Amazon Appstore Not Available in Your Country on Windows 11

The Amazon Appstore is an app platform that allows users to download apps for their Windows computer and mobile devices. You can also purchase media, watch videos, stream music or play games. The only issue is that the Amazon Appstore isn’t available in many countries around the world including places like China and Russia where it was once popular among consumers who prefer Windows over Apple products as well as people who love Prime services such as movies and TV shows.

The “amazon appstore windows 11” is a problem that has been present for a while. Amazon has released a solution to fix the issue.

Amazon Appstore Not Available in Your Country on Windows 11


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  • You may often encounter the problem of the Amazon Appstore not appearing in the Microsoft Store. 
  • It is now accessible in around 200 countries, with the list growing all the time. 
  • However, by utilizing the Windows Subsystem for Android and bypassing the region limitation, you may download the software. 



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You are not alone if you received the message – Amazon Appstore is not accessible in your region on Windows 11.

The Android subsystem was highlighted as the key draw when Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 OS. It would enable you to run Android apps on your Amazon-powered Windows OS.

However, customers soon realized that the Amazon Android app was absent from the OS when it was released.

We’ve previously shown you how to get Amazon Appstore on Windows 11 outside of the United States, and this article will go over another easy method.

Table of Contents

What should I do if the Amazon Appstore is not accessible in my country problem appears?

1. For Android, sideload the Windows subsystem

  1. To obtain the setup file for the Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11, go to a specific website (confirmed).
  2. Select ProductId from the drop-down menu when the Online link generator for the Microsoft Store page appears.
  3. Then, in the box next to ProductId, copy and paste 9P3395VX91NR and check the box. 1652173494_90_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  4. Locate the file with the.msixbundle extension and double-click it. 1652173495_905_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  5. Right-click the downloaded file and choose Show in Folder. Make a note of the way. 1652173495_543_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  6. To launch the Terminal in admin mode, right-click on the Start button and choose Windows Terminal (Admin). 1652173496_340_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  7. To install the Windows Subsystem for Android, type the following command and press Enter: -Path Add-AppxPackage
  8. Step 5: Replace the downloaded path for the.msixbundle extension with the copied path. 1652173497_418_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  9. When the package has been successfully installed, put Windows subsystem into the Windows search box to view the results. 1652173497_133_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11

If you are not in the United States, however, you will need to get around the region limitation. To obtain the Amazon Appstore for PC in your location, use the instructions below.

Learn more about this subject.

2. Get around Amazon Appstore’s region restrictions

  1. Follow the techniques in this article to sideload PKs on Windows 11 using ADB.
  2. To get the Amazon Appstore, go to Amazon’s official website. Select Amazon Appstore from the drop-down menu. 1652173498_505_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  3. Select Show in folder from the context menu of the.apk file. Take note of the download location. 1652173498_644_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  4. To access the Terminal window, right-click on Start and choose Windows Terminal (Admin). 1652173496_340_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  5. Run the following command in the Powershell window and press Enter: install -r adb
  6. Step 3: Replace the with the downloaded.apk file you copied. 1652173499_183_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  7. Once the program has been successfully completed, search for Amazon Appstore in the Windows search box. 1652173500_866_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11
  8. If the Amazon Appstore download fails, you’ll need to install an Android emulator to access the app (for this example, we used Bluestacks).1652173500_236_Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11

Amazon-Appstore-Not-Available-in-Your-Country-on-Windows-11 NOTE

If you log in to the Amazon Appstore using a non-US email address, you may get the same issue.

You have now successfully downloaded the Amazon Appstore apk in your location, despite the geographical limitations.

The error notice “The Amazon Appstore is currently not available in your country on Windows 11” should no longer show.

If you wish to remove the Android app installer (WSA) on Windows 11, follow our instructions.

Whether you live in the United States or not, you should now be able to effortlessly download Android applications. If the problem continues, please share your thoughts in the box below.

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The “amazon app store download not working” is a problem that has been present for awhile. The Amazon App Store is not available in your country on Windows 11.

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