that it can perform quicker by accessing it straight from RAM rather than the storage space.

However, the RAM might be overloaded at times, resulting in issues such as your Prime Video app not operating correctly. Clearing the cache on your Samsung TV might be the answer to your issue.

Simply switch the Samsung TV off and on while holding down the power button for at least 20 seconds.

Or, you can do it through the remote. Press the Home button. Go to Settings > Broadcasting > Expert settings > HbbTV settings. Select Delete Browsing Data. Select Yes.

Uninstall any programs you aren’t using.

Some applications, including Prime Video, may not operate correctly if your Samsung TV has very little storage space remaining.

You may need to delete certain programs you don’t use very frequently in order to keep utilizing the ones you do, such as Prime Video.

Sign out of Prime Video and then sign back in again.

If the issue persists, you may need to sign out of Prime Video and then sign back in using your Amazon account.

After clearing the Prime Video cache with the first technique, try this one. Then sign in with your account again. Check to see whether it works normally.

Samsung TVs, like other models, are not without flaws. However, there are various options for resolving the Prime Video issue so that you may spend your spare time viewing your favorite episodes and movies.

The “amazon prime black screen on smart tv” is a problem that has been present for a while. Amazon Prime Video will not play correctly on Samsung TVs.

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